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Eating Pre- and Post-Workout

Can you believe that a discussion about what and when to eat before and after exercising involves discussion of mayonnaise, donuts, coffee, and chicken nuggets? What’s a well-balanced exerciser to think? Do we eat nuts or are we nuts? Read and you will find out. Eat and you will be ready to work out.

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Why No Weights While Walking?

Songs tell us to “Walk This Way” and “Walk the Line.” Monty Python instructed us at “The MInistry of Silly Walks.” But until now, today, right here on F and F there has been bupkus, nada, zip on how a walker is to know Whether to Walk WIth or WIthout Weights. Wonder no more readers!

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Shape Up or Ship Out Shoes?

Are those toning shoes really able to shape you up? Firm your butt? Improve your posture? Burn more calories? Wait, wait, I have to stop here and run to Ollivander’s for my magic wand. Or is that “magic slipper?”

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HomeBody Workout

There seem to be at least two Alexandras in Santa Barbara, and one of them wants to add some weight-training so she can drop that elusive last five pounds. And the other Alexandra? Meh! Not so much. She thinks a good exfoliant and scrub will slough it off. Women. Weights. Wow!

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Spin, Rinse, No Wash Out Cycle

Has your fitness routine left you feeling like you were spinning your wheels? No longer getting that metabolic bump and boost? Is it better to go more often, but work out shorter or to go less often and work out longer? TIme to ramp up the amp up and boot your booty into the spin-o-sphere!

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More People, More Fun, More Fit, Living Longer – Carey Fraley

Age expectancy of those born in 2010 is LONG, shares Senior specialist, Carey Fraley in her 1 minute Fun and Fit video tip. Also, today and tomorrow’s seniors can have the most fun working out and staying active.

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Pregnant, Physically Phit, and Powerful

She’s fit, active, strong, and a competitor. A little pregnancy won’t hold this mom-to-be back as her front grows! But too little advice is leaving her more exhausted than a triathlon. Who and what should she listen to: her doctor? her own body? her husband? Fun and Fit?! the little voices in her head that say “yes, honey you do have pregnant butt”?

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Spot Reducing – A Zap-O-Matic Myth

Spot reducing DOES work… if you are talking dry cleaning. But what if you really, really, really want to believe and are willing to vibrate and shake your way to melted fat? Can you get results? Sure. Just exercise the body parts below your hair.

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Doing the Spot Reducing Dance – Charlie Houlihan

Want to lose weight in one area, aka the (in)famous “Spot Reducing?” Charlie Houlihan amusingly shows the way to Spot Reduce (not) in this 1 minute video, courtesy of Fun and Fit interviews at the IDEA Convention

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Stretch It or Be Wretched

Time to stretch boundaries, limits, and muscles! This week’s question is from an exerciser who may be too comfy in her workout routine. Sure, she needs to add some stretching to her gig, but at the expense of her ab workout?! We think not!

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