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Ready for Some TransformAging?

TransformAging webinar seriesIf all goes well, you will age. How you grow older is largely under your control and  a result of choices you make. Are you ready to transform yourself to a more fit, energetic, beautiful you?

Then mark your calendar now for the afternoon and evening of June 3-4 when we host our first webinar, TransformAging.  You will have free access to top fitness professionals who specialize in the movement needs of midlife women.

Are you wanting to start a movement program but get overwhelmed? Fallen off the workout wagon and having trouble hitching yourself back up? Thought back to the exercises you used to do and though “hayul no, that sounds too painful and intense now that I am in my second half of life”?  Yet you still want to enjoy all that life has to offer, in a comfortable, sensible way?

Then TransformAging is the webinar for you!

Web and maze

Enter our web! Be A-Mazed!

Billy Preston might sing in your eager ear that,

“Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’

You gotta have somethin’ if you wanna be with me, that’s right, ha yea

Gotta have somethin’ if you wanna be with me

You gotta bring me somethin’ girl, if you wanna be with me.”

Our expert panel will bring strategies, pro tips, and shortcuts to your awesomesauceness ; you bring your attention and questions. You pay nothin’ but you get somethin’! Something super special, such as:

  • Actual results.
  • Movement programs and exercises that are specifically designed for women who have stared down youthful 6-pack abs and said “pffft, give me an 8 pack without a menopot and I’ll be happy.”
  • Old Fashioned Whoop AssGuidance to show your partners, grown kids, hormones who’s boss.
  • Secret strategies for stuff that starts with “S.” ……….   Such as supplementation and skin care. What did you think I meant?

Session titles for the webinar series include:

(Go ahead and click on each person’s link. You’ll be impressed by these experts!)

  1. (Re)Starting Fitness After 50 with Yours Truly, K and A
  2. Never Grow Old!  Functional Exercise Strategies for Making the NEXT 50 years BETTER than the first! Brought to you by THE top Functional Movement Specialists, Dan Ritchie, PhD and his co-hort, Cody Sipe, PhD
  3. Midlife Weight Gain, Hormones, and Menopot: Strategies for Staying Slim Without Losing Your Sanity with Tamara Grand, PhD, whose interview on this subject ranked FIRST with our former Voice America radio show.
  4. Resistance Training: Your After 50 Easy Weight Management Program brought to you by the highly qualified, quite funny, action-oriented, fitness pro, Debra Atkinson
  5. Supplementation and Skincare to Transform Aging Inside & Out: What’s Really Needed? From north of the US borders comes Mo Hagan, an award-winning, internationally known presenter whose passion is elevating baby boomer women.
  6. Age Be Damned brought to you by Colin Milner, CEO and founder of the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA), who squeezed us in between globetrotting speaking engagements and whose stats and humor you will enjoy.
Mom swinging in Nepal

If our mom can swing into action, so can you!

Need we say more? Probably, but you have enough now to raise your heart rate and to keep your June 3-4 evenings open. You’ll get notification soon on how to register (remember we used that magic word “free”). That is to say that if you already are a subscriber you’ll get registration details from us very soon. Very soon, grasshoppers!  If you are not yet a subscriber, then subscribe! Good golly, you’ll get great fitness solutions targeted to your baby boomer needs plus the insider track to achieve greater midlife goodness!

Share this post if you have friends seeking some TransformAging! Have them join you online June 3-4 for this special webinar series.

By Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA


Fun Fit Facts and Quotes from Fitness Leaders

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA

Quote board at the Ranch

If you can read this quote, your brain and eyes are already trained.

Pains, Brains, Thoughts, and Transformations with a Sprinkling of Water Thrown In

At the recent IDEA Convention for fitness professionals from around the globe, Alexandra and I had the opportunity to hear from world class presenters. They bring us — and ultimately, YOU — the best and most current information from the exercise industry.  The common thread you’ll discover is the focus on mental as it affects physical and vice versa. The Brain/ Body connection was synapsing all over the place!

Highlights from the IDEA World Fitness Convention 2014

Think of today’s post as a circuit class, where you zip from session to session, getting highlights and quick quotes from each. No one-topic marathons happening today! Ready, set, MOVE-THINK!

Let’s start with the special event co-hosted by Hay House publishers and IDEA: Transformation Day. Several Hay House authors shared their mind/body stories and strategies for a healthier, more joyful, pain-free life.

The Power of Transformation

Anita Moorjani shared her story of “dying” in the hospital from cancer, then reviving with the cancer gone and her family and doctors stunned. Her talk focused on “The Power of Transformation” and how what we tell ourselves and others makes a difference in our bodies and lives.

  • “Many of us use language to hide what we’re feeling or thinking, not to communicate.”
  • “All possibilities exist simultaneously. It just depends what we focus on.”

