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Why Us?

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA

Kymberly official photoI am officially the younger twin and look every minute of it! I have taught fitness on 4 continents in 4 languages for 30 years to over 20,000 live participants. My fitness career spans land, sea, and airwaves. Come to think of it, my writing and speaking career has done the same. From hosting a fitness tv program to serving as grammar expert on a live local news show, I have taught, led, moved and grooved with energy and good grammar. (You’d be surprised how many emergency grammar questions need immediate supervision).

Physically Phit Stuph

On the fitness side of life, I got my start at the first aerobics studio on the European continent. I had so much fun my 2 years in Berlin (lots of Spass und Froh-licking about), I put myself through graduate school once back in the States by continuing my fitness career. One thing led to another, and I grapevined my way to writing fitness articles, presenting workshops, teaching exercise aboard a cruise ship, and traveling the world teaching teachers.

Somehow in all that excitement, I managed to get married and have a daughter (now in college). But darn, if getting back in shape after giving birth didn’t mean I had to do something drastic, like start competing in the National Aerobic Championships. Which I did. And I won the Regional Gold a few times. But never the Nationals. Ummm, moving on…..

Next up in my fitness career was a 10 year stint as faculty at University California, Santa Barbara in the Dept of Exercise and Sport Studies. I trained university students to become both personal trainers and group fitness instructors, and ran the on-campus fitness program.

I currently retain my “fun size” status leading group classes in Santa Barbara, where I can mingle and go incognito. Or go into the gym and show the cardio equipment who’s boss. Or plunk my hiney at the computer or radio recording equipment and tell other people how to achieve heart rate greatness.

As well, my sister and I have been selected as FitFluential Ambassadors. No, you may not call us “FitFloozies” for short. You are encouraged to think of us as “Sass-bad-ass-adors” if you like, but we are actually harmless and upbeat sorts.

The Write Stuph

Whilst working the body, I also worked the mind attaining a Master’s Degree in English. (Which must have been successful to be able to insert a word like “whilst.”) Actually, I completed all my PhD coursework, but never quite got around to completing my dissertation which just proves that I really am not an overachiever.

But I am all about action as a Boom Chicka Boomer on the move! I enjoy leaping to conclusions, jumping on the bandwagon, and exercising my free will. More importantly, I enjoy encouraging people to reap the benefits of movement. And MOST importantly, my sister and I are available to appear as the first celebrity twins on Dancing With the Stars. Call us … pleeeeez!




Alexandra Williams, MA

Alexandra Official photoIn the eight minutes I had to myself  before Kymberly was born, I got my university degrees in Medieval History and Counseling, had two children, got married (not in that order), and became a professional baker. Okay, maybe not that part. But I am a professional. And an enthusiastic home baker. Mostly because I just love the word “soufflé.” I am a professional fitness person, and I hope gravity stays on my side for the next 50 years too, both for my breads and my body!

As part of the fitness industry for over 30 years, I have:

* published 100s of articles for both industry & consumer magazines, including IDEA Fitness Journal, SHAPE and AAA Westways

* edited 1,000s of articles and books

* presented at numerous conventions worldwide

* taught at health clubs and universities worldwide

* trained  and mentored 1,000s of instructors & trainers

I’m a really good editor too. How can you believe that? Well, that sentence used to say, “I”m a fairly okay editor,” until I corrected it and made it a lot more accurate.

In 2010, my sister suggested we take our message of healthy, active living directly to consumers, so we started this blog. As part of the blogging community, I have:

* become one of the original FitFluential ambassadors

* presented about writing & social media at numerous conferences, including BlogHer Food, IDEA World Fitness Convention, FitSocial, Natural Products Expo West, and Fitbloggin’

* traveled to Europe as the only sponsored healthy living blogger invited by Modenus, the design resource site

* worked successfully with numerous brands and PR companies, such as Silk, Under Armour, Organic Valley Co-op and Miele to increase awareness and sales, with many laudatory testimonials

* written blog posts and recipes, and handled social media for brands, including Mr. Steam, Qigntion and Anytime Fitness

* appeared on numerous radio and television programs (in addition to running our own radio show)

* established a consistent, engaging, effective social media presence on multiple platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram

In addition to baking and exercise, the interests that I share with our readers are my organic garden, my workouts, products and services I like, vegetarian food, humorous pictures, twin stories and my travel adventures. I currently teach at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

We can be contacted at 805 403-4338 or