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Prevent Shin Splints: 3 Calf Stretches

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Dem bones, Dem bones, Dem Dry bones!

Shin splints are often the result of imbalance between the calf and shin muscles. When the calf (gastrocnemius) is much stronger or tighter than the shin (anterior tibialis), micro tears can occur as the relatively overdeveloped calf pulls on its pair — the shin. Making sure you have flexible, long calf muscles will put the odds in your favor to avoid this painful condition.

The foot bone connected to the ankle bone, The ankle bone connected to the shin bone, The shin bone connected to the knee bone, The knee bone connected to the thigh bone, The thigh bone connected to the hip bone, the hip bone connected to the back bone, The back bone connected to the shoulder bone, The shoulder bone connected to the neck bone, The neck bone connected to the head bone, Them bones got up and walked around. – Lyrics from the song Dry Bones by the Delta Rhythm Boys

Color the the shin bone S for Stretched & Sexy!

If you want your bones and muscles to get up and walk around, you have to keep them happy. Our singing does not necessarily make our bones happy! But stretching, well, that’s a solution of a different horse!

Try the 3 calf stretches you’ll see in our video to keep your calves from overpowering your anterior tib.





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Shin Splints highlighted on the anterior tibialis

You shoulda been stretching instead of playing with that highlighter!

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Photo credits: horse:  doe-c-doe, leg drawing:  rosswilliamdrew, highlighted shin splint:  Northcoast Footcare.


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6 Responses to Prevent Shin Splints: 3 Calf Stretches

  1. Tamara December 6, 2012 at 6:03 pm #

    I have been extremely fortunate never to have had shin splints (although I’m always giving advice to my class participants about how to treat and prevent them). Now I have your nifty video to send them to!

    Love the new header on the blog; so clean and crisp (and fun-chicka-fun!)
    Tamara recently posted..Trampoline fitness | it just makes exercising fun!My Profile

  2. TriGirl December 8, 2012 at 10:36 am #

    I’ve been missing the most important aspect of stretching: the festive outfit!! Shin splints will never plague me again :D I tend to hang my heels of a step to stretch my calves. If I need some major stretching, I have fancy night splints too!
    TriGirl recently posted..Happy Birthday!!My Profile


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