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Age Actively with a Winning Bucket List

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA
Disclosure: This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. We received a full-sized bottle of Bufferin® Buffered Aspirin and the craft supplies for our own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are our own.Kymberly at the Quote Board R la P

Why not Buff(erin) out and Polish off your Bucket List in a Clean Sweep(stakes)?  (You know we like word plays).

Alexandra: The message behind bucket lists is that we should all live our lives to the fullest, however we define that.

picture of Bucket List on head

Excited About My Bucket List (and Clips)

For me, part of living my life fully means just being myself, without worrying if others like me or not. When I was younger, I gave away a lot of my energy and power trying to conform to what I thought others wanted from me. I no longer allow people or events to “harsh on my mellow” (except I’m not actually mellow –  more like high energy).

With that in mind, my bucket list is more like a list of activities that sound really fun or appealing, either because I will learn about something that interests me, see people and places I love, or do something that’s outside my comfort zone. Can you read what I wrote on my hairclips and earrings clothespins? No? Okay, I’ll list them for you:

* Go to Europe in 2016 to attend the wedding of my non-birth daughter former exchange student

* Get more paid speaking engagements

* Attend a course on bread baking

* Finish learning Dutch (I have a fab Rosetta Stone package)

* Walk a half marathon (do NOT substitute the word “run” in this phrase)

pic of Alexandra at Nike women's marathon

I’m Buff Stuff!

In the exercise world, there is an old 80s saying, “No Pain, No Gain.” I hate this phrase. Why should we be in pain to get healthy? It doesn’t make sense. I walked a half marathon in 2012 to celebrate my recovery from foot surgery, and my foot and reconstructed knee got stiff and achy about 10 miles in. When we were offered this Bufferin opportunity, I immediately thought of that half marathon and the pride I took in completing it. When I do another (and I will), I think I’ll stick a pain reliever in my pocket to help reduce the slog of the final 3 miles. Hey, the word “buff” is in Bufferin, and I plan to stay buff for the rest of my life. Put that in your bucket!!


A drop in the bucket list

Just a drop in the bucket!

Kymberly: What I like about my bucket list is that it feels largely achievable and has action and adventure involved. What I don’t like is that it requires my knee and foot to step it up. With age, genetics, a lifetime of movement, soccer injuries, and a few surgeries, those joints are squawking and squeaking. Sometimes screaming.

Ignoring the pain and limitations used to kinda-sorta-but-not-really work.  I now admit that to keep baby boomer aches at bay, I need help — in the form of a pain reliever and orthotics on the days I teach fitness or go on a long dog trail hike. Yes, the part of aging actively that I strive for daily is keeping my world from shrinking. Click here to see our post on creating a Fitness Bucket List.

It was easy for me to kiss high heels good-bye and eye “comfortable” shoes with relish. But how is Tom Bergeron going to announce my name as winner of the coveted DWTS mirror ball if my joints hurt and I can’t practice into the wee hours of the Hollywood night? Enter Bufferin (which you can buy at places that start with W, such as Walgreen’s and Walmart)

The title of my Bucket List is “Expanding My World and Dreams; No Shrinking Violets.” What’s on your bucket list? Do you have a title in mind that encapsulates it? My list includes:

  • Compete on Dancing With the Stars as the first set of celebrity twins
  • Move pain free with no knee or foot limitations: Hike, dance, snorkel, exercise, run, paddle, jump, climb, rappel, bike, and walk Hippity hoppity skippity
Boarding the Train in Thailand

All Aboard for Adventure

  • Enjoy my husband and marriage more with each passing year
  • Complete our house building project
  • Successfully and profitably help baby boomer women age actively
  • Travel with friends and family in ways and places that draw us closer as we venture farther in the world

Enter the Bufferin SweepstakesOne item I hope your list includes is entering the Bufferin® Bucket List Sweepstakes. Kick it and click it on their Facebook page for a chance to win $1000. Three people will win – you, me, and my sister. Such a plan, eh?!.  The sweepstakes runs just a few more days — until March 14, 2014 so enter the minute you finish sharing an item on your list in the comments section below.  Just as in life, you have to enter to win! And exit kicking!

Get the latest information on Bufferin at www.bufferin.com.




Your Fitness Bucket List

Why do you exercise? Deep down, on those days you have to talk yourself into getting your sweat on, what motivates you to work out?

On my bucket list? Climb ever higher!

No doubt you are inspired by more than wanting to look good or have a 6-pack, or lose weight. Even with those goals, what happy thing happens once you achieve them? We were posed with this question and had to think a moment.

Actually, we had the question posed a different, more fun way: “What is on your Fitness Bucket List?”  That sounds more enticing, right? So tell us – what’s in your bucket? Does your list include performing certain exercise feats? For example, do you want to:

  • Complete a half marathon?
  • Hold a plank for 3 minutes?
  • Finally do the splits (and walk afterwards!).
  • Hit a certain time or distance on the treadmill?

Or would you put activities on your bucket list that you would enjoy once you are more fit? For instance, sky dive (let’s just state here and now for the record that neither of us has that particular goal. Hurl! But you might!). Or you’d tackle that hiking trail over the mountains and through the woods? Maybe you have a plan to travel the world and haul your own luggage or backpack as soon as you get stronger. (We like the plan that offers bellpersonage service, frankly).

Pinterest Board of Bucket List

Kymberly's Fitness Bucket List

Now if you are wondering about OUR Fitness Bucket List, why thanks! Don’t mind if we do share! We worked up Pinterest boards entitled “Fitness Bucket List.” I know, we got all creative and wacky on you there! To be accurate, the CEO of FitFluential,* Kelly Olexa challenged us to create such a board. And we take doubledown dares as we are double time twins!

Alexandra: It took me a while to start my list, because I feel like I’m mostly doing what it is I like to do already, but I do love walking and travel, so I really want to go to various places in the world and walk. I love walking in the mountains, the city, country trails, along the beach, almost anywhere. Not hiking and camping – bleech. I hate camping. I love walking. And I’d really love to learn the Dougie from our First Lady Michelle Obama. And anything that involves disco would be on my list too. Maybe a lesson on dancing the entire scene from “Saturday Night Fever” that John Travolta did to “You Should Be Dancing.” If I could memorize that routine and do it that well I’d be pretty happy.

Pinterest Board with Fitness Bucket List

Alexandra's Fitness Bucket List

Feel free to check out our Fitness Bucket List boards to discover our activity/ movement/ workout/ exercise/ fitnessy dreams. Follow our boards while you’re there.

Kymberly’s Pinterest board

Alexandra’s Pinterest board

Kymberly: If you have followed our blog for any time you will not be shocked to hear that my numero uno dream is for us to be the first twins on Dancing With the Stars. And not the first twins to be eliminated either! I also recognized how much I enjoy water sports such as paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling – as long as the water is warm and calm.  This is one area Alexandra and I  totally differ as A-twin re-enacts the melting scene from Wizard of Oz when she gets near water.  Another huge item on my list is for medical technology to make strides and find a way to give me back the knee joints I had in my twenties. Aaaaaah, to run and jump again with ease and freedom!

Once you make your list or create a Pinterest Fitness Bucket board, you will notice something veeeeerrrry interesting – themes and trends reveal themselves. At least for us, they did. Give it a whirl. Then tell us all about it in the comments below. We’re waiting! Impatiently.

* Oy vay – an asterisk to track. Such calorie burning work we’re asking of you. FitFluential is a continentwide network of fitness enthusiasts sharing their journey both online and off via multiple social media platforms. Take a peek-see and maybe even join. You’ll get access to a great community, good info, discounts, jetsam, flotsam, and lots of motivation.

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