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WOrking abs at the Bacara

5 Reasons to Attend a Strength Class

Why go it alone when trying to figure out what exercises are best for you to increase your strength? If you want to embark on a weight training program then go with the pros in a class.

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Managing Weight As You Age: Guest Post by Jody Goldenfield

Are you frustrated by the weight gain that seems unavoidable with menopause? How do you address its effects on your body without getting too moody or overwhelmed? Guest blogger, Jody Goldenfield shares strategies and some personal stories to hep you minimize weight gain, deal with menopause changes, and move past frustration.

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Lunges to Shape the Tush and Lower Body: Right & Wrong Way

Lunges are the second-most popular exercise (after squats) for toning the glutes, lower body and core, plus they’re great for improving balance. But how do you know if you’re doing them effectively? The BEST way to do lunges is to…

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Lat PullDown with a Resistance Tube: Right and Wrong Ways

Doing a Lat PullDown with a Resistance Tube is a great way to strengthen your mid- and lower-back, improve your posture and give a lift to the chest. In the included video, the twins show the right and wrong ways to strengthen the back and lift the “girls.”

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Bicep Curls: Wrong & Right Way

Hip helper, wrist helper, hamburger helper are all ways to make a bicep curl seem easier, but that are wrong! Well, maybe not hamburgers. If you want to know the wrong and right way to perform a bicep curl, just click-a-trick this link.

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Push-Ups: RIght and Wrong Way with Alexandra and Kymberly

Push-Ups: Right & Wrong Way

Push-ups are one of the best exercises around. By “around” we mean “that you can do anytime, anywhere, with no equipment except YOU!” To be truly effective, you need to do them with good form. We demonstrate that for you here, Then the dogs help show poor form. Push-Down Doggies!

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One-Legged Workout

As some of you may know, I had surgery on my foot last week. At my post-op visit, the doc used the word “horrific” to describe my big toe joint (bone spurs, zero cartilage, bone-on-bone) when he got in there during the surgery. But he didn’t say I couldn’t work out the other parts of my body! Read to discover just a few of the exercises that can still be safely done…

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Fitness Health Bloggers Conference: Staying Fit While Traveling

The recent Fitness Health Bloggers Conference (FHBC) was held in Denver, Colorado. I live in Santa Barbara, California. So of course I decided to drive 1,200 miles, each way, rather than fly. And I discovered it is possible to stay somewhat active and eat reasonably well while on a road trip, as long as you…

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Resistance Tube Workout

Who can resist resistance tubes? Not us apparently, as we have an excellent guest post WITH A VIDEO WORKOUT from our friend and fellow FitFluential ambassador Kodjo Hounnake. Get ready to drool over the shirtless Kodjo, er, work your triceps, shoulders and chest as you…

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Lose 10 Pounds in 4 Weeks?

Lose 10 pounds in one month? Is this realistic, healthy, and long term or another late night, infomercial dream? Drastic goals call for drastic measures. Of course, you can always try Option B ….

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