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Ten Ways to Get Healthier in Under 10 Minutes
Did you know you can get healthier in ten minutes or less? Little habits add up to big changes. After[...]
Keep Your Family (and Self) Healthy and Happy
Over the past year, and especially the last few weeks, my family’s happiness (and mine) have been on my mind.[...]
Posture Assessment from the Side
Women over 50 and those who want to be one day: How is your posture? Have the decades been taking[...]
What is the Best Way to Train My Triceps?
Dear Fun and Fit: Hi Twins, What is the best way to control tricep flap? Pati, Mountain View, CA Alexandra:[...]

Weight Loss and Fat Burning Posts

Tips to Get Your Butt to the Gym
Need practical action items for establishing an exercise routine that will actually get you to your gym? These tips are guaranteed to work. If....
Chip Chips Chooray! Product Review
What do kids pack in their lunch bags and adults put out at bar-b-ques? If you are tempted to say “Twinkies,” hesh your mouth right now! It’s chips for the win! Since we’re not big fans of high-calorie, low-nutrition chips, we taste tested bagfuls of unusual chips that just might be a better choice.

Recipe, Food, and Travel Posts

Prepping for Holidays and Kathmandu: What About You?
What do active aging, Kathmandu and the our new booklet, 34 Guilt-Free Strategies to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain have in common?
New Year = New You Fitness Challenge
Question from a real reader, not unpaid actor or our mom: "Dear F and F - It's more than ten days into the new year and I'm still not back into a workout routine after the holiday bliss (read: I haven't worked out in over a month). I’m having a hard time getting motivated to get up and go to the gym (as I eat my bowl of chocolate ice cream). If I get to the gym or take my morning walk I can get in the Zen. What should I do?" Answer from the real, not imaginary twin: Thanks for asking. What you need to do is sign-up for our 30 Day Challenge. And slowly back away from the ice cream.

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