Time to Leak a Big, Embarrassing Secret About Active Aging

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Alexandra jumping on mini-trampoline

Twist and Shout, without Letting it All Out!

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Depend On Us to Keep You Active

Kymberly: Two age related items arrived in my mailbox the other day: my AARP magazine and a sample bag of Depend underwear with their new Fit-Flex protection. Potential oldster moment! And here I fancy myself a youngish and vibrant baby boomer who wears thong undies to exercise class and reads “Outside” adventure magazine. To quote an article headline in the Feb/March 2014 issue of AARP: “You’re Old, I’m Not.” Like most people over 50, I think I am NOT like most people over 50. Except that like millions of US midlifers, I face leakage problems once in a while. As in whenever I jump, hop, skip, laugh hard, or cough big. What about you?

Incontinence, not Incompetence

Incontinence: one of the biggest known secrets of the midlife world — especially for women who have given birth and for men who have been treated for prostate cancer. So let’s talk about this issue for a wee second. (Yeah, I had to go there). What activities do you refrain from because you are worried about an embarrassing pee moment?

In my fortunate case, I am hard to embarrass even when teaching group fitness classes on stage, in leggings, while laughing and moving about … and sometimes mixing pee with sweat. However, I do have times when I hold back from a hearty laugh or take impact moves out of my workouts because I really don’t like dealing with the consequences. That leads me to a few tips to manage leakage:

Depend Protective UndiesKymberly’s Tips to Avoid Incontinence Embarrassment

  1. Sweat a lot when exercising as it will disguise any other body fluids and you know what I mean.
  2. Drink a lot of water even if you worry about peeing. Dehydration is a bigger problem than incontinence.
  3. Try absorbent undies such as Depend. Seriously — you can try them free simply by requesting a sample via this link. You don’t have to tell anyone you ordered a pair of protective underwear. I unpacked my samples, tried them on, wore them to walk the dogs, then laughed my way through the Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert show without worrying that my tv watching chair is not “water”proof. The product was comfy and not discernible through my workout capris. I will say that the underwear ran a little big. I tried the S/M size and would have liked a slightly tighter fit, but the Depend was still fairly sleek and very lightweight. Stretchy and figure flattering too!
  4. Go ahead and laugh uproariously, jump high, hit life hard, and make an impact with confidence and no leaking. Wearing protective undies is a small price to pay if it means getting out there, staying active, and doing the things you love without holding back.

By the way, if you leak a secret is it called a “leakcret”? I am cracking myself up here people. (If I am peeing my pants laughing at my own joke, you’ll never know as I am still wearing my Depend Fit-Flex).

Alexandra teaching QiDance

Let’s Get this Party Jumping

Alexandra’s Tips to Deal with Incontinence

Alexandra: I gave birth to two boys, both of whom were classified as “LGA – Large for Gestational Age.” I laugh now because they are the opposite of large. They owe me big for being so big! I taught exercise classes before, during, and after both pregnancies. That was 17 years ago. I have been doing Kegels for about 20 years, and have a few comments to add to Kymberly’s tips.

  1. Kegels are not magical. I wish they were. They only can do so much.
  2. Some women get surgery to help with incontinence. That is not for me. Neither is running. Or jumping jacks. I’d rather wear a Depend undie and recognize that I’m now in life’s second half than have surgery.
  3. I’d feel sexier if they came in a more bikini style (I actually love boy short style, hint hint), but I just folded the top over.
  4. Sure, it’s a bit embarrassing, mainly because we don’t want to admit that our bodies change as we age, but I know for a fact that I got a good deal – two handsome, lovable boys in exchange for mild incontinence. I’d do the same again. And I’m not alone, as I’ve seen some of the videos of women sharing their stories. It’s less embarrassing when you know you’re not alone.

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