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Move That Duff if You Want to Be Buff!

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Dear Fun and Fit: Okay- I have given up not working out. I realize now that I don’t feel good (my back hurts) and I know that it’s because my core is weak and I have to do something. I have an ab wheel that I’ve been using and it is really kicking my behind errr… stomach. I hate crunches, sit-ups, etc. Tell me how to feel better and not actually have to feel like I’m working out. It doesn’t help that I sit on my duff at work a lot (and in the truck).

Also, I’m going to spring break with a bunch of kids and I know that I’m going to feel fat and gross…. at least I can have something to look forward to if I can get a program together for myself and stick with it. I don’t want to join a gym or anything. I just want you to work some miracle via your website. If you send me a bill for this I will pay you in ice cream recipes. Ha!

Nick,  Auburn, AL

You broke your WHAT during spring break?

Gotta get strong so I can enjoy Spring Break

Kymberly: Aha! So you admit that your “not working out” plan was not working out? Our “work a miracle plan” is practically guaranteed to be more challenging successful. So far your request is pretty much in line with most people’s secret exercise hopes, wishes, and fantasies: no gym, minimal effort, maximum transformation, and in lickety split time.  We have the perfect solution to meet your parameters. Alexandra, why don’t you tell Nick what lies behind the magic door? (Foist!)

Alexandra: Hey, Nick, answer this: Do you care more about the spring break deadline or the “not actually feel like I’m working out” criteria? The answers are different depending on your priority. We’ll answer for both, okay? I’ll pretend I’m you….(said in deep Alabama accented-voice) Way-ull, ah care moah about spring break because ah don’t prefer to feel fay-utt and gross around those young persons (okay, how do you spell an Alabamahooian accent?).

Big Boy Ain't Cute

Don't Be a Big Boy

This choice means you have a short time to do a lot. Meaning you might actually feel and be working out! Two words – Interval Training. This article says it all, and has a bonus – the word “Fartlek,” which should give you a quick laugh. Since spring break is especially soon, you might even consider HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) since you’re going to suffer anyway in this scenario. While we’re here (and not in Alabama), don’t forget your weight training.

K: Let’s look at the other scenario, where you want to coast to buffdom and ease your back pain. First, let’s graduate you out of the ab wheel and get you handling core work that is lower risk and less focused on abdominus rectus and more on transversus. Our friend and two-time trainer of the year Jonathan Ross, has a book called Abs Revealed, which has the foundational four. If you can do these, your back will show its love by letting the abs take over. Notice – no crunches or sit-ups. Do these:

Supine draw-in (seems simple, yet very effective)
Supine brace (even though he doesn’t know “lie” from “lay”)
Prone plank
Side plank (we showed this one in a previous post, “Fabulosity Comes to Those Who Weight”)

K: Next, pick a card(io), any card(io) and tell everyone what it is. Commit! Then go make it happen at a pace and schedule that work for you. Keep in mind that anything is more than you are doing now since “wishful thinking” does not count. Walk around your truck a few times; swim in the alligator infested rivers of Alabama (keep up a good pace), bike ride, jog. Walk in place or do knee lifts, squats, lunges when you are on the phone.

Also, get going on a resistance training program. Yes, resist ice cream, sitting too long, hunching, feeling bad about yourself. Trucks and push-ups are manly so combine them by whipping out a few push-ups whenever the back end is down — of your truck, of course. Hands go wide on the lowered lift gate. The home workout I recommend here is also manly…and safe for your back. Think of how impressed your young ‘uns will be to see you working out.

A: And you don’t mention your diet, but if it consists mainly of ice cream, your duff won’t be buff! End of story.

Man dressed as ice cream (does he know it?)

Be At One with the Ice Cream

Dear Readers: Did you know that sore backs are usually due to weak abs? And do you also wish there was an easy way to get fit quickly?

