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Wrong & Right Way: StairClimber and Treadmill

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Alexandra gets Lost in Translation

Do you hop on the stairclimber or treadmill to get a wrist, neck, or spine workout in? Do  you have a goal to put all the load into your joints as you lean either too far forward or too far back? Didn’t think so!

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Yet that is what we see from a lot of stairstepper and treadmilling exercisers. Ouch and WTH?! (“What the Heck” – we don’t cuss ‘round these parts much).

At any given moment we can go into the cardio equipment area of a gym and see people working super hard. Yet their form denies them cardio benefits while stressing joints. Don’t let this be you!

Three major no-nos we see involve:

  1. heavy wrist bend
  2. elbow lock that leads to neck tension
  3. and posture that is either hunched forward or inclined back.

Take a look at our priceless video demo.

Then check your form next time you hit the climber or treadmill. Go for natural arm swing, not death grip on the machine. If you can let go of the side or front bars and stay vertical you are probably doing it right! If your hair looks good when you are done, you are probably doing it light! Ahh ahha. For the record, we shot this footage before Kymberly’s new haircut. You’ll have to return to see the new do. Did  “the do” do or didn’t it?

Dear Climber-Stepper buddies: Are you a wrist leaner? Horse reins grabber? Do you even know what Alexandra is talking about relative to “Lost in Translation?”