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Prevent Shin Splints: 3 Calf Stretches

The foot bone connected to the ankle bone, The ankle bone connected to the shin bone, The shin bone connected to the knee bone…. .Them bones got up and walked around. If you want YOUR bones to get up and comfortably exercise, you will want to prevent shin splints. An excellent way to do this is to stretch your…

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Foam Rollers: They Hurt So Good

Foam rollers are an excellent tool for a group fitness class or personal training session, especially for muscle (myofascial) release. In essence, a foam roller can be used for self-massage, using your own body weight. You don’t know how to use the foam roller?! No worries – there’s an app for that!

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3 Tips for Preventing Shin Splints

Do you want to prevent shin splints? Of course you do! Whether you are a runner, walker, or simply someone who gives too much love to your calf muscles and neglects your lonely shin muscles, it’s easy to prevent pain. And it’s actually quite easy if you follow our exercise tips. Our first tip is to…

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Are Skechers Sketchy, Steppy, or Peppy?

Skechers sent us two different types of tone-up fitness shoes, knowing we’d give our honest opinion. You’ll have to read the whole post to find out if we liked them. Either way, we know how to spell “Skechers.”

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Lower bodies of 3 guys

Why Is My Lower Body in Pain After Running & Walking?

Sherry didn’t collect seashells by the seashore, but she did get sore after a total of 31 miles of running and walking. What could have caused all her lower body pain? Overuse? DOMS? Crazy Q Angle? What do those mean and did Sherry stretch safely since Sunday? Click on the link to discover the secret!

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Indoor Cycle my A**, er, Glutes. And Calves.

Two friends walk into a gym and hop onto the indoor cycles. Or recumbent bikes. Whichever.Anyway, one feels it in her calves, the other in her glutes and quads. What’s to blame for the difference? Click on the title to find out as we give no bum steers for these calves!

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Shape Ups, Rockers, Skechers, Shoes

Off Your Rocker Shoe Review For You

Whether you call them rocker shoes, toners, shape-ups, negative heel shoe, the funniest looking shoes you ever saw, or the shoes that saved the workout world, people are wearing them. And we are getting asked often “do they work? Are they worth the money?” “Are they actually helping me get more fit when walking?” “Are we not DEVO?” We turned to self-appointed experts, ourselves for a full review. (Please click on the title link to access the full post).

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Shin Splints S.O.S.

Shin splints hurt. How can you get rid of them? How can you prevent them? Why do so many runners insist on wearing old, crummy shoes?

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My Calves Got a Stiffy

Up hill and down dale–Liz walked so much that her calves got stiff. Now she wonders if stretching might be part of the problem. Should we “steer” her toward an explanation of DOMS? Is it wise to advise flatter paths for her walks? Is it possible she doesn’t walk enough? There’s no “bull” in our answer!

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