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Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA

Boom Chicka Boomers on the LooseHeeeeelp us! Back in junior high days, Alexandra and I got sent to the principal’s office on a semi-regular basis. We had been caught being naughty — repeatedly. What was our transgression?  “Talking too much in class.”  Yakety Yak: Don’t Talk Back

Anyone caught by surprise with that one? Shocked to know we still talk a lot? Professionally!! On stages; on air; with mics; and audiences!

Yes, in addition to co-hosting our radio show on voiceamerica.com — Active Aging for Boom Chicka Boomers — we present at conferences, retreats, community get-togethers, book club meetings, charity events as professional speakers. Speakers who can use your help.

My sister and I want to offer the healthiest, most relevant, helpful sessions possible that attract those who hire speakers and those who listen to them. Below are titles and descriptions of some of our presentations. Which two or three speak to you most? (See, we’re not the only ones who get to talk around here).

Our goal? To bring our message of active aging to more people; Your role? Share your top picks in the comments section below. Please give us your opinion and vote on the topics you’d be most likely to attend, book, or refer to others. Pretty sure you burn a few calories when you comment.

Presenting Posture Pointers at Tenaya Lodge

Presenting Posture Pointers at Tenaya Lodge

1. Fitness Affects Your Bottom … Line

Why should you, as a business owner or professional person care about your exercise activity, beyond the obvious of looking and feeling better? This presentation will leave you feeling motivated to move, wealthier, and less stressed since you will know exactly how to achieve a leaner, healthier you in minimum time.

2.7 Ways to Enhance Brain Power With Exercise

The latest in brain research is clear: To move towards a sound mind and body, your brain must be in balance. The brain must be stimulated, and one of those ways is through exercise. Simply put, movement improves brain power. More than any other organism in the body, the brain is affected by your workouts, lifestyle, and eating choices.

While pretty much ANY type of exercise will help the brain (and body, of course), certain approaches give you the MOST bang for your brain buck. So which elements are the ones to pay attention to and incorporate into your workout program if you have a goal to improve cognitive abilities? Add any one or combination of the 7 best ways to balance your brain and body.

3. Small Steps Lead to Greater Fitness

What motivates people (including YOU) to get healthy and improve their fitness level in a way that is meaningful, sustainable, and realistic?

  • How can you finally, once and for all reach your fitness goals?
  • What do fit people know about staying active and motivated that you can learn from?
  • What do you do to keep going if you are not seeing results?
  • What tricks can you use?

Get the answers and some practical tips in this action-oriented session.

4. Great Gait and Powerful Posture Can Be Yours Today

She's Fit; She's Social; She's Speaking

She’s Fit; She’s Social; She’s Speaking at FitSocial

Do you walk and stand in ways that age or support you? Find out what’s going on behind your back. And in front of it! Get ready for some fun, informative, helpful, and practical posture work and gait analysis.

When you attend our session, you:

  • go through guided partner and group posture assessments;
  • participate in gait analysis that will reveal surprises, movement patterns, and walking habits you never knew you had;
  • discover imbalances in your stance or stride that may be aging you;
  • learn how to improve mood, energy, and overall fitness via better posture and stride;
  • take home practical Fun Fit Facts to support efforts to sit, stand, and walk more healthfully

5. Active Aging for Boomers Who Blog

Presenting at Rancho la Puerta

These Boots Were Made for Talking …

How can you both blog (often sitting long hours) and find time and energy to stay fit?

Session attendees will gain practical wellness solutions so that they can age as actively as possible.

They will (power) walk away with:

  1. Strategies to deal with weight gain that are realistic, accessible, and proven;
  2. Key motivational and applicable Fun Fit Facts;
  3. Some edu-tainment based on the latest research and fitness industry best practices;

That’s it! And to thank you, allow us to leave you with the wise words that our 7th and 8th grade teachers and principal could have used with us ….but didn’t!

Hesh up

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