Photo Credits: Creative Commons


7 Top Secret Reasons People Exercise

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Waaay back in January, we answered a question about why people should exercise besides having the goal to lose weight. Courtesy of the Mayo Clinic, we gave the top 7 scientific, “just the facts, ma’am” reasons. That got a few people asking us, “Come on now, what really motivates people, especially if they don’t check research to know why to work out?!” So we prepared our list of Top 7 Reasons People Really Exercise. Do any of these reasons get you going like an Energizer Bunny?

Energizer Bunny Loves to Exercise

Energize Me Into Some Bunnycises

Why People Really Exercise:

(based totally on random pseudo-science pulled out of our butts brains)

1. To look hot, awesome, available, Dead Sexy, tolerable (before 2:00 a.m. closing time), fine and bootylicious. If you don’t believe me, we did a search for “reasons to exercise” and got a link to an article that had an ad “Meet Fit Singles” right there! In bold! No, we are not sharing that link!
2. To meet and hang out with people who are not necessarily their partners, children, co-workers or peripheral relatives. Yes, I know we all love our families (Alexandra thinks her kids read her stuff so she had to say that; Kymberly knows her daughter can’t be bothered), but it sure can be nice to have like-minded adult friends, eh?
3. Flat Abs – This is, like, totally different from #1. Ask anyone. But not while they’re doing their ab exercises. Nor while they are reading our posts on Abs. Wait till they’re done. Courtesy and all.
4. To be stronger and physiologically younger. Personally, Alexandra would rather have a fit 60-year-old body than an unfit 28-year-old one. Either way, she’d send him home in the morning!

Bring on the Older Men Hotties

By "Older" we mean 60

Inexperienced Stinky Guys with Bad European Manfume

Will good Manfume help a 28-year old?

5. To be able to do stuff. Being limited physically is no fun. I mean, what’s the point of living if you can’t touch your toes? Or someone else’s?
6. To feel better about yourself. Oh, and fit into all that expensive stuff in the closet. (Psst, did you know men exercise to lose weight because they actually are overweight (health reason), while women exercise to lose weight due to body dissatisfaction (appearance reason) Ingledew and Sullivan (2002).
7. Bragging rights. Just between us, isn’t it sort of satisfying to share your exercise stories? By the way, have we told you about our 5-mile trek in the snow yet?

Whatever YOUR reason for exercise, guess what (Fun Fit Fact ahead): people who exercise for health reasons will stick with it a lot longer than those who do so for appearance. Use this motto in 2011 (you’re welcome): Come for the health; stay for the looks.

Readers: Why do you  exercise? No, really. We promise to keep it between us. All of us.

Photo credits: Photobucket


Gender Bias at the Core with Abs and Weight Loss

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Dear Fun and Fit: Why do some strength training exercises with equipment (i.e., core board, tubes, large balls) appear to be easier for females than males?

Brad, UC Santa Barbara

Buff, hot guy

Alexandra: Oh, Brad, there is a part of me that just wants to say, “because women are so totally

  • a. awesome
  • b. super awesome
  • c. totally awesome
  • d. all of the above

but that’s more of a Twitter word than a fitness word so I’ll just have to exhale and move along….

Kymberly: And a part of me wants to agree with Alexandra, but just a rare part, mind you. Some of the seeming ease women have with the equipment you list has to do with coordination. Coordination is learned and adaptable. By college age (which I assume you are or your signature needs parental permission), women have more experience, on average, than men with these specific types of balance and exercises. I am referring not only to specific equipment, but also to general activities like dance and gymnastics that require good balance, and torso and hip coordination.

The good news about coordination is that with practice, you and other men about town can achieve similar comfort and neuromuscular adaptation (a fancy way to say “coordination”).

A. I’ll speak from my experience working with thousands and thousands of exercisers over the years, many of them university students. Lots of men, especially the more broad-shouldered ones, tend to work the areas of their body they care most about, which is chest, arms and shoulders. These “mirror muscles” can look “hot” and “buff” fairly quickly, which is exactly why men care so much about them! Take a brief moment to yourself and see if you can figure out which area of the body women most care about. Well? I hope you didn’t come up with “booty” because that’s only in the top 5. Number 1 is abs.

