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Celebrate Good Times, Good Mom

Alexandra Williams, MA

Most of the time, it’s fun to be a mom. And most of the time, it’s fun to be a blogger. As a mom and a blogger (but not a mom blogger, whatever that elusive phrase means), I feel especially lucky today because ProFlowers sent both of us flower bouquets, plus let us send bouquets to our mom and sister.

Tulips from ProFlowers

Tulips for Two Twins

When my boys were small, I was fairly ambivalent about Mother’s Day, as the concept of a single day to show love to mom had little meaning for them. I was lucky enough to hear “I wuv you mommy,” and have little hands take mine every day of the year. Now that they’re both adults, I like having a day that gives them a chance to express their love. I know they love me every day, yet having one specific day of celebration really does free them up to show and say it. Plus, I like pawning off the dinner chores on them.

Some of the notes my boys have given me for Mother’s Day are worth sharing, if only to make you laugh or reminisce about some of the ones you’ve received if you’re a mom.

“You’re not half bad”
“Thank you for putting up with me”
“Thank you for letting me get a dog”
“Thank you for making my life how it is”
“I hope you stop singing (not gonna happen) and keep cooking (gonna happen)”
“I thought about getting you an XBox 360 – *innocent smile*”
“Thank you for looking out for my health”
“Happy Mother’s Day, ya weirdo”

A broom is not a good gift

THIS is NO as a Mother’s Day Gift for Kymberly

Kym holding her ProFlowers

THIS is a YES as a Mother’s Day Gift for Kymberly

All are equally endearing; all bring a smile to me. From the flowers they pulled from my garden when they were small, to the bouquets they buy me now; from the notes they have written and the burnt toast they’ve provided, Mother’s Day to me means celebrating Love. However it’s manifested, whatever punches in the arm I receive (yup, that’s happened on Mother’s Day too), I care less about being honored, and more about being loved.


Our Happy Mom

Our Happy Mom

Baby sis, Megan with Pro Flowers

What’s more beautiful – our sister or the Pro Flowers?

We sent our mom the Perfectly Pink Garden because she’s perfect and has always loved flowers.

We sent our sister the White Flowering Market Garden because she’s a blooming idiot, er, beautiful flower.

And we chose tulips for ourselves. Tulips have been my favorite flower for as long as I can remember. Or maybe we chose tulips because they (sort of) have the word “two” in them, and we are two twins (as opposed to three twins <—– that’s a trick).

Here’s to many more years of being told I’m not half bad…. you know, for a weirdo.

Alexandra holding ProFlower Tulips

How lucky that my shirt and lipstick match my tulips

P.S. You do know what song our post title is from, right? It’s a Boomer kind of question. Also, what notes have you received that made you smile or touched your heart?


Fit and Fine Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is coming and what could be more fit (oh, I love my own puns) than giving Mom a gift that is good for her health and something she actually wants (do not EVER get me a vacuum or Shake Weight or I will make a video ridiculing your poor taste)? Fun and Fit are here to share some of our favorite “you might like to get me this gift” ideas. Nudge nudge wink wink say no more! Okay, actually we will say more, and include photographs.

First up – Dark Chocolate

If you do not know by now that we are lip-smacking fans of the “good stuff,” what is wrong with you, fool? Have you not read our previous posts? Not only is it good for you (in moderation), it is bling for the tongue. Pimp My Tastebuds. As a courtesy reminder, let me just say that milk chocolate (nasty horrid Gollum stuff) and white chocolate (isn’t that a contradiction in terms?) do not count. Pick me up and slap me down.

CocoXan: (www.xanconfections.com) It’s not just because my name has the word Xan in it (I’ll help you – AleXANdra) that I love these; I’d eat them even if they were named CocoKym (but for truth in advertising they should be CuckooKym. Just sayin’). These truffles are gluten free too. I ate them and got smarter, stronger, kinder and healthier. No, I did NOT get pregnant. They don’t have one called Coco Dusty Ovaries.

Folic Acid and Vegetarian Life's® DHA.

An Almost Mommy Deserves Whatever the Hell She Wants

Coco Xan PMS

Un-Bitch Yourself

Coco Xan Heart

Tick Tock Eat Me Tick Tock Eat Me

Eat Chocolate. Get Smarter.

Dark Chocolate Orange Truffle with DHA, Folic Acid & Vitamins! See. It Already Made Me Smarter!












Chocolats du Cali Bressan (www.chococalibressan.com/) Field Trip. Luckily for me, these crazy French types are near where I live so I was able to drive to their chocolaterie. You, however, can order them online. They will still be delicious and French! The only difference is that I was able to lick their display cases and delicately slurp an espresso. Get over it.

Un Bisou pour Miles

Come here and get a “bisou” from your loving Mom!

Buddha in the palm of my hand

Dear Choco-Caramel Buddha, I shall contemplate your deliciousness. Get in My Belly

Cali Bressan French Chocolates

Whether it's hugs or kisses, you win with these Xs and Os in Choco Tac Toe

Second up – Bath Spa Products

Due to our fair, freckly, oily skin (thanks for the ju-ju genetics parents), we are diva princesses when it comes to stuff that touches our skin (no jokes about hot guys here). These products – we likey!

Bath Petals (www.bathpetalsnaturals.com): We discovered this family business on the last day of the Natural Products Expo last month and were impressed by the feel, smell and ethics of these bath products. Cruelty free, organic and devoid of nasty stuff that isn’t good for your body, we tested the French Alpine Lavender Body Butter, Greek Honey Mint Salt Scrub, and Thai Lemongrass Ginger Body Wash. Maybe I shouldn’t have also taste-tested these, but don’t the names just sound delicious?

Bath Petals and I relaxing in the tub

Super Spa Me

Wembe Soap: (www.wembe.com) As we were lugging our loads of swag sample bags out of the Expo, we came across the most delightful young man extolling the virtues of this natural, vegan, eco-friendly, wild Amazonian soap. We sniffed every single sample (I suspect Kymberly licked one or two, but have no proof; just putting some bad karma on her), and our overall favorite was the Assai. That is probably the first time we’ve agreed on something since our high school days, when we both agreed that I’m the better driver!

Cruelty free soap (except for forcing Kymberly into the tub)

Yes, I talked Kymberly into a bathtub pose with the Assai soap.

You have time to order all of these wonderlicious sparkly goodness treats before Mother’s Day. And we are both mothers, so certain children had better be reading this post!

And we were not paid or bribed in any way to share these products with you, although we did get some divine samples (by “we” I mean I almost shared with Kymberly).

Now, who needs our mailing address? We share (not).