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Your Medical Condition Pisses Me Off

Your Medical Condition Pisses Me Off A family member had a thalamic stroke in September, then a TIA (transient ischemic attack) in March, followed by a combination atrial fibrillation and cerebellum stroke in April. These exciting events changed a person who was active, busy, smart and fairly easygoing into someone who has serious memory issues, cannot walk, cannot swallow (wh [...]

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How to Handle Weight Gain When You Suffer Loss

How to Handle Weight Gain When You Suffer Loss Dear Alexandra and Kymberly: I just lost my husband, Julian to cancer. Due to all the hospital appointments, my eating habits also got lost! I have put on a lot of weight, but feel so tired and lethargic I can't get into the mood to do exercise. I have damage to my neck, knees, and lower back (due to a fall) plus my midriff and wa [...]

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What Do Exercisers Know That Non-Exercisers Don't?

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA 7 Secrets Exercisers Use to Motivate Themselves You SAY you want to be more fit and active. You really MEAN to work out more. But somehow the days, weeks, months, dare we say “years” slip by and there you are -- still intending to finally be more active but not actually doing much about it. Forget guilt, self-beratement, and worrying about havi [...]

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Bunny-Shaped Dinner Rolls Recipe

Alexandra Williams, MA Springtime is a time for baking, which includes bunnies. Not real ones; dinner rolls! You knew that of course. At about the same time Blue Diamond sent me Honey Cinnamon almonds (and Honey Dijon almonds), a friend sent me a picture of rabbit rolls, knowing my love of “creative” baking. Voila! I created Cinnamon Sugar Bunny Rolls. These rolls are a g [...]

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