So…..while women are getting strong in their core, men can bench-press their best friend (even the burly ones), yet have the strength of 37 butterflies in the mid-section. Stability balls (see the word “stability” there? It is just another way to say “ab strength”) and core boards (“core” is another way to say, “dang, it’s ab strength again, isn’t it?) are all about the mid-section (anywhere the belt touches, unless your belly hangs out and causes your belt to be lower in front than in back, but that’s a story for another day).

K: One more technical point about men and crunch-type exercises in the supine position (lying down on your back): On average, men have more mass distributed waist-up than women. Given men’s heavier and larger heads, wider shoulders and relatively heavier upper body mass, they are lifting slightly more weight than women. Add a destabilizing force, such as balls or boards and men simply have to work harder and get used to it. As for a bias with elastic resistance/ tubing, I have not seen a big gender difference. If there is one, I am tempted to say that women tend to follow directions better than men and tubing use is usually taught by a fitness teacher or trainer giving instruction. Let the wild rumpus controversy begin!

A: I’ll leave you with some heartening information – men tend to lose weight faster than women. Does that cheer you up at all? And Brad!? I suggest you do less of this:

big biceps, big shoulders, muscle beach, bodybuilding

Touch, Don’t Look

and more of this:

planks, exercise ball, core training

Not as Easy as It Looks (unless you’re a woman)

Dear men and women readers: Why do YOU think core training is easier for women? Or do you…..?

Photo credits: Photobucket


Wave Bye-Bye to Baby Weight! More Than 5 Ab Exercises for Fallen Souffle Bellies

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Dear Fun and Fit: My baby/toddler’s 18-month b-day is coming up, but this momma still has a bunch of baby fat to get rid off. Any advice on what strength exercises to do so my abs can be nice and tight again and I can fit into my pre-pregnancy pants? I usually swim about 3-5 times a week, and I walk and cycle a bunch, too, but it ain’t helping (so far)… :-) Oh, and my baby still nurses.  Marit, Carpinteria, CA

pre-pregnancy jeans, post-baby abs

Even If I Have to Stay Here for A Year!

Alexandra: First of all, knowing you are still nursing brings back painful sleep-deprived crazy-pants fond memories of being bitten by nursing my own kids. Other than that, there is one part of being a mom that is the same as for non-moms–calories in, calories out. Good news: you are expending extra kcals since you’re nursing (about 500 per day), but other than that, getting into your pre-pregger pants includes staring down those extra snacks. Kiss your baby hello and the snacks good-bye.

Kymberly: Momma-cita, you are asking about tackling two fronts: reducing “baby fat” and getting your “tight abs” back (or was that back in the front?). And you are right! You do have to reduce overall body fat Let’s start by mentioning that the coupon allowing you to call extra body fat “baby fat” expired about 6 months ago. Keep up the swimming, walking, and biking as it IS helping! However, you may need to increase the intensity to burn more calories to achieve caloric deficit. As for strengthening exercises to move those abs back in time, the focus needs to be on the transversus abdominals, as they get most affected by pregnancy. Did you click on that link? Then stop here and do so as it contains the technical background and juicy wuicy details.

A: Without knowing your method of delivery, I’ll just say that getting your abs to pre-baby hotness is generally a bit more work if you had a C-section, because (to word it tastefully) your muscles were sliced in two by a Black and Decker medical device! We are fans of reverse curls, which are great for any type of delivery (you can do the crunches listed too if you want, even though Fun & Fit have sworn off them)!

K: May we assume that you and your wee one are on a semi-decent sleep schedule? If not, and you are still sleep deprived, you may need to take more naps to lose weight. Is that AWESOME advice or what??!! Basically, interrupted sleeping affects your metabolism, slowing it dooowwwwnzzzzz. Buuuuuut, WAKE-UP! this is usually the case when your baby is a newborn so you may have used up that coupon special as well. And we’re back to the fewer cals in, more cals out with cardio, and adding the disciplinarian parent: strength training!

sleep-deprived, nap, sleep, tired

Getting enough sleep?

