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5 Fitness Myths booklet image

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Age Actively

Curious about Incorporating Cognitive Challenges into Older Adult Group Fitness Classes? Kymberly was selected to present this topic in Florida for the International Council on Aging convention.

ABC: Abs, Balance, Coordination. Kymberly ?brought her complete program to Rancho la Puerta as a Specialty Instructor. Guests reported learning more in a week than they had in years. 

Kymberly's article, "Create Outstanding Boomer Workouts: 7 Principles" was chosen as cover feature for IDEA Fitness Journal

Always a perfect time to guest teach at Rancho la Puerta Fitness Resort in Mexico, where we both have upcoming teaching gigs throughout the year. 

2017 sees Alexandra completing her Specialty Certification in Nutrition and Kymberly adding Seniors Specialty Certification to her Functional Aging Specialist Cert

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