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Stretch Hamstrings Correctly: 3 Doofus & 3 Expert Ways
Stretch Hamstrings the Right Way Want more benefit from your hamstring stretches? (You are devoting some of your workout time[...]
What’s Your Super Power?
“What is your super power?” Have you ever considered where your powers excel? When guest instructing recently at Rancho la[...]
Having Difficulty Losing Weight?
Are you having difficulty losing weight despite exercising and eating healthfully? It could be your weight loss is getting sabotaged[...]
Packing the Right Outfit for Travel
I need your help choosing the right outfit for our upcoming trip to Europe. In less than two weeks, Kymberly[...]

Weight Loss and Fat Burning Posts

Stumbling Blocks are not Walls: Setting New Fitness Challenges After Surgery
On July 20 I had foot surgery. Now I am in training to walk a half- marathon in mid-October. Am I realistic, foolish, too old or a role model for women who want to be active? Can the mind and the matter cooperate on this adventure?
Reaching Your Fitness Goals, or How Are Those New Year Resolutions Coming Along
We are one-sixth of the way through 2014. This is about the time when many people give up on their New Year’s resolutions to move more, eat better, lose weight - the list goes on. It’s easy to understand - the weather isn’t cooperative, you aren’t seeing improvements, there’s no time - that list goes on too! Please don’t get discouraged. Keep at it.



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Don't Just Grow Old:
Age Actively

Ready to come back from a river cruise more fit than when you started? We'll be blogging from the Amawterways Rhein cruise aboard the AmaPrima in October 2016

Curious about Incorporating Cognitive Challenges into Older Adult Group Fitness Classes? Kymberly was selected to present this topic in Florida for the International Council on Aging convention.

ABC: Abs, Balance, Coordination: It's Specialty Instructor time for Kymberly at Rancho la Puerta to start the New Year 2017

Always a perfect time to guest teach at Rancho la Puerta Fitness Resort in Mexico, where we both have upcoming teaching gigs throughout the year. 

2017 sees Alexandra completing her Specialty Certification in Nutrition and Kymberly adding Seniors Specialty Certification to her Functional Aging Specialist Cert

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