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Lose Weight! Gain Friends!

in Beverly Hills with Sandra Sallin

I’m pinching Sandra’s butt!

Women Over 50 Support Other Midlife Women

We recently posted about the difficulty baby boomer women have in keeping weight off. In response, our friend Sandra asked if we could please share more tips for older women who want to lose weight.

Okay, Sandy, you get your wish, as we’ll run with your idea. Actually we will walk with your idea. Often, with vigor, and together!

Many studies have shown that women over 50 have a higher rate of exercise adherence when social support is in place. This support includes weight loss via social media. In plain terms, social media used for social support can lead to improved health and fitness and help you lose weight! Our post, 3 Ways to Lose Weight without Diet or Exercise may have some happy, helpful surprise tips for you as well.


Women over 50 have a higher rate of exercise adherence when social support is in place Click To Tweet
Giant Exercise Wheel!!

Run, Hamster, Run


pic of Alexandra on exercise wheel

Go, Hamster Alexandra, Go!

So let’s help each other, without reinventing the hamster wheel that none of us wants to run on! Well, actually, I would if I thought it would be fun. Whatever your goal, we challenge you to state it publicly, in the comments below. If you’re on Twitter, leave your name too, and we’ll follow each other. We are @AlexandraFunFit and @KymberlyFunFit.  If you’re not on Twitter, you can post your progress, challenges, questions on our Facebook Fun and Fit page. We also encourage you to join the Facebook community, The Women of Midlife. You’ll find a super supportive, active group of middle aged women, who weigh in (get it?) on a range of topics, not just exercise, weight loss, or fitness.

Let’s all figure out what we CAN do, as well as what we’re WILLING to do, then help each other do those things.  One way we try to help given we’re certified fitness professionals, is to offer solutions via our posts. For instance, if you are interested in losing weight, try one of the exercise programs we suggest in one of our most popular posts, Best Workouts to Burn Fat for Women Over 50.TransformAging webinar presenters

If you really want to up your chances to succeed with your  wellness goals, then see what other experts have to suggest. Our TransformAging summit rounded up the best of the best when it comes to active aging solutions specifically for our age group. Click this link to see if this Active Aging webinar program might be right for you.

For now we’ll give you a suggestion that’s so simple we know you can do it. And it actually helps! Start writing down what you eat. Notice we didn’t say, “Change what you eat,” we just said to write it down. Simply being more aware of your food choices can produce change.

Who’s in? The requirements are in the following LONG list:
* Encourage others
* Post about your goals & progress

Quiz at 11!

Go public with your health and fitness goals. Not only will you be more inclined to achieve your weight loss goals, but also you’ll have hooked up with wonderful, like-minded people. We’ll call them “friends.” Why not?

ACTION: Be extra friendly and follow us on  Twitter AlexandraFunFit and KymberlyFunFit; and Instagram – KymberlyFunFit and AlexandraFunFit. Subscribe to our blog while you’re at it. 

Alexandra Williams, MA and Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA