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What role do your hormones play with your weight and menopot? How can you heal those chronic aches that prevent you from participating full out in life? What are the different strategies for revving up your metabolism? Which exercise type is more important in midlife – strength training or cardio? Get these and other active aging questions answered from top sources and guest experts. Simply click the image below or link above to gain access to our revamped, upgraded, relaunched radio show.



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MELT Method, Sue HitzmannMELT Away Chronic Pain in 10 Minutes a Day

Fun and Fit interview chronic pain reduction specialist and best selling author, Sue Hitzmann



Chef Laura PauliHigh Tech to High Temps: Cooking Tips from an International Chef

Fun and Fit grill Chef and Author, Laura Pauli for top cooking tips




Phyllis PilgrimYoga Set Me Free: from Internment Camp to Inner Journey

Fun and Fit Interview Yoga Legacy, Prison Camp Survivor, and Author, Phyllis Pilgrim



Are Your Food Cravings “Normal” or a Food Addiction?

Fun and Fit interview Dr. Ed James on breaking free from food addictions




Zap Fat? Get Fit? Stay Motivated? There’s a Fitness App for That

Fun and Fit interview “Mr. Connected,” Ted Vickey, PhD researcher on how fitness apps affect your odds of exercise success



End Emotional Eating: 3 Steps to Start

Fun and Fit interview co-founder of Live Well 360 and healthy eating coach, Sheila Viers





Stay Active and Attractive on the Road (and on tv)

Fun and Fit interview celebrity host of “Sell This House Extreme,” Tanya Memme





Sexy Redefined past 40

Fun and Fit interview DVD Workout Expert, Angie Miller: Get a Bedroom Body



5 Nutrition Mistakes Women Make

Fun and Fit interview Award Winner, Entrepreneur, Funny Person, Fitness Expert Nicki Anderson




5 Most Common Weight Loss Traps

Fun and Fit interview wellness expert and author, Dr Adam Bordes on Weight Loss Traps and Tips




Castles to Car Crash to Conscious Living

Fun and Fit Interview Lady Adrienne Papp, Knighted Lady, Car Crash Survivor, Conscious Health Advocate and Publicist



Somatic Intelligence Interview with Dr Risa KaparoReduce Pain, Increase Health, Improve Aging Process with Somatic Intelligence

Awaken Your Somatic Intelligence in this Interview with Dr. Risa Kaparo



RIck Hanson, AuthorDo Just One Thing

Interview with neuropsychologist Dr. Rick Hanson on Doing Just One Thing for a Better Brain



3 Crazy Notions That Prevent You From Geting Fit3 Crazy Notions That Prevent You From Getting Fit

Interview with Behavioral Psychologist Dr. Michael Mantell



Dr Jim HillHow Do We Escape a Future of Obesity?

Interview with world authority on obesity, Dr James Hill.

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Mr Steam spokesperson, John BasedowSteamy Fitness With Exercise Star John Basedow

Interview with infomercial star and Mr Steam spokesperson, John Basedow


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Tabata Training: Full Body Workout in 4 minutes

Interview with Tamara Grand, FitFluential Ambassador, Trainer, Instructor, and Online Fitness Leader


YouTube AntiSHayWeight Loss YouTube Wonder “AntiShay”

Interview with Shanti Marshalla, known as Antishay–one of the most influential weight-loss vloggers in the history of YouTube.




Keith Anderson, Master Bodywork TrainerAquatic Bodywork Supports Healing

Interview with Master Bodyworker and Rancho la Puerta Instructor, Keith Anderson



The Unhealthy Truth About Foods and Allergies

Interview with Robyn O’Brien, the Erin Brockovich of food, and author of The Unhealthy Truth


Justin Kier, CrossFitTry CrossFit to Feel, Look, and Perform Better

Fun and Fit Interview Certified CrossFit Trainer, Justin Kier to help you Feel, Look, and Perform Better.

Lisa Balash, certified kettlebell trainerKettlebells for Fitness, Weight Loss, and Strength

Fun and Fit interview certified kettlebell expert, Lisa Balash, the Kettlebell Bombshell.


Mud Runner Carissa BealertMud Runs for Fun and Everyone!

Fun and Fit interview Mud Runner, TV personality, and FitFluential Ambassador, Carissa Bealert.




Founder of Movement Academy

Move Your Body to Move Your Brain

Fun and Fit Interview discuss the effects of exercise on the brain, posture, and life with Dr Michael Luan, founder of the Movement Academy.



Rebekah BoruckiWho’s Too Busy to Exercise?

Fun and Fit Interview YouTube Yoga Star, and Urban Farmer, Bex Borucki.


FitFluential CMO Danielle LissAre You FitFluential? Want to Be?

Fun and Fit interview Danielle Liss, Chief Marketing Officer for the biggest online healthy living community, FitFluential.


