These Meats are Grilling me

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Dear Fun and Fit: In Texas we say that barbeque sauce runs through our veins. I do love my barbeque but would aso like to live more years enjoying it.  I read somewhere that grilling meats creates carcinogens and is dangerous to eat in great quantities. What if I grilled vegetables or meat substitutes on my grill instead?  What say you, wise ones?  Kind Regards, Barbie Q. Dribbs, Austin, Texas

Kymberly: Dear Barbie Q. Dribbs: We’d say we’re wise enough to know a real Texan name when we see one. Good one, Dribbsie! We are also wise enough to know that we are not really grilling experts, unless you are referring to the kind that involves nosy questions, a spotlight, possible torment, and a brusque manner. I feel less carcin-sick just using the word “brusque.”  You are onto something when you surmise that veggies and meat substitutes will not produce carcinogens as they do not contain creatine, an animal protein which needs to be present to heat up the health danger.  So you could go vegetarian, but then Texas might expel you. If you jist gotta have yer meat, then remove carcinogens as much as you can when grilling. And drink some black or green tea, for country’s sake. The chemicals in those teas mitigate the effects of smoky, black, charred, flipped, and sauced-up meats. If you add alcohol to the tea you can be sauced up too!

Alexandra: If BBQ sauce runs through your veins, then I wonder if Texas has a different type of blood test. Do nurses from out of state come to Texas, perform a blood panel, then exclaim, “What’s dis here sauce?” Ahahhaaaa, I’ve never had a chance to use that bad joke before! In California we say that sunblock runs through our veins. Okay, not really; girls here are just delightfully sun-kissed. Just like your grilled veggies should be! Thanks for calling us wise. Actually, only I am. To prove it, here’s some sage advice – forget the ribs and have a s’more. Delicious food stuck over hot flames, but without the meat and cancer.

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Dear Readers: What do you enjoy more: bbq sauce, getting sauced, Texas, anything grilled? What is your favorite thing to throw on the barbie?

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