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Challenge Yourself to a Healthier You

Summer is officially over, the new school year has begun, and the lovely outdoor weather of Fall beckons. A perfect time to set yourself up for a fitness challenge.

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The Ultimate Playlist of Your Fit Life

Do you have a theme for exercise that a song captures? Doe, a deer, a female deer; Ray, a drop of golden sun; Me, a name I call myself. What song calls your self?

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Bicep Curls: Wrong & Right Way

Hip helper, wrist helper, hamburger helper are all ways to make a bicep curl seem easier, but that are wrong! Well, maybe not hamburgers. If you want to know the wrong and right way to perform a bicep curl, just click-a-trick this link.

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Procrastinator vs Peak Performer Talk

5 Phrases to Think and Train Like an Olympian

Go mental! Think like an Olympian. Achieve your fitness goals more effectively by shifting just 5 phrases in your head from “Procrastinator” to ….

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Fire those bad habits

4 Stages to Healthier Habits

Do you have a health habit you want to improve? There are 4 stages of behavior change. Yup, only 4 and you can count them on the hand that isn’t holding a cigarette, remote control, or cream puff. Want to know what they are?

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From Couch Potato to Studly Spud

Do you have a couch potato partner who needs motivation, poking, and prodding to exercise and be fit and amazing like you? How can you activate a Spouse Spud? Can you replace the remote control with a sorting hat? A barbell? A pair of dancing shoes?

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The Klout Workout: Perks & Circuits

Alexandra presented her Klout Workout at the recent IDEA World Fitness Convention. It’s a circuit station workout based on social media. The more clout you have online, the higher your Klout score, and the chances for Perks. Want to know what Klout is, what Perks are, and whether the students were able to send tweets and pictures during the class? Read the post, then tweet it to your friends!

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5 Fitness Trends from IDEA Convention

At the recent IDEA World Fitness Convention, we attended classes, workshops, and lectures, then cruised the Expo Hall to discover all the latest in the world of fitness and exercise. There were 5 trends that stood out, and they are…

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Diets Work if You Do

What is the BEST diet for weight loss? And what does it really mean to “go on a diet?” There are millions of choices (do a Google search), yet the answer is fairly simple. Hint: Eat Less, Move More may or may not be a sufficient answer. To lose weight, you just need to…

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Alexandra hitches a ride from Dr James Hill

Lose 2 Pounds in 2 Days

if you have a weight loss goal, why not get the latest, best, most accurate exercise, diet, obesity, fitness info from the PhD smarties directly. They discovered …

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