Fitness Independence: Freedom From Exercises You Hate

Fun and Fit interview proponent of Fitness Independence and founder of the RedDeltaProject, Matt Schifferle


HydroFit Pool PilatesPool Pilates = More for Your Core

Fun and Fit interview HydroFit Pro and Rancho la Puerta Instructor, Margie Caldwell Cooper



Get Back Your Baby Skin

Fun and Fit interview Sir Dr. Zein Obagi, an internationally sought after dermatologist and leader in reversing the effects of aging on skin.


Tips to Starting a Running Program

Fun and Fit interview running coach and Olympic hopeful, Meghan Kennihan on the best ways to start a running program. Ready? Set. Run!




Life Enhancing Options to Life Depleting Drugs

Fun and Fit interview Cognition Ignition founder, David Littell, an expert in natural products and longtime student of Eastern healing practices.



Tweet Your Way to Weight Loss

Fun and Fit Interview Rebecca Regnier, a tv reporter (Full Plate show), online columnist (Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat) and author of “Your Twitter Diet.”



Intimidated to Enter a Fitness Facility?

Fun and Fit Interview Nicki Anderson, Award-winning Weight Loss Professional and Fitness Customer Service Expert to discuss Gym-tim-idation.


3 Ways to Improve Your Body Image

Fun and Fit interview Milton Stokes, RD an expert in improving women’s body image and nutrition


Achieve Frugal Fitness: Cheapskate Approach

Fun and Fit interview Mr Frugal Fitness, Mike Schiemer, self-proclaimed “trainer for cheapskates”





Author, Working Out Sucks Chuck RunyonWorking Out Sucks

Interview with Anytime Fitness CEO and “Working Out Sucks” author, Chuck Runyon




Decluttering, DestressingLess Clutter = Less Stress = More Energy

Interview with de-cluttering expert, Sallie Felton




Get Fit Faster with Metabolic Conditioning

Interview with Performance Specialist and IDEA Editor, Ryan Halvorson



Be Motivated to Move Through the Holidays

6 Tips to keep you active and guilt-free


Make Good Choices with Your Fork

Interview with Julieanna Hever, expert on Plant-Based Diets



The Great Fitness Experiment Charlotte HiltonThe Great Fitness Experiment

Interview with Charlotte Hilton Anderson



Wake Up to Younger Skin!

Skin health is more than skin deep in this interview with revolutionary dermatologist and knight, Sir Dr. Zein Obagi




Be Beautiful Inside and OutBe Beautiful Inside and Out

Interview with Michelle Phillips



“Delight in Living” with Yoga Fusion program, RASA

Interview with RASA founders, Jehan Izhar and Randall Simpson




Brains, Drums, Exercise, and a Smarter YOU

Interview with Brain Body Training Visionary, Carrie Ekins, MA



Create the Body You Want Through Consciousness and Quantum Physics

Interview with Spiritual Counselor and Intuitive, Patricia Diorio, MA


 Why Go From FIT to FAT On Purpose?

Interview with Drew Manning, Fit2Fat2Fit



Bike Riding 76 Miles a DayBike Riding 76 Miles Per Day at 76 Years Young

Interview with Hank Darlington, super fit grandpa and long distance cyclist



Fitness, Cancer, Tracking Past and Future Trends

Interview with Award-Winning Instructor, Petra Kolber



UnBreak Your Health

Rolfing, exploring alternative medicine, and reducing pain with author, Alan Smith


Need to Quit Your Job to Save Your Health and Life?

There’s something about Mary McManus


Bond and Bail: Staying In Shape In India In Jail

Interview with Adventure Fitness Pro and accused terrorist, Heather Bond


Fit Trips Around the World with Fitness Globetrotter, Fred Hoffman

Interview with 2007 IDEA Instructor of the Year, An American in Paris


Modeling Health for our Kids and Grandkids

Interview with fitness pro and training specialist, Eleni Kehagiaras


How To Enjoy Amazing Prime Time Health

Interview with best-selling author of Prime-Time Health and 41 other books, Dr William Sears



Was Your Last Bikini Summer 30 Pounds Ago?

Interview with Professional Speaker and Comedienne, Mary Ellen Rinaldi


Boost Your Brain Power TODAY!

Exercise NOW to stave off mental decline later




Journey to a Kuwaiti Beauty Salon

Interview about beauty with middle east Images salon owner, Dr. Stacey Al-Ghawas


How Can We Positively Transform Our Body & Body Image

Interview with fitness model and award-winning competitor, Toneka Pires


What’s the BEST Workout Shoe?

Interview with Dr Michael Luan, premiere movement specialist



5 Best Ways to Reduce Excess Fat5 Best Ways to Reduce Excess Fat
Kymberly and Alexandra cover the latest fat loss methods based on recent research



“Fun and Fit” Comes to WomensRadio!“Fun and Fit” Comes to WomensRadio!
Kymberly and Alexandra join Speak Up! to talk about their new Show entitled
Fun and Fit


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