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Easy Way to Find Your Abs

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Have you ever wondered if you’re doing your ab exercises wrong or right? Well, we have lots of posts that show the best way to do ab moves, but this one shows how to determine if you’re contracting your abs properly.

Is Your Ab Contraction Bouncy or Sexy?

Did you even know there’s a “proper” way to contract? Let’s put it this way – did you know that if you “push” on your contraction, you’ll have strong abs, but they’ll stick out? Strong, not cute. But if you follow the tips in the video, your abs will be strong and cute. Just like you!

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Now that you know how to contract your abs properly, here is a core workout series, that will get you some fab abs. Yup. Fabulous Abs!

Readers: What abdominal/core move do you love that you suspect you could be doing wrong?