Anita had us focus on all the red things in the room for a minute. Then she asked us to close our eyes and recollect anything blue. I came up with two things out of dozens. Oops!  It was a quick and powerful example of seeing what we look for and not at all noticing what’s equally in front of us if we are not focused on it.

You Can Create an Exceptional Life

Best selling author, Cheryl Richardson followed up with her session “You Can Create an Exceptional Life,” also emphasizing the role our thoughts and words play in determining our human condition. Key takeaway points I gleaned from her include:

  • “Pay attention to your habitual thoughts. They are what determine your life.”
  • “Thoughts become words that can heal, hurt, help, or harm.”
  • “Use your mind in service to your soul.”
  • “What you hold in your mind manifests in your body.”

Somehow I must be holding thoughts of knee issues as those rapscallion joints sure are manifesting a party gone rogue. Time to reflect on what I am telling myself when not talking aloud. Yak yak yak leads to tap tap tap ……..

A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living

Therafits taking a break at Rancho la Puerta

Tapping my Therafit toes as I do less to achieve more. Tap tap tapping my cares away

Transformation Day also featured “The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living,” by Nick Ortner. To be frank (but not Nick), I was skeptical whether this session would offer anything practical for me, you, and the general, unsupervised baby boomer population.  By the time I followed Nick’s cues and taps, and after he worked with 3 volunteers who came onstage, I confess that tapping seemed to lessen some of my aches and pains. His key quotes and questions?:

  • “What are your limiting beliefs that you accept as truth? We are made up of our beliefs up to this point in our lives. As such, thus far, we are a product of learned behaviors.”

What I found quite interesting relative to pain management was Nick’s comment that:

  • “Anger is the most common emotion linked to pain. When we can diminish the rage or anger, we can reduce the pain.”

Oooh, this comment made me so mad. Ouch! Tap tap tap Just kidding.

MELT Away Your Pain

Historical fat melter at the ranch

Melts fat, but adds pain. Half of this statement is true.

Popular presenter, Sue Hitzmann did not know or plan it, but her beliefs and approach to pain management dovetailed with the metaphysical bent of the Transformation speakers. Her movement workshop, “The MELT Experience for Group Exercise,” looked at the need to retrain our neurons, reconnect with our connective tissue, and become aware of the subtleties of sensory experiences in order to melt pain in less than 10 minutes a day. Her insights?:

  • “Pain is in the brain and an issue in tissue. Look at connective tissue, not just the muscles and joints.”
  • “95% of the time, the place with pain is the victim, not the criminal. Therefore, it’s usually not effective to treat the area of pain. We must look elsewhere for the source.”
  • “Don’t cause pain (such as heavy pressure point bodywork) to get out of pain. Go lightly and gently.”

Sue is a well-argued, well-educated, highly articulate speaker who got me motivated to try her MELT Method. The concept that less is more is still a tough one for me to internalize, even though I cognitively accept it. Note to self — Must connect with less to gain more…….

Balancing Hormones

Holistic nutritionist, Teri Mosey, PhD brought an interesting combination of western and eastern training to her talk on “Balancing Hormones Through Nutrition.” I kind of glazed over during the biochem aspects, but did perk up when Teri stated that:

  • “We have 60-70,000 thoughts per day, 90% of which repeat daily.”
  • “An emotion chemically lasts 90 seconds.”
  • “When you adjust your inner environment, you shift all hormones. We cannot look at isolated pieces or single hormones, but must consider them as a whole.
  • “Our thoughts, hormones, and outcomes are all interrelated.”

Maybe I really can out-think the effects of menopause and osteoarthritis. I sure can’t outrun them anymore!

Cody Sipe at IDEA 2014

Cody Sipe mesmerizing us with Functional Fit Facts

Or as movement specialist and award winning trainer, Cody Sipe, PhD stated in his workshop, “Functional Circuits for Aging Clients”:

  • “Osteoarthritis is the primary chronic condition among people 55 and older.”

Anyone else out there not excited to be a statistic? Having just had both my 56th birthday and an orthopedic appointment to discuss two future knee surgeries, I am motivated to retrain my brain to reduce the pain so I can gain. That’s my refrain!

Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

(Can you identify the piece of literature the above quote comes from? Then you are a true baby boomer, literate person, or good googler).

R la P fountains

At last I have found you, the Fountain of Youth and Pain Free Joints

To wrap up, let’s go with a total non sequitur about water. Given that California is in a severe drought, anything about water seems relevant.

Alexandra and I roused ourselves early to attend “Water 101” sponsored by Gerolsteiner Mineral water. Honestly, the free breakfast and gift pack helped motivate me. Turns out the talk was worth getting up for after all.
Did you know that 75% of the earth is covered by water. Of that huge amount, only 3/10th of 1 % is drinkable. Gives one pause for drought thought, eh? And with that fun fit fact, I am off to think about a drink.

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