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pic of sunrise by LAX

ShiftCon: Make a Shift Toward Better Health

What happens if you bring together brands, bloggers and non-profits for a conference billed as “the first eco-wellness social media conference?” Shift. Shift is what happens. At the inaugural ShiftCon event this past weekend, hundreds of people came together to further the national conversation about the way we eat and live, and how that impacts our health and the environment.

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The Walgreens Way to Well Health Tour bus

Free Health Screenings: Walgreens & the Way to Well Health Tour Came to Fitbloggin’

A few days before flying to Savannah to speak at the Fitbloggin’ conference, I got notice that Walgreens would be a sponsor, offering free health screenings as part of their Way to Well Health Tour that is traveling around the U.S. I totally admit to being a health screenings geek. I love knowing my body’s stats, plus I wear a fitness tracker so I can know even more numbers.

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ISPA MEDIA invitation

I Spa. Do You? A Visit to the International Spa Association Media Event at the Beverly Wilshire

We drove to Beverly Hills last Thursday as invited guests of the ISPA Media Event on behalf of the International Spa Association. Twelve different spas were in attendance, offering a variety of treatments and products to us lucky media people. Since many of you have asked us for spa recommendations, we thought we’d share our experience and info about the companies that were there.

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This Baby Boomer is Blooming: Guest Post by Mary McManus

From paralytic polio as a child to yoga teacher as a boomer woman, Mary McManus runs marathons and is now a certified yoga teacher. And a poet! Did we mention that she was also diagnosed with a progressive neuromuscular disease in 2006? Read to discover how Mary has dealt with life’s challenges (hint: Smiling is obviously part of the deal)!

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Improved Sleep and Comfort: Technogel Pillows

If you have ever had an uncomfortable night’s sleep, you’ll want to read what we discovered from sleeping on pillows from Technogel. If Dorothy had slept on a Technogel pillow instead of a field of poppies, she might still be asleep; a smile on her face!

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Water: What is it Good For?

Water provides many health benefits, especially to aging skin. For us boomers, the importance of water increases as we age, for respiratory health, skin care, holistic health, well-being and physical wellness. And how we get that water is important too. Gone are the days of carrying water in buckets on our heads, but as we age, water accessibility, especially in the kitchen, is important too.

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Age Actively Using these Resources

Are you a baby boomer wanting to get more fit, age well, & stay active as long as possible? Then you are ready for the ultimate list of blogs made just for you, Boom Chicka Boomers! Which site on this list will be your new favorite (besides ours).

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How Do Your Personality, Luck, and Gender Affect Your Health?

Do you have a “take charge” personality? Then you might have an easier time losing weight and making healthy choices. You’ll have more challenges though if you believe in …..

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Remember chia pets?

C-c-c-cooking with Ch-ch-ch-chia seeds!

What are Chia seeds good for (besides making childhood memories of fuzzy Chia pets)? Bakers and foodies have one version; power walkers on an active path of life have another. Oh – and they do help boost your brain power. And add “luster” to your hair!

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7 Benefits of Exercise

Are there REALLY any benefits to exercise other than losing weight? Or is it all a trick just to get us to wear ridiculous clothing? Mayo Clinic lists 7. How many can you name? I’m sure I’d sleep better, smile more, get more dates, be slimmer and healthier, be more energetic, and have waaaay more fun if I knew the benefits!

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