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Post-Workout Healthy Snacks
Please share some examples of slow carb release post-workout healthy snacks please (I'm diabetic). Thanks, Maxine Hi Maxine: I’m currently[...]
Is It Time to Train Your Midlife Middle?
Wonder how to lose menopause weight when eating less and exercising more hasn’t made a difference? Then you are in[...]
Emotional Benefits of Walking Outdoors
Are you lucky enough to enjoy outdoor walks? Do you live in an area conducive to walking? Do you live[...]
Summer Heat, Exercise and Staying Hydrated
Yay, summer is here. We can all go outside and run (or walk, in our case). In the heat. And[...]

Weight Loss and Fat Burning Posts

HomeBody Workout
There seem to be at least two Alexandras in Santa Barbara, and one of them wants to add some weight-training so she can drop that elusive last five pounds. And the other Alexandra? Meh! Not so much. She thinks a good exfoliant and scrub will slough it off. Women. Weights. Wow!
From 1 to 10 for your 6 pack
What's a guy to do when his 6 pack abs look more like a 12 pack? But he does not want to trade in his burger and fries for wilted lettuce and greens. Can a bad boy of fitness cut the lard habits and get to 6 pack nirvana with food he likes and twins he adores? Ok, we might have added that last bit for promotional purposes. Is this a case of "pie or fly: are those the only choices?" or does this week's questioner have other options? He does the strength training, but does he have the strength to say "no."

Recipe, Food, and Travel Posts

Offbeat Holiday Fitness Gifts Under $30
You can give the right gift for the active person on your list and avoid the dog house by taking advantage of products we have tested, sniffed, and ferreted out. All for less than $30!
The Ultimate Playlist of Your Fit Life
Do you have a theme for exercise that a song captures? Doe, a deer, a female deer; Ray, a drop of golden sun; Me, a name I call myself. What song calls your self?

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