A: Baby or no, the main point is that you burn more calories overall (even during that nap) with a combo of cardio and strength training. We covered that topic right here: Walk Off Weight. In any case, here are some fun (my students at the U get nervous when I use this word) abdominal exercises:

I love the dead bug simply for its name. But smile when you do them, ‘cause you are a ladybug!

Photo credits: Photobucket and Creative Commons

Readers: Are you craving more ab exercises? Have these cravings coincided with an enlarging belly? Then check out our Get Fab Abs Series: Get Fab Abs, Part 1, Get Fab Abs, Part 2, Get Fab Abs, Part 3.


Getting Dizzy. Snap, crackle, pop!

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams-Evans, MA

Dear Fun and Fit: Enjoy your articles. Regarding the “heart above head” post [Be Still My Beating (Cardio) Heart], what does one do in the event of the dike bursting and a full-on blood flow rushes to the head, aside from sitting down? What if I am already sitting down? Also, what should one do if dizziness occurs during exercises? On a different note, what do you tell someone when they say things like: “my neck just went crack?” or “my shoulder just made a popping sound?”

Thanks, Eric, from the Goodland of Goleta, CA

I want a brownie

Alexandra: Dear Eric:  First of all, I’m wondering if you really mean to ask about blood rushing from the head, rather than to it since you mention dizziness. But I’ll stick with what you have for now, ok? You are referring to a fun activity called “vasodilation,” in which your blood vessels widen all up. Are you extra pissed off when you exercise? I ask because that big ol’ dike blood burst is generally correlated with anger. In case that doesn’t get you all riled up, smoking pot or cigarettes can have the same effect. And who knows what happens if you light up AND get angry! Kaboom!

By the way, are you exercising upside down? Just want to cover the possibilities here.

Watch me spin – urp

As to the dizziness during exercise, there are a number of reasons why this could be occurring.

Kymberly: Yes, if you are not eating properly, are dehydrated, accelerating your pace too quickly, not getting enough iron, or if you have low blood pressure, you are more susceptible to getting dizzy. If you breathe irregularly or hold your breath you can also feel faint. I once was teaching and right in mid-cue saw the stars and blackness coming at me almost as fast as the floor. But in that case, it was because I had donated blood then la-de-dahed my way to aerobics. Experience like this is what qualifies us to dole out advice.

A: Yes, and Eric asked what to do, not how to avoid making your weird mistakes. The non-medical degree that I don’t hold makes me want to say, “Check with your doctor if this is happening often or severely.” Actually, I wanted to say that so badly that I just did. If there’s no medical reason, I’d do just as I do with my students in real life (this blog is a figment of my imagination; not real life at all), and suggest maybe you eat or drink more before class. Are you hot?” (And I don’t mean “hot” like “yowza,” I mean “hot” like “turn down the sun). Then find ways to cool off (water comes to mind again). And what have you got against sitting down? It does work.

As to what I tell people whose necks crack and shoulders pop, I say nothing–I’m too busy running away from what could be a full-body explosion.

K: Personally I think Eric was getting dizzy laughing at all our fine posts. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Unless my head swells up so much that I start feeling faint.

A: That popping could be your tendons or ligaments having a party in your joints. Or, in a more “ewwwwww” kind of way, it could be escaping gas. Ah, don’t be insulted – it’s just oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Or fermented kvas.

As delicious as Bovril!

Dear readers: Did you know you had noisy gas in your joints? Have you ever gotten dizzy during exercise?

Photo credits: Photobucket


Kettlebell Workouts: Yes or No?

Dear Fun & Fit:

What do you think of kettle-bells? My niece was trying to get my 77-year-old sister to use them and I thought, “Wow, there is a ligament-wrenching waiting to happen.”
Goleta, CA

Da, please!

Nyet, thanks!

Dear Deb (which is kind of, but not really, like “bells” spelled sideways:

We think kettlebells are wonderful. They make such a lovely noise right around the holidays. All that joyful clinging and clanging. Until the whoomp. But, hey, that’s what Santa gets for sneaking around living rooms.

