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Weight Loss and Fat Burning Posts

Walk Off Weight– Keep on Truckin’
Like Charlotte, are you walking and walking but not getting any leaner? How can you power walk your way past the truckers and into fitness nirvana? To cut back on weight, you might have to cut back on walking and get cut with weight training. Really??!! Do less to lose more? Sounds like our kind of training program.
The Skinny on Skinny Jeans
Can you have strong legs and still fit into skinny jeans? Carolien wants to do some exercises that help her tone up and slim down. While studying American culture of the 1980s, she must focus on three things: body fat, strength training and her fashion sense. Dig out your leg-warmers--here come "legersizes."



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Don't Just Grow Old:
Age Actively

"Fitness Over 50: Getting Restarted" - Kymberly presents this workshop at the IDEA World Convention in July 

Florida in Fall. Kymberly was chosen to present on Incorporating Cognitive Challenges into Older Adult Group Fitness Classes for the International Council on Aging convention.

Kymberly heads to Seattle in July to present "Fitness Trends and Working with Boomers" to Club owners

May saw us dashing off to Redding, CA to take advantage of hiking, biking, kayaking, caving and more as sponsored Active Aging bloggers. 

Alexandra was selected as the sole Healthy Life blogger flying to Milan, Italy in April with a cadre of designers.

Always a perfect time to guest teach at Rancho la Puerta Fitness Resort in Mexico, where we both have upcoming teaching gigs throughout the year. 

We presented 4 fitness workshops and workouts at the 3rd Tenaya Wellness Retreat in Sequoia, CA

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