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Don’t Just Grow Old: Age Actively and Youthfully!

  • Do you feel like your Baby Boomer body went from Boom to Bust?

  • Worried about losing mental or physical capability as the years add up?

  • Looking for exercise options that are attainable and less intense now that you are past 50?

  • Wonder how to lose menopause weight when eating less and exercising more hasn’t made a difference?

  • Have you wanted to start a fitness program but gotten overwhelmed?

Then take a look at what we have tailored for you!

If all goes well, you will age. How you grow older is largely under your control and a result of choices you make. Are you ready to transform into a more active, attractive, physically capable you? Tap into the expertise of six of the continent’s leading fitness pros who specialize in Active Aging, with a particular focus on women over 50.

Acting on Just a Few of Our Experts' Tips Will Help You:

  • Reduce fat
  • Reshape your body with LESS cardio, less intensity, less impact
  • Say good-bye to menopot
  • Enjoy movement and the youthful vibrancy it brings
  • Do things you need to do, like to do, and want to do easier, better, and with less discomfort for years to come
  • Drop inches
  • Increase your energy - to travel, play with grandkids, keep up with teenagers, participate in hobbies, go on adventures, work more productively, socialize with friends

As if that weren't enough, our fitness pros also reveal how you can:

  • Reduce many of the challenges and obstacles associated with aging
  • Redefine middle age and retirement
  • Take years off your skin
  • Lose weight
  • Strengthen your bones
  • Reinvigorate your body inside and out
  • Boost metabolism - the rate at which you burn calories at rest.  ZZZzzz Burn more calories as you sleep

Added Free Bonus

We'd love to give you More, More, More (recognize the disco song?) Add the transcript of this interview to your TransformAging collection if you want to tell your hormones who's boss. 

Midlife, Menopause, and Weight Gain:?  What Can You Do to Deal With Hormones and Menopot?


Yet more awaits you! Do you also want to:

  • Build stronger muscles
  • Fully enjoy your 80's, 90's and even 100's
  • Exercise comfortably and pain free?
  • Attract positive attention when you walk into a room
  • And finally, get back your sexy?

How many of these Fun Fit Facts can you answer?

  • Once you are over 55, should you focus more on STANDING or SEATED exercises? (Answered in “Never Grow Old,” with Cody Sipe and Dan Ritchie)
  • Are you more likely to succeed with a new exercise routine if you establish the MOST you can do or the LEAST? (From “(Re)Starting Fitness Over 50” with Kymberly WIlliams-Evans and Alexandra Williams)
  • Besides exercising more or eating fewer calories, what surprising action will help you lose weight and the midlife menopot? (From Tamara Grand, “Midlife Weight Gain, Hormones, and Menopot”)
  • What can you do to change from a “Fat Belly Formula” to a “Flat Belly Formula?” (Addressed in Resistance Training: Your After 50 Easy Weight Management Program” with Debra Atkinson)
  • What is one main difference in weight gain in men vs women over 50? (From Tamara Grand, “Midlife Weight Gain, Hormones, and Menopot”)
  • What one simple action can  you take to minimize the aging effect of free radicals on your skin? (Mo Hagan reveals the secret in "Supplementation and Skincare to Transform Aging Inside & Out: What’s Really Needed?)
  • Are you better off to lose weight quickly or slowly if you want to have a faster metabolism (the rate at which you burn calories even when you’re sitting on the couch)? (Addressed in Resistance Training: Your After 50 Easy Weight Management Program” with Debra Atkinson)
  • One proven key strategy for saying “Age Be Damned” and enjoying a better life is …? (Shared by Colin Milner in his “Age Be Damned” session)

Drink From the Fountain of Youth

Reinvigorate your body, mindset, and life when you implement the easy steps from our TransformAging webinar summit. Top fitness experts who specialize in making the second half of life rewarding and achievable gathered together for this six-video series. Get your own set of the entire TransformAging Summit recordings and access the proven, evidence-based secrets to become:

