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Transforming Ourselves Inside and Out
You SAY you want to start again with a fitness program that is tailored to your midlife body; that you[...]
Apple Cinnamon Crisp
Do you ever have people coming over for breakfast, have no idea what you want to bake, then just stare[...]
A Salty Sea Story involving Strength, Stamina, and Swimming
A Salty Sea Story involving Strength, Stamina, and Swimming This past Saturday, my outrigger paddling teammates and I set a[...]
Tips to Get Your Butt to the Gym
Dear Fun and Fit/ Kymberly and Alexandra: I am a member at the local YMCA, (but) have yet to establish[...]

Weight Loss and Fat Burning Posts

Should You Burn Your Bread (not Your Bra) to Lose Belly Fat?
Is it possible for menopausal women to eat carbs and not increase our "central body fatness and insulin resistance?" Can we eat bread, yet stay trim and healthy? According to science, it depends!
I Want to Get Fit, but How to Start?
Susan is a 55-year-old boomer and needs to lose 50 pounds. But she works full-time, then goes home and cares for her aging parents. Did we mention she doesn't actually WANT to exercise, she just knows she needs to. Wonder what the best way is for her to get started?

Recipe, Food, and Travel Posts

BlogTour: Cologne, Amsterdam and Gifts for Your Home
One of us is headed to Cologne and Amsterdam in January as part of BlogTour by Modenus. As one of 14 international designers and lifestyle bloggers, one twin is going to attend the giant IMM (International Furniture Fair) and Living Kitchen to discover all the best products to help make your healthy lifestyle even healthier, for you AND the planet. Read to learn which sister is brushing up on her Dutch (the other sister is fluent in German)...
Power Walk with the Butterflies in Santa Barbara
A stroll along the beach and through the butterfly grove counts as exercise. Come with us on a video tour to see butterflies and surfing dolphins along the Santa Barbara coast.
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