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Stretch Before or After a Hike & Fight?

We take bets about stretching; We take bribes (about time!) When two people go out for a nice hike and one wants to stand and stretch first and the other thinks it best to wait until post-activity to “enjoy the view” aka stand around and stretch, who gets thrown under the bus on this bet sent our way? Can romance survive the “Stretch Before or After” debate?

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How Many Calories Are You Burning? asks Aileen Sheron

“How many calories am I burning” is a question often posed to international fitness expert, Aileen Sheron. Her 30 second video answer? Are you willing to work hard enough to get all the benefits? Another fine interview from F and F at the IDEA Convention.

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Tweet Your Way to Workout Success – Biray Alsac

Need that extra accountability and community spirit to stick with your fitness program? Fitness pro and social media expert, Biray Alsac of Florida shares her 50 second Fun and Fit tip — tweet about your activities! Your twitter pals will birddog you to burn more than 140 calories in fewer than 140 characters!

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I’m Pregnant, in Pain and Want to Work Out

So much that starts with “P:” Pregnant, Patella Femoral Syndrome, and Put out at the Pain of it all! Poor Sarah wants to exercise through her pregnancy, but her knee prohibits activity. What CAN she do that does not hurt so much? Besides birth a child…..

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Alexandra answers training questions on KZSB

Alexandra answers training questions on KZSB radio

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Knee bulge

Dreaded Knee Bulge

If you’re bulgy and you know it, clap your hands. (repeat) If you’re bulgy and you know it, then your knees will surely show it, (keep singing; we have work to do). Nancy’s naughty knees have awnings over the kneecaps. And she doesn’t think that’s flap-tastic. Can she focus and find a way to forever flee the flab?

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Straight Scoop on Super Posture

Sharon wants to be Posture Perfect. Instead she’s Slouchy Sharon. What exercises can she do that will help her become a Super-Straight-Stander-Upper? Does she really have to be poked between the shoulder blades in order to retract? Will too many upper-back exercises make her retreat? Read more to learn about frontal real estate!

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Weights or Cardio – Who’s On First?

WIld and crazy superwomen can do it all – cardio, weight training, getting fit, losing weight, shopping at glycogen stores. But in what order should we overachieve with our exercise activity? Weights then cardio? Wait on weights? Who’s on first? Fun and Fit has the definitive answer: “It depends.”

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Spinning, Walking, Treading are Big Fat Pains

Frank is on a “Pain, but no Gain” cardio workout program that creates knee troubles. Spinning has his head spinning; treading leaves him unable to tread even lightly. Diving in to rescue him from agony and 25 extra pounds is Fun and Fit. Were K and A able to harness twin telepathy to come up with a solution for this suffering senior soul?

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From 1 to 10 for your 6 pack

What’s a guy to do when his 6 pack abs look more like a 12 pack? But he does not want to trade in his burger and fries for wilted lettuce and greens. Can a bad boy of fitness cut the lard habits and get to 6 pack nirvana with food he likes and twins he adores? Ok, we might have added that last bit for promotional purposes. Is this a case of “pie or fly: are those the only choices?” or does this week’s questioner have other options? He does the strength training, but does he have the strength to say “no.”

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