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Why It’s Great to be a Boomer

Alexandra Williams, MA 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

Much is written about the joys of being young, but how much is said about the advantages of being a Boomer? I speak as an expert when I say we Boomers are in full bloom. I asked a few of my friends and age cohorts what they liked best about this age, and I certainly got a full list of advantages!!

pic of orange tulip

A Beautiful Bloom

Caring Less about what others think
Variety of choices and opportunities
Knowing myself well
Doing what makes me happy
Wisdom and perspective
Being comfortable in my own skin
Able to enjoy my kids as adults
Laughing really loud and not caring
Opportunity to start over
Mentoring and sharing our knowledge

I also sat down and wrote out my personal Top 10 reasons I enjoy this age:

1. I’m not waiting for my life to “begin.” I am living it.
2. When I travel I can stay in nice hotels, not youth hostels.
3. I can prepare what I like to eat instead of catering to kids’ preferences.
4. Though I want to look my best, I no longer worry if I am pretty enough.
5. I have the freedom to sing, dance and act silly without really caring what “they” will think.
6. Fashion is what I say it is.
7. All the good music is from my era.
8. I have tried and true friends who’ve been there for decades.
9. I am skilled at a number of things.
10. I have taken care of my body, and it’s reflecting that care in a positive way.

Since Silk is the company that approached me for my input about how their products (for me, it’s the Silk Vanilla Almondmilk mainly) help me to Bloom, I think I’ll elaborate on #3 and #10. A few years ago, I tried almondmilk for the first time at the Natural Products Expo. I’ve been a vegetarian since 1998, and love almonds a LOT, yet had never tried almondmilk, thinking it would be “weird” or too “hippy dippy” for me.

Turns out I was wrong. I now use Vanilla Almondmilk in my chai, smoothies, baking, oatmeal, blah-de-blah-blah (that’s more interesting than saying “etc.”). I care about the politics and origins of my food too., so Silk’s leadership in the the non-GMO initiative matters to me.

Silk believes in a plant-based diet; so do I.

I believe 100% that part of why my health is so good, my weight is stable, and my energy level is high is due to my nutrition. If you eat well, your body does well. For those of you with lactose or gluten issues, Silk milks are also free of those.

As I tell my university students, take my word for it AND try for yourself. By clicking this link you can sign up for a coupon to save on Silk’s Almondmilk, Soymilk or Coconutmilk. You might even win a free year’s supply! Actually, I’d like to win that, as I just sampled the brand new Protein + Fiber Vanilla at the Natural Products Expo this past weekend, and got super happyfied. Hey, if Nabokov could make up words, so can I.

Because I am a Boom-Chicka-Boomer, I have a 1970s trivia question for you. What do Barry While and Silk Almondmilk have in common? They are both silky smooth and oh, so good for you! Just listen to Let the Music Play and see if you don’t feel silkily seduced and stress reduced! That was actually a rhetorical question. My trivia question is this – What year was this song released? Hint: I graduated the same year from high school.

pic of menu board for White Wave at Expo West

Silk Menu Board at Expo West

Boom to the Bloom!

What do you prefer – coconut, almond, or soy milk?


Natural Products Expo West: Scenes from 3 Days of Food, Natural Products and Friends

Alexandra Williams, MA and Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA

Natural Products Expo West is the leading trade show in the natural, organic and healthy products industry. That means food, skin care, drinks, supplements, ingredients and way, way, way more. We were two of over 60,000 attendees visiting over 3,000 exhibitors.

IMG_2541We’ve only been home a few hours, but we wanted to share a few pictures from the event.





You know you’re in for a good experience when the first thing you see in the Press Room is a Gifting Suite!



