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How to Walk a Half Marathon After Knee Surgery

Is there a “best” way to train for walking a half marathon after knee surgery? Elliptical or treadmill? Indoors or out? Strength train or cardio? All these either/ or choices. When you are a twin, the best choice is the one that will help you beat your sister.

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This Baby Boomer is Blooming: Guest Post by Mary McManus

From paralytic polio as a child to yoga teacher as a boomer woman, Mary McManus runs marathons and is now a certified yoga teacher. And a poet! Did we mention that she was also diagnosed with a progressive neuromuscular disease in 2006? Read to discover how Mary has dealt with life’s challenges (hint: Smiling is obviously part of the deal)!

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Kettlebells or Medicine Balls When Strength Training for a Marathon?

A reader wonders whether she’s better off to increase strength for her first marathon via kettlebells or medicine balls. Bell or ball? “Pie, or fly? Are those the only options?” (Recognize what movie that quote is from?).

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I Am Awesome: You Can’t Fake Awesome

It’s really hard to say why I trained and then walked a half marathon, because I don’t truly know. What I DO know is that I had foot surgery in July, and walked (and finished) 13.1 miles in October. With proper and safe training and determination, it is possible to chase and catch a challenge dream. I am awesome, what can I say?

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Running a Half Marathon: Hydration Belt or Water Stations? Gels or Sports Drink?

Running experts know that when it comes to answering questions about half marathons and long distance running, Fun and Fit are no running experts. So we chased some down to help answer Amy’s question about hydration and proper training for race day. Since Amy is from Hershey, PA, chocolate milk had to come into the discussion. Does it also help runners?

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