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Rancho la Puerta pool in my California Footwear Del Mar sandals

Try CranioSacral Therapy to Relieve Pain

As you age, do you have aches and pains that come and don’t go? In fact, a huge percentage of fitness professionals and active women suffer from chronic pain. This pain epidemic seems to be a silent one in the workout world. Are you someone whose ongoing pains affect your ability to exercise, be comfortable in your body, or enjoy once-beloved activities? If so, then consider whether CranioSacral Therapy (CST) might work for you.

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Most Common Fitness Questions Relevant for Baby Boomers

After 3 decades each teaching fitness on 4 continents in 4 languages, Alexandra and I have had posed to us a lot of interesting fitness questions. As you might suspect, people all over the world have similar concerns and workout goals. And many of the questions repeat. Over time, generations, and borders. Over and over.
Can you guess which questions are the most common?

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Pain Free Movement in 2013: Who Wants In?

Like me, are you suffering from joint pain that threatens to limit or curtail your best laid plans to be active the rest of your life? We Baby Boom Chicka Boomers were Born Free to Live Free and Stay Free with our exercise plans. What are your plans? Wonder what I’ve tried?

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Lunges to Shape the Tush and Lower Body: Right & Wrong Way

Lunges are the second-most popular exercise (after squats) for toning the glutes, lower body and core, plus they’re great for improving balance. But how do you know if you’re doing them effectively? The BEST way to do lunges is to…

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From Couch Potato to Studly Spud

Do you have a couch potato partner who needs motivation, poking, and prodding to exercise and be fit and amazing like you? How can you activate a Spouse Spud? Can you replace the remote control with a sorting hat? A barbell? A pair of dancing shoes?

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Fitness Health Bloggers Conference: Staying Fit While Traveling

The recent Fitness Health Bloggers Conference (FHBC) was held in Denver, Colorado. I live in Santa Barbara, California. So of course I decided to drive 1,200 miles, each way, rather than fly. And I discovered it is possible to stay somewhat active and eat reasonably well while on a road trip, as long as you…

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3 Excuses You Can Use When Mountain Hiking

by Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA Go for a free hike up the Rocky Mountains with an outdoor Breathe yoga class afterwards, deluxe charter bus, lunch and snacks provided? Count us in! Alexandra and I just finished attending and presenting at the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference that took place at the deeevine, high tech, and new […]

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Push Ups: Knees to Toes

Is it better to do toe push ups halfway or knee push ups with full range of motion? Or is there a third, super secret option? A reader wants arms that have people calling her a pistol packing mama.. But are 10 push ups enough, especially if they are “meh” quality?

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Squirrel Reverse Curl

Reverse Ab Curls – Wrong and Right Way

Reverse ab curls look easy, yet are rarely done correctly to get full strength benefits. Learn a few quick workout tips to do this popular abs exercise effectively! Do you know the subtle distinctions between the Wrong and Right Way to perform Reverse Curls? You soon will!

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Knee Strap

Brace for Good News About Bad Knees

Do sore knees threaten to keep you from working out? Then exercise your right to protect and strengthen them. But how? Brace yourself for our suggestions.

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