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Randi Ragan, yoga Sitting

5 Ways Yoga Reduces Stress for Women Over 50: Guest Post from Randi Ragan

Got stress? Then get yoga! Try these 5 approaches for reducing stress, designed especially for women over 50 new to yogic practice. From guest poster, Randi Ragan

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3 Ways to Perfect Your Posture: Tenaya Healthy Living Retreat is One

Discover some tips to help you create and maintain good posture. Plus, you can join us (and get your posture assessed) on the west coast for two events – Sherpa: Your Guide to Life Enhancing Adventures, and Tenaya Lodge: Yosemite Healthy Living Retreat.

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Yoga for Boomer Women: Guest post by Lexi Yoga

If you are a woman in your late 40s and up, you are probably at the age when yoga is a great way to look and feel more beautiful from the inside out. This guest post from Lexi Yoga shares some of the internal benefits of starting yoga as a Boomer woman.

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This Baby Boomer is Blooming: Guest Post by Mary McManus

From paralytic polio as a child to yoga teacher as a boomer woman, Mary McManus runs marathons and is now a certified yoga teacher. And a poet! Did we mention that she was also diagnosed with a progressive neuromuscular disease in 2006? Read to discover how Mary has dealt with life’s challenges (hint: Smiling is obviously part of the deal)!

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Yoga Offers Freedom, Even From Internment Camp Hardships

What can yoga do for you, especially if you face challenges, stress, and negative forces? What if you had spent 3 1/2 years in a Japanese prison camp as a child? Could yoga help rid your mind and body from such experiences?

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How Yoga Can Help Your Mind

While we’re away, our guest post expert is at play: Welcome Phil Tucker who shares ho yoga can lower your stress levels, help you achieve clarity, mental well being, and consequently enjoy life more. Doesn’t that sound good? Read, then relax into the corpse pose. Aaaaahhhhh

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Do Pilates and Yoga Improve Strength? Free offer for right answer!

Dee asks the age-old question – Can I get a date to the New Year’s party this late? – No, wait, that’s not it. She wants to know if yoga or Pilates are good for strength training. We’ll answer as soon as we get out of the Pincha Mayurasana (forearm stand) pose.

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Karen Whittier, Commit to the Cause

No Pain, No Gain…No Way!: Karen Whittier’s Inspirational Yoga Story

Pound, pound, pound. That’s either Karen Whittier’s feet hitting the concrete pavement over and over while running or …. the sound of her smacking her head that she did not listen to her body. It kept saying “slow down, get off the hard-core pace and pavement, and take care of your increasing injuries.” She kept saying, “keep on keeping on.” We say – click on the link to hear her story. She embraces yoga and activism while waving good-bye to meds.

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Yoga: For Flexibility? Weight Loss? Animals?

Yoga has been around for centuries. Anything with that much history is obviously working. Can it be your path to weight loss? Flexibility? We are flexible in our answer. To read the whole post, please click on the title link. Clickity Click!

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Get No-Flab, Fab Abs: Part 3

“Dear Abby: My abs are so flabby. Please be gabby and grabby me some good advice before I get crabby. I want to be fabby throughout my abbies.” Yes, we at Fun and Fit get all sorts of requests. This week’s question is a clever disguise for wanting spot reducing, but we spotted that and have the decoded message. That’s what you get from the witty Dear Abby and Ann Landers of the fitness advice world! Click the title to read more.

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