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How to Walk a Half Marathon After Knee Surgery

Is there a “best” way to train for walking a half marathon after knee surgery? Elliptical or treadmill? Indoors or out? Strength train or cardio? All these either/ or choices. When you are a twin, the best choice is the one that will help you beat your sister.

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Kettlebells or Medicine Balls When Strength Training for a Marathon?

A reader wonders whether she’s better off to increase strength for her first marathon via kettlebells or medicine balls. Bell or ball? “Pie, or fly? Are those the only options?” (Recognize what movie that quote is from?).

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Stumbling Blocks are not Walls: Setting New Fitness Challenges After Surgery

On July 20 I had foot surgery. Now I am in training to walk a half- marathon in mid-October. Am I realistic, foolish, too old or a role model for women who want to be active? Can the mind and the matter cooperate on this adventure?

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Treadmill Walking

Treadmill Walking Workout

Treadmill walking can be a great workout, but what if your piece of equipment has no incline option? What can you do on the treadmill to vary your exercise program? Intervals, speed work, a weighted backpack, and a fully choreographed dance video are just a few ideas if you are so inclined!

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Wrong & Right Way: StairClimber and Treadmill

Did you know there was a wrong and right way to hit the treadmill and stairclimber? One look around the cardio equipment area of a gym and you’ll see all kinds of crazy, painful form. The three most common mistakes we’ve seen year after year are …

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Training for a Half Marathon – Elliptical or Treadmill?

When training for a half marathon, is it better to go on the treadmill or elliptical? And what do you do for the other half of the marathon? Is there a “best” way to train for running? Click on the title to discover 101 running secrets (or 3).

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I’m Low Without My Runner’s High

“Running is killing my middle-aged knees. Still, how can I do more of it? I’m so low without my runner’s high.” Dude, are you hallucinating? Drugs and surgery are not the answer. But what is? Once again, Fun and Fit find facts. Run along little doggies!

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No Hulk! No Bulk!

Losing weight: Is it just about cardio activity and how many kcals you take in and burn? Did you know that weight training might just be the best way to train your weight? You can’t lose some bulk without lifting some bulk (Weights that is. Black Gold. Texas Tea. — Obscure tv reference). Jed Clampett vs. She-Hulk. Hulk and Bulk–makes a catchy name for a snack food.

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Muffin top or topless?

“Muffin Top” of San Diego wonders why her tight workout gear from a decade ago no longer looks good. What can she do to hide her muffin top? Fun and Fit takes true pity on her dilemma with some professional advice.

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