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Exercise and Arthritis

A reader wonders if exercise is an option with an arthritic hip. Luckily, research supports four recommendations, and those are… (click the link to find out)

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Which Running Surfaces Are Best?

Is there a “best” surface for running? If so, is it grass, sand, concrete, asphalt, an indoor track, a waterbed? Okay, we snuck that last one in. Sort of. This might be a trick question. The answer is “it depends.” Sort of. As boomer women who have given birth, we can definitely say that if we ran on concrete, we’d need Depends.

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Karen Whittier, Commit to the Cause

No Pain, No Gain…No Way!: Karen Whittier’s Inspirational Yoga Story

Pound, pound, pound. That’s either Karen Whittier’s feet hitting the concrete pavement over and over while running or …. the sound of her smacking her head that she did not listen to her body. It kept saying “slow down, get off the hard-core pace and pavement, and take care of your increasing injuries.” She kept saying, “keep on keeping on.” We say – click on the link to hear her story. She embraces yoga and activism while waving good-bye to meds.

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