Top Left: Alpina USA Greek Yogurt with Granola (We went to an Alpina test kitchen event. More on that in a future post)scenes from Expo West

Top Right: Debbie from Premium Gold Flax

Middle Right: Curtain at the Stonyfield Farm booth made from yogurt lids

Bottom Right & Bottom Left: Extremely unique chocolate from Lilie Belle Artisan Chocolates (yes, that really is bacon in the chocolate, and yes, you should NOT eat this bar unless you like super spicy)

Bottom Center: Daisy from Carmela’s Food Company (her marinara recipe comes straight from her Italian emigrant grandmother, Nana Carmela)



Expo WestLeft: Silk Soy Vanilla Iced Latte 

Center: Lotus Aroma is a French-Canadian company that makes skin care products that are devoid of crap (and the owner has a great sense of humor)

Right: Organic Valley has come out with even more yummy items in their grass-fed line (sisters not included). They put on a rockin’ 25th anniversary party too!


Left: Sandy Todd Webster is the editor in chief of IDEA Fitness Journal. She knows food and fitness, oh yes!

Top Right: We met our FitFluential friend Jody of Truth2BeingFit. She is super fit and super fun.

Bottom Right: That is my former UCSB student Will. He now works for CORE Foods. Buy their stuff.Friends Expo West

Day 3 Expo West












Left: Artists from Hugo Naturals creating soap

Center: We like balance so that’s what we did with Chandra, founder of Drink Chia. We support woman-owned businesses like crazy.

Right: Someone has to win this beehive from Attune Foods, and Alexandra wants to be that someone.


Photo Credits: Alexandra and Kymberly’s Instagrams.

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3 Top Natural Living Trends: Be Free!

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA 

Having just spent four fun, fab, furiously paced days at the Natural Products Expo West event, we noticed certain healthy living trends. Chances are YOU are contributing to these trends. In the natural and organic world, it’s all about being FREE: gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, GMO-free, guilt-free!  And many of the 2000+ exhibitors who were ready to take on the 60,000 attendees gave away AMAZING, clever, socially conscious samples that were FREE! Holy Recyclable Shopping Bags full of stuff!

Businesses that care.

  • We visited hundreds of booths – no exaggeration! Being strong and hearty helps at expos.
  • We talked with incredibly nice business owners and employees who are inventing products to save people and the planet;
  • We got to meet fellow FitFluential Ambassadors, Christine McCarthy (Oatmeal in my Bowl) and Stephanie Quilao (@skinny jeans) in person. Group hugs!
  • We attended educational sessions on social media, blogging, happiness (Dr Andrew Weil), cooking, and more;

3rd row seats to hear Dr. Weil speak

  • We giddy-upped to the press events, media briefings, and displays of the top new products (more free snacks!):
  • We made it through LA traffic in time to catch the Organic Marketplace kick-off event;
  • We even presented a talk on “Writing to Be Read and Increase Sales: Better Business Blogging” that drew a passionate crowd with lots of questions.

We figure that makes us insta-experts on trendspotting.

Trend 1: Free the Glutens 2012! If we thought gluten-free was big last year, it appears to be even bigger this year. We bet you or someone you know follows a gluten-free diet. Guess what? No one needs to sacrifice taste, flavor, or variety to eat gluten-free day in and day out. There is a glut of gluten-free good stuff!

Trend 2: Tell the FDA to label food! Look out GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) as the Non-GMO movement is getting organized and making headway. This may be the year you finally get to know what’s in your food. As much as 70% of the processed foods in US supermarkets are genetically modified. None of that is labeled as such. This situation is about to change courtesy of people like you and the quadzillions at the expo who are insisting on labeling! When pesticides are inserted directly into the seed your food comes from, it’s time to pay attention.

They Named it After Us!

Trend 3: Drink Up! High fructose sodas and sugary beverages are soooo yesterday. Coconut water, pro-biotic drinks, dairy-free “milks”, infused and flavored waters, teas, smoothies (yes, with chia and flax), oatmeal based drinks, organic coffees, powders you mix with liquids, shots to give you energy, shots to help you sleep — anything hydrating and healthy is pouring through those pores and out the doors like crazeeee! Liquid gold mine time! We got sloshed trying at least 10 drink samples each day. Glug glug!

The Natural Products Expo West has so much to enjoy that we had to share our heartfelt love with some of the companies and people we adore.

We love going steady with Kroeger Herb company! That's them in our sidebar (Hanna's Herbs)


Crazy Woman Water photo credit: Christine McCarthy