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Go Ahead. Motivate My Day!

How can you motivate yourself to get buzeeeee? Pretty sure that frumply, baggy workout wear is not going to do the trick. Trick or treat — ask yourself: “What is the LEAST” amount of exercise I can achieve today? If you are still stuck on this question Halloween of 2011, check back with us for Motivation Trick #2.

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Love Exercise; Work is a Pain Though

Too much sitting hurts! Desk jockeys unite and take back your back and shoulder pain. Fire up your muscles so you don’t get fired at work. TIme to stand up for yourselves and stand up more! Stretch; roll out your shoulders, invest in a fitness minute break. We’re not going to take this lying or sitting down anymore!

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HomeBody Workout

There seem to be at least two Alexandras in Santa Barbara, and one of them wants to add some weight-training so she can drop that elusive last five pounds. And the other Alexandra? Meh! Not so much. She thinks a good exfoliant and scrub will slough it off. Women. Weights. Wow!

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Spin, Rinse, No Wash Out Cycle

Has your fitness routine left you feeling like you were spinning your wheels? No longer getting that metabolic bump and boost? Is it better to go more often, but work out shorter or to go less often and work out longer? TIme to ramp up the amp up and boot your booty into the spin-o-sphere!

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More People, More Fun, More Fit, Living Longer – Carey Fraley

Age expectancy of those born in 2010 is LONG, shares Senior specialist, Carey Fraley in her 1 minute Fun and Fit video tip. Also, today and tomorrow’s seniors can have the most fun working out and staying active.

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Stand, Sit, Stand=10,000 Squats – Dr. Len Kravitz

Work in 10,000 extra squats per year without noticing using Dr Len Kravitz’s Stand-Sit-Stand method shown in this 32 second Fun and Fit video interview from the IDEA Convention.

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How Many Calories Are You Burning? asks Aileen Sheron

“How many calories am I burning” is a question often posed to international fitness expert, Aileen Sheron. Her 30 second video answer? Are you willing to work hard enough to get all the benefits? Another fine interview from F and F at the IDEA Convention.

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Shin Splints S.O.S.

Shin splints hurt. How can you get rid of them? How can you prevent them? Why do so many runners insist on wearing old, crummy shoes?

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Fitness is Not a 4 Letter Word- Dody Livingston

SportAerobic Gold medalist, 24 Hour Fitness CA Area Manager, and fitness pro, Dody Benko Livingston shares on video her 2 minute inspiration and thoughts on overcoming obstacles and getting more joy into your life.

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Alexandra answers training questions on KZSB

Alexandra answers training questions on KZSB radio

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