Reverse Ab Curls – Wrong and Right Way

Reverse curls look easy, yet are rarely done correctly to get full strength benefits. Learn a few quick workout tips to do this popular, safe abs exercise effectively!

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And now onto reverse curls ups!

Squirrel Reverse Curl

The Ultimate Reverse Squirrel Curl

Swing and a Miss!

Forget swinging from the knees, ankles, or hips. And we say verily unto you, resist the evil temptation to kick from the knees. Another common error with reverse curls is lifting the hips too high. Think Small, Yet Mighty – just like your abs are going to be one day. A little ab compression movement goes a long way.

For once, Kymberly gets to show the Right Way as Alexandra is All Wrong (guess who wrote this part heh heh)..

Stop, in the Name of Love, Before You Break Your Form!

Hold still at the ankle, knees, and hips. The only joint moving in this exercise is the spine, specifically the lower few vertebrae. Also, pause at the top of each curl to eliminate all momentum. Compress and contract to lift the hips slightly; hold still for a count or two; then lower your hips slowly to the ground. You will recruit the abs better.

Relax the upper body as much as possible and bring your lower body towards the ceiling (not towards your face). If you want a super challenge, keep your shins parallel to the ground while curling and uncurling.

Did you know that such a popular move had so much to think about? Done well, the reverse curl is a back safe core exercise, perfect for older adults.
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Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

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