5 Nutrition Mistakes Women Make: Guest Post by Nicki Anderson

Guest Post By Nicki Anderson – 5 Nutrition Mistakes Women Make

“Get rid of carbage – those calories that go in the trash can, not your mouth,” advises today’s guest and fitness expert, Nicki Anderson. We can never get enough of Nicki, who is an award winner, all around smartypants, and wise woman. Once you read her, you’ll also want more. And you can get more in the radio interview we had with her on this critical subject. Yes, she’s that good!

Guest post, Nicki AndersonThe dieting world is a multi-billion dollar industry enticing you at every turn to invest in miracle weight loss program. Unfortunately for about 95% of the population these diets rarely work. This leaves dieters feeling frustrated, perhaps a bit betrayed, and most detrimental, like a failure.

To start on the road to a healthier you, discover the 5 nutrition mistakes you need to avoid in order to reclaim your health and body!  No more diets, just a healthier, happier you!

We can all agree that diets for the most part do not work. Typically they are short lived as few people can sustain the type of deprivation that many diets require. Or if results don’t happen as quickly as we’d like the diet ends.

Weight loss is not an enigma if approached correctly. Believe enough in your ability to make the right call when it comes to what you put in your mouth. You know what’s healthy and what isn’t. You know what enhances your health and what detracts from it.

Mistake #1: Jumping on a “Miracle” diet fad. Get back to basics.

If diets worked, obesity would be eliminated. Today with so many options, food is confusing. But if you think about the way our grandparents ate it was pretty simple. They didn’t have the abundance of junk food, fast food, and processed foods that we have today. So why not eat like your grandparents? Include more fruits and veggies. Get rid of snacks, especially processed ones. Make sure your grains are whole grains and your proteins are lean. Watching portions with all food groups is vital for your success!

Mistake #2: Skipping breakfast. Start the day by stoking your fire.

I’m still amazed with the number of people I meet who skip breakfast. In all my years of training, the clients who struggled the most with weight loss were the ones who didn’t eat a morning meal. I know you’ve heard this a million times, but it bears repeating: when you skip breakfast it wreaks havoc with your metabolism. When you eat breakfast, it’s like throwing wood in a fireplace; it ignites the fire (metabolism). Eating breakfast also keeps your body working efficiently, i.e. burning calories versus storing them. If you want to drop some weight, eat breakfast and skip the fancy latte.

Mistake #3: Thinking sugar free means healthy. Question sugar free foods.

Sugar-free products continue to grow and share space in Americans’ cupboards. Between soda pop, yogurts, cookies, etc. sugar free does not mean healthy. In fact, very often the calories can be higher in sugar free items because they have to kick up an ingredient like fat to make it taste better. The best thing you can do for your body and weight loss efforts is to review #1. The body doesn’t like processed foods which many of the sugar free products are. If you’re looking for sugar free, you’ll be able to find plenty of whole, fresh foods that are void of chemical flavors with a whole lot more nutrition.

Mistake #4: Believing a “free” lunch (or breakfast, or dinner) will do the trick.

No mistake! This healthy dish tastes even better than it looks!

No mistake! This healthy dish tastes even better than it looks!

Watch out for trends. Fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, carb-free and on and on. What’s a woman to do? Whenever there is a trend that promises to be the latest answer to weight loss, people jump all over it. Though there are certain people with pre-existing disease who need a special diet, most of us don’t need to go gluten-free or carb-free to get healthy. Again, trendy foods can be processed and full of things your body doesn’t need. So the next time a trend hits a magazine cover, remember it isn’t the answer to your weight loss woes.

Mistake #5: Setting unrealistic expectations. Make one small change at a time.

This is probably the most important part of the weight loss puzzle. Be realistic about what you want to attain. It’s unfortunate that so many women want desperately to lose weight yet just can’t seem to find what works. Lofty goals are frequently set and rarely met. Start off with eliminating one unhealthy food. Once you’ve mastered that, move on to the next. That’s realistic! The best thing you can do for yourself is to honor your body by giving it whole, fresh foods as often as possible. Giving up certain foods can be very hard, but once you start eating better the craving for less healthy foods dissipates. Trust me. As someone who lived on fast-food, the idea of giving it up was tough.

Solutions 1-5

As women we have everything we need to be a healthy weight and it starts with trust. Trust yourself enough to know that you have the ability to make the right choices for your body. Diets don’t know you or your lifestyle; only you do. Take it slow, make gradual changes and I can guarantee that a year from now you’ll be better off than you’d be if you had been through a series of diets. Take charge of your health and nutrition mistakes will be a thing of the past!

Nicki Anderson entered the fitness industry over 25 years ago after losing close to 50 pounds. Fast forward to 2008/2009 when she was named IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, after succeeding as a business owner, fitness pro, and club customer service consultant.  Learn more from her about reaching your fitness goals via her books, the most recent of which is, Nicki Anderson’s Single Step Weight Loss; 101 No-Nonsense Tips for Healthy Living, Weight Loss and a Diet-Free Life. But why stop there when you can enjoy her blog, Thoughts on Health, Family, and Life After 50.  You can also find and friend her on Facebook. We warn you – she’s funny!

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