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Get Fab Abs: Part 1

Our National Obsession – Having Fab-u-lous Abs! Come on! It’s our workout right! So what are THE BEST ab exercises to do? Yikes – another question to address while guessing at the goal. Best for function? Looks? Ease of execution? Best for using as many of the Abs muscles as possible? Ready for a belly poke and some hot advice for a 3-, 6-. or 12-pack?

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Can My House Make Me Fit?

Which is better for a “fit” home–a round bed, vacuum, stairs or a furniture obstacle course? Is it possible that one house can be more conducive to fitness than another? Can I get Robert Plant to come over and decorate?

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Fitness Fact or Fiction – Aaahh, Freak Out!

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA QUIZ TIME! How well do you know your Fitness Facts? Yes, it’s time to get your freak on with Fun and Fit, who examine the DARK side of activity this time around. At least one of the following Freak Out Fitness Facts is in fact, not a fact. […]

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Animal Desire

Did you know that pets dream about their upcoming and past workouts? That they devote a lot of happy time and effort to being active? We made that up then decided to provide total proof to back up our bogus claim. Yes, animals truly desire movement and provide an example for Fun and Fitercisers!

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Love Exercise; Work is a Pain Though

Too much sitting hurts! Desk jockeys unite and take back your back and shoulder pain. Fire up your muscles so you don’t get fired at work. TIme to stand up for yourselves and stand up more! Stretch; roll out your shoulders, invest in a fitness minute break. We’re not going to take this lying or sitting down anymore!

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Stand, Sit, Stand=10,000 Squats – Dr. Len Kravitz

Work in 10,000 extra squats per year without noticing using Dr Len Kravitz’s Stand-Sit-Stand method shown in this 32 second Fun and Fit video interview from the IDEA Convention.

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Fit Enough to Horse Around?

Dana runs around all day, running a horse ranch, yet wants to know a way to determine if she’s fit. She doesn’t mind horsing around, yet wants to avoid the gym. Is she looking for functional fitness or standards for measuring fitness? And what is her husband’s opinion? Does she care?

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