Do you mean you want to exercise with them? Or you want to throw them at your niece? Not very family-friendly we’d say. As a workout, they are great – if done properly. But isn’t that the case with any tool? However, in the case of kettlebells, lots of people watch the YouTube videos with those crazy Russians, but let us point out two things: 1) they are Russian. 2) they are crazy. The Russians invented the kettlebell workout, probably using spare parts they had around the collective (kolkhoz, for those of us who went to university for Russian Studies). Then they took some of the more, erm, ahem, shall we say “extreme” routines and stuck them up for all to view.

But if you don’t want to roll around a grassy knoll tossing a 70-pound kettlebell up into the rainbows (and your spine into little pieces), there are actual SAFE routines you could start with. One caveat for you and anyone else who is thinking of tossing around a heavy, curvilinear cast-iron object (no, not a frying pan), if you want to take a class or session at your local gym, check out the instructor’s credentials and training for kettlebells. We are huge supporters of our fitness colleagues, but we have seen one or two crazy Americans whom we suspect took their training from a Russian YouTube video. Not to name names, but…

You shut your mouth.

I’m talking ’bout Shaft.

Dear Readers and kettlebell flingers: What is your opinion of kettlebells? And does the name make you want a cup of tea?

Photo credits: Photobucket


“New Year=New You: 30 Day Challenge” is Coming

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Dear Fun and Fit Readers, Movers, and (Booty) Shakers:

Pretend this is Kymberly after the Challenge

Do you want to become healthier, more fit, leaner, stronger, happier, more focused and um, where was I? Oh, right – focused…smarter, better-looking and on your way to a healthier lifestyle? All for under $10? Me too. Um, how exactly? Why, through the upcoming New Year=New You: 30 Day Fitness Challenge.

Starting shortly, you and all your friends, relatives, associates, Twitter twerps, workmates, stalkers, gurus, gym pals, neighbors, high school sweethearts and casual acquaintances will have the option to sign up for the Fun and Fit version of gettin’ your get up and go to giddy up! We’re making the gig ridiculously accessible cuz’ that’s how we roll and we want you and everyone you know to take part. Let’s get this 2011 fitness party started!

Our New Year=New You: 30 Day Fitness Challenge will share practical movement tips, motivational quotes, achievable lifestyle small steps, nutrition/diet hints, fitness facts and a lots of Fit-Tastic information that will put you on the road to lasting change. We’re so excited, we’re going to take our own advice and sign up! Okay, Kymberly will actually take Alexandra’s advice–that’s just how it works around here.

The New Year=New You: 30 Day Fitness Challenge is different and better than all those other programs you may have tried because it will offer well-rounded (like my butt-yes, that’s me in the picture above) advice that has already been proven effective for the thousands and thousands of students we’ve worked with over the years: practical, realistic, achievable and long-lasting lifestyle changes that you can use long after the 30 days are over. No gimmicks, no undue suffering, no taunting, no unsafe or short-term results; just new habits you will “sneak” into your lifestyle. Meanwhile, the 30 days are long enough to help you instill great habits with each day’s “challenge” while being short enough to stick with the jump start to 2011 and a new you.

Wanted: 1000 Challenge Participants

We hope to post YOUR photos, feedback, goofy moments, and successes–right next to the blackmail photos of Kymberly as she spends 30 days trying to work off 5 years of (dare I say it?) bad habits!

Old Year=Old Me: Pre-Challenge

The secret to success with the New Year=New You: 30 Day Fitness Challenge? We give you help, not take away things you love (hellooooo sprinkle donuts)! No Burn Out, just Bum Up (that’s British for “butt”). So make a New Year’s resolution you will feel good about throughout the year. Keep your eye on our site and hand on your credit card for sign-up details…as soon as we figure out how to set that up. We did mention that fitness, not tech knowledge, is our strength, right?

