VitaFusion: Gummy Vitamins for Boomers (and other Adults)

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Alexandra Williams, MA

Gummy VitaminsOnce you’re past 50, it gets harder to “pass” the blood test at your annual exam. A vitamin and mineral deficit seems to exist for even the healthiest boomer, and it’s common to be advised to start taking multivitamins.

The last time I had my blood drawn I was doing better in my iron than my usual anemic stats, yet was in need of more Vitamin D, which seems to be standard for boomer hotties women such as myself.

If I give you the stats about the various vitamins and minerals in the chewable MultiVites gummies for adults that VitaFusion sent me, you will skim it, even if I say they come in peach, berry and orange natural flavors, or that they contain as much Vitamin A, C and D3 as 1 cup of broccoli, 1 tangerine, and 3 ounces of salmon. What I’ll do instead is tell you a story about my son and my evil genetics.fruitgummies

I never realized how much I choke on food and drink until I had kids and they talked about how often I seemed to have trouble swallowing. To me, it was normal. I thought that everyone struggled to swallow pills. And being ribbed about putting water in my mouth before the pill didn’t faze me. How was I to know that the rest of the world puts the pill in first?

Then it turned out my younger son was born different from the rest of us. Among his issues was an inability to fully move his tongue or swallow properly. I learned that this included choking when he was in 2nd or 3rd grade and I had to give him the Heimlich while his brother called 911. He went onto a choking protocol at school after we got him tested the very next day.

So he and I share a dislike of swallowing pills, but for him it was more of a life-threatening kind of deal that freaks out the mom! So he always had chewable vitamins. I just continued with my “water first, pill second, then swallow and gag” routine. So I raised my hand really high when the invitations went out to try these chewable gummy vitamins for adults.

For me, it’s truly a relief to find a daily vitamin that I can easily ingest. No more talking myself into a daily vitamin. And even though my son no longer has a choking protocol in place, he still can’t do pills. But he’s old enough for the MultiVites, so I went right over to our local CVS and bought him some. When I finish the bottle that I was sent, I’m going to get the Platinum kind that’s for the over-50 crowd. Yeah, I need to get over the fact that I’m in that age group. sigh….

It’s hard to convey in words how much difference something seemingly small can make. For most of us, having a chewable vitamin is a mere convenience; for my son it’s a safety issue. And he likes the texture and taste. Typical teen. Atypical swallow reflex.

Sour Gummy vitamins for kidsIf you have a young kid, especially one who has trouble swallowing, VitaFusion has a version for the youngsters. I didn’t try it, but still think you might like to know about it.




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