Overweight and Over the Hill: Menopause and Weight Gain

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Pretty depressing title, isn’t it? But that’s how I feel as 2014 settles in – overweight and over the hill. You know the very first line in Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing?” I’ll make it easy – he says, “Let’s Do It.” As 2014 settles in, I realize I need your help and encouragement to “do it” so I can reach my weight goal.

Right around Christmas, something that horrified me, and left me convinced I had some sort of abdominal tumor (face it, at 55 I do not consider pregnancy as an option; a killer tumor seems far more logical), was a weight gain of a pound a day ten days in a row. It’s true – I gained ten pounds in a ten day span (no tumor made itself known). The frustrating thing is that I was actually moving even more than usual. As a matter of fact, I got a Polar Loop and put up my December activity stats in my “Rethink Your Day” post. And this month I’ve kept a’movin.

Polar Loop Stats for Alexandra

Yes, I move a LOT.

So I don’t need to move MORE; I need to move DIFFERENTLY. This is me, the fitness expert, speaking to me, the frustrated menopausal exerciser. In case you think I’m a crazy eater, I’m not. This is a typical day’s intake (yes, I’ve started a food journal, as they DO work):

rye toast with butter
smoothie – kale, Greek yogurt, banana, almondmilk, flax, ice
hot chai
½ apricot hamentaschen

half an apricot hamentaschen

I only ate half!!!

yogurt with almonds
hummus with chia pita bread
white chocolate peanut butter

So I don’t need to eat DIFFERENTLY; I need to eat LESS, I guess. I am a vegetarian with no food allergies, so will not be doing any specific diets.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know I’m quite the selfie addict. But right around the start of January one friend said my cleavage had increased, and one of my fitness students said my legs “had some meat on them.” In both cases, the comments were meant as compliments, but that is NOT how I took them. Ladies, if you like being told your legs have meat on them, please let me know in the comments, as I am not familiar with this being a desirable goal!!

So, yeah, I guess my selfies are showing those ten pounds. Can I blame aging? I’m quite a private person, but I tell ya, I need your encouragement. It’s super frustrating to know what to do, do it, then nada. zip. nichevo. niets. nichts. rien. nothing. My BMI  (according to the Polar Loop) is 25, which is average for my height and weight, yet doesn’t account for my age or muscular build. My VO2 max is 31, which is above average. Gotta get the BMI down, and the VO2 max up.

My goal for the next few months is to lose a safe two pounds a week, until I shed 10-15 pounds total. My health and strength are great; I’m just vain. I don’t want to have tight clothing. I don’t want to feel unattractive. I don’t want to compare my 2014 self to my my 2013 self. I just want to manage this stinkin’ food tumor! And be hawt and sexy. You know, the basics!

Please leave me your favorite:
* high intensity, low impact cardio move
* flexibility yoga pose
* multi-joint strength move

and each day I’ll incorporate your suggestions into my regimen. Time to shake things up, and by “things” I don’t mean my abs! In that area, I want more bakin’, less shakin’.

Do Some Shaking to Lose That Bakin'

Shake Your Bacon. Or is it Bake It & Shake It?

Stupid aging. Stupid slowing metabolism.

If you’re trying to lose weight, this post about the 5 Steps to Create Permanent Change might be helpful.





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