Quick Quiz Question (to be answered to Challenge participants): Do you burn more calories in one hour of hard core, full core, super duper exercise or in the other 23 hours of the day (even if those 23 hours are lethargic and mosey paced)? Knowing the correct answer will help guide your training choices.


4 Santa Slim-Down Tips

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Dear Fun and Fit:
Each Christmas I seem to gain a few pounds. People call me jolly, but I think they’re being nice to my face because they want something from me. In truth, I am verging on rotund and starting to weigh down my sleigh. How can I keep from gaining weight this year and surprise the the Missus when she welcomes me home after a hard day’s night work?
Ho ho ho and how how how? Santa Claus, North Pole

Alexandra: Dear Santa baby: Most people (yes, I mean You, SC and our readers!) make resolutions, vows, promises and pinky swears about all the food they’re going to avoid, followed by all the walks they’re going to take. When this doesn’t happen 100%, guess what? Y’all berate yourselves. Now how is feeling bad about your so-called “failure” going to make you feel all warm and glowy about being fit and healthy?

So…here is my take on how to successfully help yourself over the holidays:

1. When the big holiday spread is laid out, look it over before putting any food on your plate. Decide which things you really love and just KNOW you’ll have seconds of. If it’s that sweet potato with marshmallows concoction, may I just say “Ewwwwww?” Then choose what you like fairly well, but can live with having just a single helping. For that food, take 1 less spoonful than you took last year. Then all you’re left with is the food that you HAVE to try because Favorite Auntie Elf made it “special” and you’ll hurt her feelings. For that stuff, just take a teaspoonful (or none, if you can get away with it) and move it around the plate a bit! Even if the stuff you picked for seconds is junk, at least you’re taking in fewer calories overall and it is just ONE DAY out of 365. Notice I am not recommending eating junk on a regular basis. Bad advice. Bad. Bad.

Kymberly: What??!! I LOVE yams and sweet potatoes. I am taking your spoonful Alexandra if you keep up that baditude.  May I also have your cranberry sauce?

A: Have at it! For my second tip:
2. On the days that aren’t a food-laden holiday, but might be more of a stress, busy, leading-up-to more stress and lots of chores kind of day, there are still ways to help yourself. If you’re going shopping, (do your elves really make all those gifts by hand? I think not!) take each purchase to the car, then go back to the next shop, rather than holding on to all the bags. That little bit of extra walking counts as exercise! And as you walk to the car, do a little bicep curl holding those bags. Dorky? Maybe. But having toned arms is pretty cool. I am not advocating buying more stuff just to have more to pump, although…..

K: Hmm, dorky and fit, or cool and unfit? I pick door number one.

A: Dorks rule!

3. I hate the word self-control. Why? Because it sounds like a panty hose ad. I prefer to say “self-choice.” This is a hectic time of year and it’s not easy or fun to prepare healthful meals all the time. But you can only eat what you bring into the house, right? So whether you grab something “to-go” or do a quick and easy meal prep, decide before you buy. For example, if you know you’ll be out late shopping, pick out the night’s dinner before you head out. It’s so much easier to make good choices before you’re grumpy and tired (yeah, I’ve done mall shopping with kids).

4. Consider making yourself a mental scale.

K: Note, she said “mental” scale. Don’t go stepping on any weight scales. They do not reveal anything about your fitness level or whether you look good in red.

A: True enough. When you start to get too busy or tired to take your walk (or whatever your preferred type of exercise is), ask yourself, “On a scale of 1-10 (1 being low and 10 being high), how badly do I want to give up the exercise?” Then ask yourself how you’ll feel afterward if you do the exercise. For example, “I want to make sure the Santa Sofa doesn’t get lonely” ranks a 7 because you really are tired, versus “I’ll feel like a 10 after I exercise.” Then it’s easier to make a conscious, deliberate choice because you’ve ranked your priorities.

K: So I shouldn’t leave out the cookies this year? Just the carrots? Will I still get great gifts?

Dear Readers: What tips do you have to share with others who struggle over the holidays? And what kind of cookies are you sending me (I love peanut butter)?

