Take Good Care of Your Hair (and Skin & Eyes)

By Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Being fit is about more than just weight and muscles. It’s also about the health and appearance of your eyes, skin and hair.

Kymberly and Alexandra in 4th gradee w/ catwomen glassesKymberly: Our extended family has a great tradition of eye troubles.  From nearsightedness to dry eye syndrome to overactive oil ducts to detached retina threats, we know how hard it can be to look good. Or look bad. Well, technically “see” badly. (If we see bad, someone’s being naughty!)

Add to that what Alexandra put on her “About Us” page relative to our skin: “As a red-headed, freckly, straight-A, flat-chested, glasses-wearing identical twin, I always had an easy time of it, especially in junior high, when all those differences really helped me blend in. Luckily, I had oily teenage skin to keep me from getting too taken with myself.”

Kymberly: Even though we no longer suffer from teen acne, we do still have to keep a close eye on our skin as we sweat daily given our exercise schedule, which can cause itchiness and adult acne.  But we do have great hair! (Thanks dad!)

What does all this have to do with health and the personal care product round-up we have in store in for you? Well, perhaps like many of you, we want to look good, see well, and feel great, especially using products that are natural, and “safe.” So when we are trendspotting health products we make sure to check out skin, hair, vision, and related clean stuff!

Alexandra: Saturday I did a 5K walk with my 15 year old son to raise money to find cures for eye diseases. Why? Because he has retinitis pigmentosa. So he’ll probably never drive, and he can’t see well in the dark. I feel sad, yet also determined to do what I can to help him. Since Omega 3 (DHA) is supposed to help, I am going to try to talk him into taking the capsules that our friends at Hanna’s Herbs sell because I trust them. If any of you have had luck with the capsules or any other eye health natural products, please let me know.

Since we’re also talking about “exterior” care,  I’ll share some products that I’ve tried and believe to be helpful and healthy for your appearance.

Nature’s Gate Pomegranate Sunflower Shampoo I like shampoo that smells good but not sweet, has ingredients I can identify, and hasn’t been tested on fluffy bunnies.

The BackPacket  I hate bugs. I hate sunburn. I’m sure I’d hate skin cancer. Whether Kymberly calls me a strawberry blonde or a redhead, I definitely have fair skin, so I like this combo sunscreen/ insect repellent. No DEET, has aloe vera, and not tested on cute hamsters.

Elmore Oil for Joint and Muscular Pain I have arthritis in my knee, thanks to a soccer injury. I love vanilla. This oil has only 4 ingredients: vanilla, olive oil, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil. Luckily, the 3 “nice” ingredients balance out the tea tree, ‘cause I can’t stand the smell of it by itself.

Apriori Skin Care  I just started using this after receiving some samples and so far it’s great. Some products make me break out, but not these. I have sensitive skin that’s red in places, freckly, oily nose and dry forehead, so it’s really hard to find stuff that makes my skin look & feel better. If it makes me look the age I feel inside, then it’s a winner for sure!

Of course, what I really think would be best after a 5K (or even a 1.5K) would be a lovely steam, music, color, aromatherapy shower from Mr. Steam!  I don’t actually have one of these, but I know how to dream it, plan it, make it happen…sometimes!

As to the crummy eyes, my kid got it from my side of the family. I would have preferred him to have gotten the red hair. That’s my way of saying, “time for my eye drops.” I like the ones from Boiron because they don’t sting my eyes, even though I wear contacts (Freshlook Colorblends in green to be precise), and are homepathic . Read the ingredients.

Kymberly: I, too use the Boiron homepathic eyedrops as they are preservative-free and cut down on the tearing, stinging eyes I get when I am teaching cardio classes (you know, when sweat runs down my face and into my eyes). Otherwise I look as though I have been sobbing (for joy, of course) after every hard workout.

Kelly Teegarden Organics Skin CareThen I wash my face with a new skin care system we recently discovered: Kelly Teegarden Organics. To say I have sensitive skin given my activity level and genetics is an understatement. This skin care system not only does its job, but also is chemical free. According to Kelly Teegarden, founder of this product line, the World Health Organization announced that 80% of cancer can be linked to cancer causing chemicals in skin care, oral hygiene, and cosmetic products. When Kelly got cancer she created KTO Organics to remove all toxicity and chemicals from what we put on our bodies. Works for me!

Broo Hair CareLastly, you have to get a kick out of a brand new shampoo we discovered at the Natural Products Expo West: Broo Shampoo, made with beer. Apparently women in the 1950’s, including Jackie Kennedy used to lather up  the locks with beer. Now I actually don’t like beer — not the taste, smell, nor empty calories. So I was leery of smelling like a brewery. But Broo Shampoo not only lathers up nicely, keeps my tresses clean and  luscious looking, but also it smells really good! So I Broo my do and smell good too!

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Disclosure: We were paid for one of the links above. We share all these products specifically because we use and like them, and want to be  helpful.

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