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Who Wants to Wrangle a Balloon in the Hollywood Christmas Parade?
My son is getting a fun birthday present this week. We are going to be balloon wranglers in the 84th[...]
Dried Plums: Your Grandma Was Right About Them
I’ve been working on a magazine article about the top healthy food trends for 2016, so this is a perfect[...]
How Do I Lose Weight But Not Bulk Up?
No Hulk! No Bulk! Dear Fun and Fit: K and A--I want to lose weight, not bulk up and build[...]
Which is the "Best" Cardio Workout: Walking? Running? Machines?
Which is a better cardio workout: stationary bike, treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine?  Tina, Lubbock, Texas I heard walking is much better[...]

Weight Loss and Fat Burning Posts

End of Summer Trip to Rancho la Puerta
We went to Rancho la Puerta spa in Tecate, Mexico to hear Dr. John Ratey speak about his book "Spark." We also hiked, relaxed, made new friends, laughed, goofed off, had a cranio-sacral treatment and ate organic, delicious, vegetarian food. Such a lost weekend!!!!!
Sleep - How it Affects Your Weight, Brain & Skin
Did you know that your sleep habits affect your weight, brain power and skin? A recent trip to the Technogel Sleep Experience Center in Los Angeles got me to thinking of the reasons we all need a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.

Recipe, Food, and Travel Posts

Exercise Advice Depends on Goal: Test Your Knowledge
Exercise at least 150 minutes per week; As little as 10 minutes a day will keep you fit! Arrgh - so much seemingly contradictory advice. What's an active baby boomer women to do? The best workout advice depends on your goals. Once you know what you want out of exercise, you will know what you have to put in.
Want a Better Memory? Why? How?
Do you want to remember more of your past? By midlife, we have gained decades of experiences, some of which we can pull from our memory; some of which have retreated into the dusty closets of our brain. What if you could retrieve tons of memories you don’t even remember having forgotten? Actress and Memory Expert, Marilu Henner shares her strategies at the Natural Products Expo West.

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