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Golden Beehive Bread

Blue Diamond is my Golden Egg, or How I Made an Easter Coffeecake Using Coffee Almonds

Using a 1970s bread baking cookbook and Blue Diamond almonds, I made 5 recipes for Easter dinner to honor my sister. Oh, bacon is also involved!

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Holiday Baking Means Family Memories (and a Spode Giveaway)

Do you like baking? Do you enjoy holiday traditions? Why not combine the two and win our Spode Christmas cake tin set giveaway? Read, enter, be 1 of 3 winners! But first a story about our older sister and her sun-dried tomato rolls.

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Thanksgiving: Family, Food and Fitness

We hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday, filled with fellowship, food, family, friends and of course, fitness! We took our own advice about going for walks to avoid the weight gain that occurs at this time of year. Please enjoy some photos from the weekend. It was very sunny and hot at the top of mountain, and very cloudy and wet at the beach.

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How to Avoid Overeating on Thanksgiving

You’ve been diligent all year about exercising and eating healthfully. And now the holidays are creeping up faster than your heart rate monitor. How do you stay trimmer than a decorated tree and less stuffed than a turkey come Thanksgiving? Follow our 7 Healthful Tips to Avoid the Thanksgiving Food Trap.

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Healthy Holiday Motivation – 5 Tips

Hmm, time for eggnog or motivation? Un-fun exercise activities spell F.A.I.L.U.R.E so grab what you enjoy (we said “what,” not “whom” to grab) and get your holiday groove on to reach SUCCESS. Head into the New Year with these 5 strategies destined for your greatness. By the way, Alexandra hates eggnog, but Kymberly loves it, so guess who’s grabbing what? Yes, gimme some o’ dat Motivation!

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