Illustration credit: Photobucket

What Have Fun and Fit Been Up To?

Dear READERS of Fun and Fit

Alexandra: While you all have been doing your abdominal workouts, we’ve been hard at work doing……..er, Kymberly, what have we been doing exactly?

Kymberly: Recording our upcoming radio shows for Women’s Radio, compiling two short e-books that are now for sale on Amazon for under two bucks each– hinty, hint, (73 Exercise Quotes to Help you Get and Stay in Shape and 63 Motivational Quotes to Help You Get and Stay in Shape) and getting ready for our New Year=New You: 30-Day Fitness Challenge. Plus trying to become computer-literate, which almost made my head explode!

A: You lost me at “sale.” I got so excited I grabbed my credit card and started rubbing it, just like my magic lamp.

Genie, bring me a free VISA

K: Can your genie bring you a better credit card? One with no payments due…ever?

A: No, but here’s something better–all of you dear readers can go to our home page (Fun and Fit) and sign up to receive email notices of our radio shows & appearances, Fit Facts & news, plus be the first to receive info about any free stuff we might decide to give away! And, ta da ta ta, you can get info about the New Year=New You: 30-Day Fitness Challenge, which starts with the New Year. Bet you figured that out though.

K: A little interjection here. Signing up for the new stuff mentioned above is different from subscribing to our blog. That is a totally separate sign-up. Sure, you can do both, and why wouldn’t you? But they are different.

A: Just like you and me; similar yet different.

Mom always loved Kymberly best, understandably

K: Sort of.  Our Fun and Fit sign-up and subscription are both good, but in the case of us, well, I’ll say no more in case I hurt your feelings (psssst, Alexandra smells of elderberries and her mother was a hamster).

Taunt me a second time, you French person

A: Oh, go away or I shall taunt you a second time.

K: When was the first? Were you talking to me?

Photo credits: Photobucket and Elite Henneson


TV Tells Us to “Get Off Our Keesters”

Kymberly Williams-Evans,MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Dear Fun and Fit: We’d like to pose our own question this week. Yours remotely, Fun and Fit, USA

Alexandra: Can watching TV make you more fit? Watch and learn, grasshopper. Watch and learn.

Watching You Watching Me

Or don’t, because watching TV really can’t do a thing for your hops, jumps or skips. But there sure are a lot of interesting show titles that almost make you want to get off your keester and kick some booty!

Too Much TV = Too Much Keester

Kymberly was left unsupervised with the remote control, and look what happened!

Kymberly: TV is sending us healthy messages, which we at Fun and Fit have decoded for you. TV show titles are  bold, just like us.

Are you 30 Pounds Overweight, want to Relieve Joint Aches or get rid of your Underbelly? You cry out that you want to Lose Inches Off Your Body, though not 300 because you feel Size Matters?! Yes, manly men, you can go from Two and A Half Men (when you should be just one) to Iron Man; from being Easy Prey and The Walking Dead to The Brave One or The Incredible Hulk. Women-personages, time to Stop Your Anxiety and become a DIY Dominator at any age — whether you’re in the Wonder Years, the Girls Gone Wild crowd, or one of The Golden Girls.

What is the The Law of Success? Do you ask yourself “How do I Run My Renovation and Sleep in Comfort?” Stay tuned for the answers next season.

A: Actually, the truth is that I whacked myself in the head today because I forgot to pay attention to the basics of car door-shutting mechanics, so am giving the heavy lifting of this post over to you, dear readers. Here are some more honest-to-gawd, dang me if these aren’t actual titles of TV shows. Your mission, if you decided to accept it, is to make up funny descriptions to go with the titles. No fair using the actual descriptions; yours will be more interesting anyway! Have at it. Once I’ve recovered from my bloody head pity party, we’ll read your comments and laugh ourselves silly. Oh, wait, we already are silly. So, we’ll laugh ourselves into Fits!

1962 TV Set

Healing Foods
Back Pain Solved
Shop Erotic
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