Want to Be Enchanting?: 4 Tips, Part 1

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

We Exercised and Were Enchanted Early

When it came to attending the 2012 IHRSA Fitness Trade Show and Convention, who cares about being an early bird just to get a worm?! Yuck to worms! We hauled our hinies out of bed at 4:00 o’dark- big-yawn-o’clock to be able to hear social media gooorooo, and author Guy Kawasaki speak. Our mission –  Make it out the door (in Santa Barbara) by 5:00am to beat LA traffic and get to the LA Convention Center, parked, registered, and seated in the ballroom by 8:00. No traffic = 2 hour drive; In traffic = longer than all the Downton Abbey episodes strung together.

Ba da bing. We not only made it, but also we were early enough to hop on the new Precor AMT machine to try it out. Workout done by 7:45! We hoofed it over to the ballroom to have IHRSA VP of Industry Growth, Meredith Poppler send us to the “reserved” special people section up front. She must not have caught a whiff of our post-workout “glowiness.”

We were ready to be kept awake by Guy Kawasaki, who was giving the keynote talk based on his new book, “Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions.” (Dear Guy – please feel free to send us an autographed copy as we were too cheap rushed to buy one).

Guy – we call him that as we are now best friends, seeing as how we had 6th row seats and all – was quite personable, authentic, and loaded with accessible tips. His premise is that you need to truly enchant your client, audience, customer, royal courtiers if you want to succeed.

Without further ado, we present the first 4 of Guy’s 10 Tips to Enchantment, the Enchanted a-Bridge-d version:

1) Achieve Likability

  • To be liked we must first like others. That means we must Accept Others No Matter What! Whether people look like us, believe as we do, act like us, make choices we would never make, we must accept people as they are in order to be ourselves accepted. Sounds easy; but this is HUGE! Oh – and kinda rare these days too if you follow national trends.
  • Make your default mode “yes.”

Kawasaki, Guy

2) Achieve Trustworthiness

  • To be trustworthy, you must also Trust Others.
  • Agree on something, no matter how far apart you and the other person/ entity seem to be. Find some point of commonality and agreement and proceed from there.

3) Look to Perfect

  • Guy was not saying to be perfect, but to strive to perfect (different emPHAsis) whatever you put out into the world.
  • Go for what is DICEE: Deep-Intelligent-Complete-Empowering-Elegant

4) Tell a Story

  • Plant a seed through narrative. People – your clients, customers, relatives, loved ones, friends, bosses, online pals – all love stories, so look for ways to present your message as a story.
  • Use salient points that people can relate to, which may not be the same terms you use in your profession or industry.


  1. calories vs miles–tell people how many miles they would have to run to burn a sausage breakfast, not how many calories are in that sausage;
  2. gigabytes vs # of songs–list the number of songs a player will offer, not how many gigabytes it holds as everyone can relate to song totals, not storage numbers.

Given that Enchantment has made it onto bestseller lists, that Guy is a richee rich popular guy with lots of influence and credibility, and that people hire him to speak at big events, we figure he must have walked the power walk. Talked the talk. Rocked the block. Basically we trusted his message.

If you want to change your life for the better, try out his suggestions. And come back next week for Part 2, Tips 5-10 courtesy of Guy and his visionary book, Enchantment. Send us a royalty check when you strike it happy!

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Readers: What is one way you might try to Enchant someone?


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