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Exercise and Arthritis

A reader wonders if exercise is an option with an arthritic hip. Luckily, research supports four recommendations, and those are… (click the link to find out)

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Back Saver Sit and Reach Flexibility Test

We were asked to create a video to address this question: “What muscles get stretched when performing the back saver sit and reach test?” Hint: it’s not the back…unless you do it wrong. So what exactly is the back saver sit and reach test? And is that anything like the saving for a rainy day jar?

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Prevent Shin Splints: 3 Calf Stretches

The foot bone connected to the ankle bone, The ankle bone connected to the shin bone, The shin bone connected to the knee bone…. .Them bones got up and walked around. If you want YOUR bones to get up and comfortably exercise, you will want to prevent shin splints. An excellent way to do this is to stretch your…

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Hip Flexor Stretches: Right and Wrong Way to do a Quad Stretch

Who else is eager to find out whether Daniel Craig’s glutes in the latest James bond film, Skyfall are tighter than your hip flexors and quads? One of them needs stretching – the right way, not the common wrong ways we often see. The other needs …..

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Foam Rollers: They Hurt So Good

Foam rollers are an excellent tool for a group fitness class or personal training session, especially for muscle (myofascial) release. In essence, a foam roller can be used for self-massage, using your own body weight. You don’t know how to use the foam roller?! No worries – there’s an app for that!

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Hamstring Stretches: 3 Wrong & 3 Right Ways

Want more benefit from your hamstring stretches? Avoid the most 3 common form faults. Be uncommon and extend! Flexible hamstrings bring you at least 3 benefits if not more. Bad form only brings you ….

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Back Stretches: Wrong and Right Way Tips

Have lower back tightness? Need to stretch your lumbar region?
Don’t become the Hunchback of Notre Fame by making the most common back stretch mistake, which is ….

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End of Summer Trip to Rancho la Puerta

We went to Rancho la Puerta spa in Tecate, Mexico to hear Dr. John Ratey speak about his book “Spark.” We also hiked, relaxed, made new friends, laughed, goofed off, had a cranio-sacral treatment and ate organic, delicious, vegetarian food. Such a lost weekend!!!!!

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Fitness Health Bloggers Conference: Staying Fit While Traveling

The recent Fitness Health Bloggers Conference (FHBC) was held in Denver, Colorado. I live in Santa Barbara, California. So of course I decided to drive 1,200 miles, each way, rather than fly. And I discovered it is possible to stay somewhat active and eat reasonably well while on a road trip, as long as you…

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Seated Posture: Part 6 Sitting Pretty

What can you do about your posture if you sit all day imitating the Hunchback of Notre Dame? A few posture and stretching tricks will help you sit pretty plus look younger. Slouch, hunch, and “schlump” no more. We have spoken.

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