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Confused by Conflicting Fitness Advice? Then Do This
Do you ever feel confused or misdirected by all the fitness advice coming your way? If you ever wanted to know “what’s the best fitness advice for me?” then find your goal in this post and follow the advice for that goal.
How Can I Speed Up My Metabolism?
If you want to burn kcals at a faster rate (helps with weight loss and maintenance), speed up your at-rest baseline usage of energy. Eleven variables affect your metabolic rate.



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Don't Just Grow Old:
Age Actively

"Fitness Over 50: Getting Restarted" - Kymberly presents this workshop at the IDEA World Convention in July 

Florida in Fall. Kymberly was chosen to present on Incorporating Cognitive Challenges into Older Adult Group Fitness Classes for the International Council on Aging convention.

Kymberly heads to Seattle in July to present "Fitness Trends and Working with Boomers" to Club owners

May saw us dashing off to Redding, CA to take advantage of hiking, biking, kayaking, caving and more as sponsored Active Aging bloggers. 

Alexandra was selected as the sole Healthy Life blogger flying to Milan, Italy in April with a cadre of designers.

Always a perfect time to guest teach at Rancho la Puerta Fitness Resort in Mexico, where we both have upcoming teaching gigs throughout the year. 

We presented 4 fitness workshops and workouts at the 3rd Tenaya Wellness Retreat in Sequoia, CA

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