Posture Assessment from the Side

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

You might be level- headed, but are you level-hipped and level-shouldered? What do the right and left sides of your body tell about your stance if we take a sidewards glance? Are you a “posture cheater” who displays a sneaky telltale clue that gives you away when you fake standing tall?

Even he likes his posture

Assessing posture from the left and right - simultaneously!

Part 3 of our Posture series takes a look at posture from both sides now to figure out how you stand (Joni Mitchell was no slouch). We know where you stand–on top! Or lifted nicely once you add our tips on assessment!






For the record, that is not a peace sign K lays on A at the end of this short video, but bunny ears. Hop to it, sis!


Photo credit: Creative Commons, kittykaht


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