  • more fit
  • energetic
  • attractive
  • mentally and physically stronger

TransformAging Summit Recordings and Slides

These recordings and accompanying slides of our landmark TransformAging Summit will help you do all that and more. Baby Boomer, Older Adult, Midlifer -- whatever you call yourself, this webinar series is uniquely tailored to your specific goals, needs, and life phase. AND CLAIM YOUR FREE BONUS:  Midlife Menopause, and Weight Gain

Please note that 4 of the 6 videos show the presenters, though not their onscreen slides.  You still hear and see the experts, but they refer to slides you'll have in the separate links and downloadable form offscreen.

Access the sessions you want, as often as you like, whenever you like. 

Succeed this time with your fitness goals! Our expert fitness pros make it easy for you to follow their great suggestions and checklists. Maybe you are keen to match the slides to the audio content in the videos and follow along with your private set of slides.  You can receive lifetime access to ALL the recordings and companion slides in this series for just $34 -- a great value when you consider that the information our international panel shares will transform you.  Click the orange button to access the “TransformAging” collection forever!


What’s waiting for you in the TransformAging collection?

  1. (Re)Starting Fitness After 50

  2. Never Grow Old! Strategies for Making the NEXT 50 years BETTER than the first!

  3. Midlife Weight Gain, Hormones, and Menopot: Strategies for Staying Slim Without Losing Your Sanity

  4. Resistance Training: Your After-50 Easy Weight Management Program

  5. Supplementation and Skincare to Transform Aging Inside & Out: What’s Really Needed?

  6. Age Be Damned

What Our Customers Are Saying

Rena McDaniel

I love your very practical “can-do” ideas! You have gotten my butt into gear and motivated me to make so many changes to my diet and exercise! I’ve lost 10 lbs already and am gaining some much needed strength! I feel fabulous!!!! Thanks ladies; you’re awesome! Rena McDaniel, 24/7 Alzheimer Caregiver, RA patient, Writer, Blogger, Wife, Mom, Grandma, avid traveler and Social Media addict.


Calla Gold

“When it comes to offering on-target, realistic fitness advice spiced with humor and sass, you can rely on the Fun and Fit twin team, Kymberly and Alexandra. Their advice on workouts, weight loss, exercise, healthy living, and getting in shape is cutting edge. These gals are qualified and quirky!”

Calla Gold, fit jewelry designer who shares her passion for gems and design on her blog "Jewelry Without Walls Santa Barbara, CA


Stacey Al-GhawasKuwait City, Kuwait

“Kymberly is a genius. Her intense knowledge of physical fitness from physiology to psychology is unrivaled, except perhaps by her twin sister, Alexandra. There's a magical, humorous dimension to everything they do. 28 years ago they helped me lose the 40 lbs I gained from my first son's birth and now they’re counseling me on my mid-life crisis body! Kymberly and Alexandra are there for you if you're seeking witty, accurate and supportive advice that works!”

Lisa B

Thank you for the TransformAging Summit recordings. Lots of great info already and I have yet to view all of the interviews. I really liked the one with Debra - great speaker who gets the info across in a no-nonsense manner! I haven’t finished watching Colin, but I really like him too. I am in my 50’s, not necessarily struggling with weight, but certainly being challenged now with hormone fluctuations and different stressors so all of the information so far has really resonated with me. Again, thank you.

Value Price

Less than the cost of one personal training session and you get TWO! from Debra Atkinson's "Resistance Training: Your After 50 Weight Management Program. " Plus you get everything else listed above. And you claim your bonus! Heck, that's less than a fancy dinner out or a month's dues at a club.


NOTE: The TransformAging Summit comes viewable on a private URL you can bookmark to view any time, with links to the downloadable slides for each of the 6 sessions, and with access to an unlisted Playlist on YouTube. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to view all the videos, download the slides, and access the YouTube playlist anytime and as often as you want.

If you have any questions please contact us, Kymberly and Alexandra at info@funandfit.org

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