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Family Fitness: 3 Products that Help

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Long, long ago, in a galaxy right inside our mailbox, we received a number of items related to family fitness. We tested them out on our kids, pets, and students, and the following three look like winners!

First up is a book for younger kids, entitled “Wallie Exercises.” We’ve been sent kid fitness books before that were either so “preachy” or “lesson-y” that we had to scrape the gackle off our tongues before politely setting them aside. But this book does a good job of being upbeat and (somewhat) indirect about the need for kids to get out and move. The counselor side of me likes that the author, Steve Ettinger, who is also a personal trainer, emphasizes that kids need to choose the type of activity that’s right for them. Two other appealing factors: Ettinger gives exercise descriptions in the back of the book, and he acknowledges that exercise can be hard and not always enjoyable.
Book info: Wallie Exercises

Fudoo Food Board

Second on the list is a board game called Füdoo that helps kids older than 3 learn about healthy living. There is a board, magnets, handbook and marker in the set. I was looking for the mom that comes with it to explain the rules, but it would seem we are to learn the rules all by ourselves. The pictures on the magnets are appealing, and I like that the kids get to have control over the action. I also like that it involves the parent and the kid, so it’s definitely a family game. Double score: kids get their parents’ attention while learning good food habits. Of course, the implication is that the parent will be educated well enough about nutrition to be able to help the kid, but I guess parents who buy the game are going to be motivated to eat well or they wouldn’t get the game in the first place, eh? My one concern? Small parts. Not for the kid’s sake – for mine! When my kids were really young, I hated dealing with all the tiny pieces. But you may be more organized than I was back then! One main draw for me: the inventor, Sarah Vinch, has the tag line “Eat! Drink! Move! Think!” which is very holistic, and fully describes the four parts to the game.
Game info: Füdoo

The final item is for kids 5+ and adults, and is exercise-related. My main reason for liking the GetFitSu card game is that it has lots of exercises on the cards that I can use in my own classes! Yup, it’s all about me! Also, no equipment is needed. The inventor, Matthew Poster, is a formerly out-of-shape dad who wanted to create a fun way to get fit for (and with) his kids. I don’t quite understand the instructions, so shall use the cards in my own way, but my confusion is balanced out by the fact that Matthew does short videos for each of the exercises, so you can view any that don’t make sense. You can literally toss these cards into your purse or bag and work out almost anywhere, anytime. Maybe don’t do the ball exercises with high heels, though!
Card info: GetFitStayFit  For lots more ideas on family workouts, subscribe to Matthew’s YouTube channel as well. (While you’re there, why not subscribe to our YouTube channel too?)

Readers: What family fitness products do you enjoy? And don’t say Twinkies!

We were not compensated for talking about these products; we just like them and are sharing our opinion!