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Packing the Right Outfit for Travel

I need your help choosing the right outfit for our upcoming trip to Europe.

AmaWaterways Rhein Cruise

AmaWaterways Cruise Ship

In less than two weeks, Kymberly and I are going on “The Enchanting Rhein River” cruise with AmaWaterways. For 7 days we’ll cruise the Rhein River, hike and bike the pathways of Switzerland, Germany, France and Netherlands, and go on city walking tours. We’ll be posting about our adventures on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and sharing longer posts after our return, so we hope you enjoy this fantastic adventure with us vicariously.

As we want to pack just one suitcase each (we plan to take various train trips after we disembark from the cruise), we are packing clothes that are easy-care, casual and semi-formal (simultaneously, no less), roll up into small balls for the suitcase, and attractive. The obvious brand that comes to mind is Chico’s, especially their new Travelers and Zenergy lines.

What 2 pack when U need 2 pack stylishly, yet sparingly? #MidlifeBlvd Click To Tweet

Here’s where you come in – I need to pick just one outfit. But I’m having trouble narrowing down the choices. Please can you help me decide? Help me pick one top, one jacket, and one skirt or pair of leggings. I’ve already spent over an hour on their website and this is my shortlist. To help you pick what might look best on me, I’m 5’5″, long torso, with fair skin and red (and grey) hair. This is me:

Chico's red vest

Red hair and a red Chico’s vest. And some very pale skin.

Soooooo, can you please help me choose the outfit that will look best on me? Thanks in advance.

Chico's red hoodie

Zenergy Red Hoodie

Chico's duster jacket

Travelers Open Front Duster

Chico's hoodie

Zenergy black and white hoodie










Chico's brown top

Travelers classic brown top

blue pullover top from Chico's

Zenergy off the shoulder blue top

black top from Chico's

Travelers studded black tunic








Skirts & Trousers

black leggings from Chico's

Travelers Classic Slim Pant

Chico's flare skirt

Travelers Classic flare skirt

black Chico's leggings

Zenergy pocket pull-on pant


In the words of Forrest Gump, “And that’s all I have to say about that.” Except to say I appreciate your help choosing the best outfit for me to take on the cruise.

Alexandra Williams, MA

This post is NOT sponsored, though I will get the Chico’s outfit you help me pick.


Holiday Fitness Gift List

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Super Shopping or Super Stressful? The holidays can be both. And they can also be much more. Giving. Gratitude. Guests. Good deals too!

Your fitness and health should stay front and center during this season. In the spirit of combining your lifestyle with the desire for finding quality gifts, we offer this list of 5 products that promote an active, healthy life!

Red Shoes for a Redhead. Now, THESE were made for walking!

Therafit Athletic Shoes for Women

A fairly new company, Therafit makes shoes that are super comfy right away, which is a must for a fitness shoe. Actually, the minute Alexandra tried hers on, she said, “Look, They’re a Fit!” ahahahah. We like to crack ourselves up over here!

Wrap it up Zorro and give us the TheraFit shoes, while you get the wrapping!

If you’ve read any of our posture posts,you know how important good posture is. And if you haven’t read them (what’s stopping you?), you may want to know that good posture makes you look taller, younger and stronger. The Therafit shoes are actually endorsed by the National Posture Institute. And they come with tiny removable rods under the heel (they look like hidden secret scrolls) that let you adjust the impact and cushioning. At first we wondered if the rods were a fancy shmancy gimmick, but dang, they work. And our reconstructed soccer knees and arthritic big toes (soccer again!) would know!

Bonus(besides the comfort and joint support): For every pair you order, Therafit donates $1 to a charity of your choice. Perfect for the season of giving.

Steam Me Up, Scotty!

Mr. Steam towel warmers

Ah, luxury. Wouldn’t you love to step out of the shower or bath to a nice, warm, snuggle-bunny towel, especially in the winter? Kymberly has a wall-mounted unit and Alexandra has the standing one; we are both happy. We’d be even happier if they came with a masseur genie. Or Four Yorkshiremen!

Love the Novica sweater. Wouldn’t mind if the guy handed me a warm towel!



You worked hard to look good, so treat yourself and loved ones to handcrafted gifts from around the world. In association with National Geographic, Novica supports artisans who are working to preserve culture and tradition. Kymberly got a super soft ivory sweater from Peru that her black cats tried to lie on. Get off, you fur flyers! Lie on the new, black skirt from Thailand instead.

Wake me up before you Go-Go

Hanna’s Herbs Anti-Fatigue

Teaching fitness classes all week, being a mom, getting too little sleep, worrying about the bills, and hunting for Monty Python video clips can make a person very tired. We like this Vitamin B Anti-Fatigue supplement from Hanna’s because it has no caffeine. None! The description for these tablets says, “Our adrenal glands are the seat of our physical power.” We might argue that our physical power comes from our core, but we have noticed that our (gah, should we admit it?) somewhat aging bodies need a bit of a boost sometimes.


Argyle Compression Socks for the Sexy Beast in You!

Zensah Seamless Performance Apparel

In our teens, twenties and thirties, we both played soccer. Lots of it. We loved it. It didn’t love our knees and toes, as noted above and in the post we had about overcoming life’s challenges and being awesome! Zensah compression socks and sleeves to the rescue! If you’ve ever had post-foot-surgery swelling, you might have discovered how frustrating it is to NOT fit into your shoes. I, Alexandra, was very sad because my body would not cooperate with my desire to teach. When Zensah stepped in with socks and leg sleeves that decreased the swelling and came in wild, fun colors, I became a brand enthusiast for life!

These are 5 companies that have helped us live our lives as we want to. We didn’t write this list or associate ourselves with these companies to get free stuff – our reputations are not for sale. We are proud to associate ourselves with them because they offer excellent products. We feel a personal connection to the brands and the people who work for them.

Ask yourself these questions when planning your shopping:

  • Do these products fill a need I have?
  • Do these companies offer excellent customer service?
  • Are these companies contributing to the greater good (via charitable works or earth-friendly policies)?

For us, the answer was Yes, Yes and Yes. Let the holiday season begin. Or, as we call it, the Season of Fs – Family, Fun, Fitness, Food, Friendship and Frolicking!

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The following disclosure relates to the Therafit shoes: FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own. In all cases, we were provided with products. In all cases, you are getting our honest input … AND some swell cat pictures!