New Year = New You Fitness Challenge

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Dear Fun and Fit: It’s more than ten days into the new year and I’m still not back into a workout routine after the holiday bliss (read: I haven’t worked out in over a month). I’m having a hard time getting motivated to get up and go to the gym (as I eat my bowl of chocolate ice cream). If I get to the gym or take my morning walk I can get in the Zen. What should I do?

Bill, Los Angeles, CA

Waiting for Fun & Fit to call w/Advice

Alexandra: You and several million other people struggle with this exact same issue. Soooo….it would seem to be the right time to mention that what you are referring to as “zen,” we would call a habit. You are talking about motivation, nutrition and a workout routine, all of which are important aspects to a healthy lifestyle.

This is the time of year when people get really frustrated. All those resolutions or previous good habits turn into a big ol’ bucket of self-recriminations. For the quick and easy answer to all your life’s questions (yes, every one of them – as long as you never ask another question in your life!) take a listen to this, Radio program-Survive the Holidays, as it offers some ways you can get back into the “zen.”

Your dilemma plays nicely into the timing of our New Year = New You: 30 Day Fitness Challenge, which starts on Monday, January 17! Why now? Because the Challenge is all about getting into new (or restarting) habits that will lead to permanent change. 30 days is short enough to stick with the challenge and long enough to establish new, better behavior patterns. Everyone who takes part in the Challenge will receive:

daily instructions that must be obeyed:

Kymberly: Motivational Quotes to keep you going;
Fit Facts to bolster your efforts as the mind supports the body;
Activity Challenges to take your body to a better place each day;
Nutritional Ideas that actually work in real people’s lives;
Lifestyle Suggestions to make you leaner, healthier; stronger, happier; smarter. Yes, the Fun and Fit Challenge can deliver if you take part!

Want examples? Then sign-up you curious rascals. Sign-up Here! We priced it below ten bucks so that you can sponsor our trip to Europe, Bakersfield, the gym, each other’s houses. Full disclosure alert: today’s post is both an answer to Bill and a shameless promotional effort to let you know you CAN get on to and stay with the path to a more FIT-TASTIC you. Sign-up now or keep reading, then sign-up. Lookee to the right —-> or lookee to the top tab “Products.” Go and start feeling better and being all-around tops in your class.

What makes this Challenge unique are the small, cumulatively significant daily steps you’ll get to actually achieve your goals. Nothing overwhelming; everything doable in short time frames. Also, our daily challenges are geared to meet your needs whether you are shifting from neutral to drive or racing from “fairly fit” to “athletic animal.” Vroomm Zoom Zone of Zen time!

First Step – You Can Do It!

A: Fun & Fit will use a combined 50+ years of experience as teachers, presenters, writers, mentors and international fitness experts to craft a 30 day program that is worth… what? the hundreds of dollars you’ll save on food? the thousands of dollars you’ll save on health care costs? the millions of dollars (worth) of satisfaction and pride you’ll feel? Well, guess what? It’s only $9.95 to join the Challenge. Of course, for that low price, we expect you to get all your friends to join up too, as one of the markers of adherence is having a friend along on the journey. More to the point, participants get to see whether Kymberly can keep up and get more fitly herself as she will taking the challenge along with you.

Pretend this is Kymberly after the Challenge

You: Groovy baby – I want my credit card to get into the New Year = New You: 30 Day Fitness Challenge zen. What do I need to do?

A; Go to funandfit.org and sign up on our Fun & Fit Products page. You’ll get a personal email from us, welcoming you to the group. Then, starting on Monday, January 17, we’ll start bossing you around!

K: What? You are still with us? Great! Then you get to hear that our Challenge will truly be YOUR Challenge as we work together to post fun stuff about participant successes on our Fun and Fit facebook page. Look for some wacky stuff from us. Then submit your text, photo, and audio adventures on this 30 day journey. Accountability and externalized commitment will help assure you 30 days of niftiness! Let’s do it!

Hot? Not!

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