New Exercise Equipment: Try These

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

One of the benefits of attending the IHRSA International Convention and Trade Show is that we get to test out the new equipment before it gets to the club where you work out. And, Oh, the Places We Will Go!

By the time we finished testing out the new equipment, we had used every muscle and every verb available. We climbed, pulled, bounced, jumped, shook, hauled (mostly our tired butts) and ker-splatted our way to equipment enlightenment. Or to the water fountain. Either way.


These are the machines we tried:

BallBike by FIT One

Marpo Kinetics

Jacob’s Ladder


None of these companies sponsors us in any way; we just thought they looked like fun and wanted to share them with you.

Alexandra’s favorite was clearly the BallBike – the video only shows a few seconds of her having a ball, drawing an admiring crowd, testing out the equipment as a professional should!

Which piece of equipment looks the most fun to you? 



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