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Visit Oaks at Ojai for Mother-Daughter Delight

Walking trail in Ojai Mother-Daughter weekend

Ojai makes it easy to want to take walks

Go Here for Active, Quality Mother-Daughter Time

Riding a bike, taking fitness classes, walking in nature, exploring new places — these are a few activities I really like. What I LOVE is spending time with my daughter. Therefore, when the Oaks at Ojai offered me the opportunity to visit their spa for a weekend with her, I skipped and hopped right over. (Actually I also lay on a massage table that involved a pixie orange scrub and appealing scents. A visit to the Oaks includes some relaxation too, for sure!).

Although the Oaks at Ojai in southern California bills itself as “the only spa retreat in the US designed for women over 40,” my 24 year old and I found a lot to do. We could easily have stayed much longer on our Mother-Daughter weekend.

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We baby boomer women are smart and clever moms, right? Many of us also have grown daughters whom we’d love to spend more time with. Am I right again? Let’s just say I found it easy to entice my one and only up from LA to meet me for a weekend of pool classes, hikes in the nearby mountains and meadows, massages, window shopping, and healthy dining.

Mother-Daughter weekend at the Oaks- Karina and the tub

Spa within a spa!

We both got a kick out of our spacious room and bathroom. I convinced myself that even if I snored, our beds were so big, comfy, and spread out that my daughter would not hear me. That turned out to be true but it could have been the fact that she hit the cardio equipment and hot tub so was merely exhausted. My blog, my version rules (heh heh).

On our second morning I opted to hike alone while my daughter headed to her massage. We reconnoitered for lunch, where I promptly spilled my iced tea. Yes, we can still embarrass our children even when they’re grown. (Note to those considering a trip to the Oaks at Ojai – they were very kind about my mishap.) We managed to fit in a bike ride and lounge time at the spa as well. That evening we ventured to a trail on the edge of town where we both fell in love with the views and plantings along the way.Mother-Daughter bike ride at Oaks at Ojai

The balance we found between active and relax time; between together and apart time must have been perfect given my daughter’s question as we checked out. “Mom, when can you take me here again?” We baby boomer moms know the translation for that is: “when can you pay for me to come with you again?”  Hey, none too soon. Though the Oaks at Ojai comped us this visit, it does not hurt to dangle the “return on my dime” carrot to have another Mother-Daughter retreat at one of the area’s most accessible, affordable, longtime spas. Spaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Mother-Daughter weekend/ Baby frog in hand Oaks at Ojai

The wildlife. Other than my daughter, I mean

Mother-Daughter goodie bag in Ojai

We’re good with the goodie bag that greeted us

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Kymberly Williiams-Evans, MA



Tangerine Dream: It’s Pixie Month at The Oaks at Ojai Spa

It’s Pixie Tangerine season in Ojai, and we celebrated our love of the seedless fruit, the Oaks at Ojai spa treatments, and romance this past weekend.

chaise longuesJust to be clear, in this case, “we” was NOT my sister and I (see the part just there that mentions romance). Last year my sis and I went to the spa for Bike Week, so you can go for the active adventures, or wind down with spa treatments. Or both. This time I went for relaxation and spa treatments (you don’t have to be a guest to take advantage of the spa services, FYI).

For Pixie Month, my particular friend and I showed up in time for dinner, which included a Pixie mousse for dessert. Yes, you CAN get dessert at a fitness spa. Our goal was to relax after a busy week, so we took a short stroll after dinner, then sat in the hot tub contemplating our good luck at having it all to ourselves.

Ojai Meadows Preserve

The Ojai Meadows Preserve is a 5-minute drive from the Oaks at Ojai.


Five of these little froggies would fit in the palm of your hand

April is Pixie tangerine month at the Oaks at Ojai. Ready for your visit? Click To TweetAfter breakfast, which included as many Pixies as we could fit in our pockets, we drove to the Ojai Meadows Preserve for a hand-in-hand stroll, where we saw several hundred teeny tiny frogs. We were tempted by both the morning hike and the aqua class at the spa (I have done both in the past, and loved them), but we were focused on our “together” time, so chose solo activities instead.

serenity garden

Hidden behind the pool is a serenity rock garden. You can add your own!

By the time we got back to The Oaks at Ojai, it was time for our spa treatments. In my case, that meant a pixie pedicure. Yup, it included a foot and leg scrub infused with tangerines, plus a fresh tangerine squeezed into the foot soak water. I almost chose tangerine as my nail polish color, then decided to go with a merlot color. I’m sure both sound delicious. My friend had a massage, which I was surprised to learn was the first he’d ever had in his life. How is it possible that he made it into his fifties without ever having a massage? In any case, he loved it, including the hot stones, and now he knows what he’s been missing.

Lake Casitas

If you come from Santa Barbara, stop for the views of Lake Casitas

ABC Channel 7 did a piece about Pixie month and the Oaks at Ojai, which we recommend you watch. The spa is only 45 minutes away from Santa Barbara, and includes a scenic drive past Lake Casitas. If you’re coming from L.A., it’s only an hour’s drive.

Rachel at Oaks at Ojai

Don’t let that smile fool you; Rachel is just waiting to make you laugh

My little extra piece of advice? You can go for a girls’ getaway (some friends did that a week before our visit), or with a male partner. Some people think the Oaks at Ojai is just for women, but that’s not the case at all. There were a number of men there (though mine was the handsomest). And if you want to laugh, ask for Rachel at the front desk. She’s a hoot.

Alexandra Williams, MA

This is not a sponsored post, though I was a special guest at the spa for the night.