Special Mind/Body Collections for Special Boomers

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA

I'm Special, So Special. I gotta have some of your attention. Give it to me!

I’m Special, So Special. I gotta have some of your attention. Give it to me!

Want to improve your body and mind courtesy of thought leaders? Does the idea of getting physically and mentally stronger, and more vibrant as you age sound appealing?

3 Fun and Fit Special Collections at GaiamTV

Sure sounded good to us.  So when GaiamTV asked us to go through their vast library of “Conscious Media” and create collections we thought would be relevant to you, we went for it. We disclose up front that if you decide to subscribe to GaiamTV we earn a referral fee at no extra cost to you.  Please use this link to visit them or to sign up if you so decide. (And they really do offer a LOT of great content covering exercise, personal growth, spirituality, mind/body connection, and yoga). Checking out the collections we put together costs you nothing and brings you some high quality insights to power you to the next level of bodaciousness and enlightenment.

1. Build a Better Brain, Baby Boomers!

Today’s scientific breakthroughs support the powerful connection between the body, mind and spirit. Watch the cutting-edge, revelatory, and juicy interviews in this amazing collection and boost your brain power, overcome old habits and truly change your mind – forever! A healthy brain can help stave off dementia, improve memory and enhance cognition – what’s not to love?. Like what you see here? Check out our related posts from our own brains:

2. Live Longer and Healthier

For those who want to live life as expansively, actively, and healthily as possible, this special collection is designed to share a philosophy that the focus isn’t so much anti-aging as it is PRO-aging: Why define yourself merely by a number? With videos on health, weight loss, nutrition and exercise, we hope you’ll listen, learn and live it up with tips and tricks from this motivating collection.

3. Healthy Aging for Boom Chicka Boomers

It takes effort to add life to our years. Find the motivation and support you need to take action in your own life with these informative and motivating videos. We picked content that will keep you in the know with exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, menopause, and trusting your body’s intuitions. Click on the Healthy Aging link to go straight to the content in this category.

Click on the links for the GaiamTV Fun and Fit Special Collections. You may discover what we did — GaiamTV offers a lot more than yoga workouts.

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