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Be Your Body’s Best Friend

We’re halfway through January and some of you are frustrated by the gap between your resolutions and solutions. The other half of you don’t do resolutions and are frustrated more by the fact that it’s a long time until spring break! And the other half of you (this math is taken straight from the calculus textbooks) have given up and are just pissed. Three of you are working out while reading this! So what advice can we give that will make a difference? We can only blame (or thank) our parents for our genetics so much. Then it’s up to us. And by “us” we mean “you.”

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“New Year=New You: 30 Day Challenge” is Coming

Quick Quiz Question (to be answered for “New Year=New You: 30 Day Fitness Challenge” participants): Do you burn more calories in one hour of hard core, full core, super duper exercise or in the other 23 hours of the day (even if those 23 hours are lethargic and mosey paced)? Knowing the correct answer will help guide your training choices. One GREAT training choice is our upcoming “New Year=New You: 30 Day Fitness Challenge.”

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Healthy Holiday Motivation – 5 Tips

Hmm, time for eggnog or motivation? Un-fun exercise activities spell F.A.I.L.U.R.E so grab what you enjoy (we said “what,” not “whom” to grab) and get your holiday groove on to reach SUCCESS. Head into the New Year with these 5 strategies destined for your greatness. By the way, Alexandra hates eggnog, but Kymberly loves it, so guess who’s grabbing what? Yes, gimme some o’ dat Motivation!

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Fitness Fact or Fiction – Aaahh, Freak Out!

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA QUIZ TIME! How well do you know your Fitness Facts? Yes, it’s time to get your freak on with Fun and Fit, who examine the DARK side of activity this time around. At least one of the following Freak Out Fitness Facts is in fact, not a fact. […]

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Eating Pre- and Post-Workout

Can you believe that a discussion about what and when to eat before and after exercising involves discussion of mayonnaise, donuts, coffee, and chicken nuggets? What’s a well-balanced exerciser to think? Do we eat nuts or are we nuts? Read and you will find out. Eat and you will be ready to work out.

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Hot Tub: Warm Muscles

Does your favorite way to warm-up involve a hot tub? Hot drink? Hot attack? Haaa haaa haaa hotties! Time to find out if your heat wave is the wave of the future when it comes to stretching and swimming and general gumbiness. And no leaving gum in the hot tub either.

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Go Ahead. Motivate My Day!

How can you motivate yourself to get buzeeeee? Pretty sure that frumply, baggy workout wear is not going to do the trick. Trick or treat — ask yourself: “What is the LEAST” amount of exercise I can achieve today? If you are still stuck on this question Halloween of 2011, check back with us for Motivation Trick #2.

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Love Exercise; Work is a Pain Though

Too much sitting hurts! Desk jockeys unite and take back your back and shoulder pain. Fire up your muscles so you don’t get fired at work. TIme to stand up for yourselves and stand up more! Stretch; roll out your shoulders, invest in a fitness minute break. We’re not going to take this lying or sitting down anymore!

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HomeBody Workout

There seem to be at least two Alexandras in Santa Barbara, and one of them wants to add some weight-training so she can drop that elusive last five pounds. And the other Alexandra? Meh! Not so much. She thinks a good exfoliant and scrub will slough it off. Women. Weights. Wow!

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Spin, Rinse, No Wash Out Cycle

Has your fitness routine left you feeling like you were spinning your wheels? No longer getting that metabolic bump and boost? Is it better to go more often, but work out shorter or to go less often and work out longer? TIme to ramp up the amp up and boot your booty into the spin-o-sphere!

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