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Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Listen to Fun and Fit radio episodes that focus on how exercise improves your mind.

Mind Your FitnessWould you like an order of better brain to go with that active body? Enhance your brain waves by taking advantage of our radio waves.

You may already be aware that aerobic activity is the number one contributor to better brain health. But were you aware that you can get more cutting edge insights, practical advice, and how tos to act on this knowledge? Our Fun and Fit radio show, which airs online at WomensRadio.com has several episodes devoted to

  • increasing your memory
  • improving your cognitive skills
  • reducing your possibility of getting dementia
  • offering the latest on the impact your movement makes on your mind.

The reality is that everything you do affects your brain health, including involving the senses (such as ‘hearing”) while exercising. As in listen to the following episodes as you work around the house or get on your cardio equipment.

Carrie Ekins

Carrie Ekins

Brains, Drums, Exercise, and a Smarter You

With Carrie Ekins, MA




Boost Your Brain Power Today

Tips From Kymberly and Alexandra

Move Your Body to Move Your Brain

With Dr Michael Luan

Kathy Gruver, PhD

Dr. Kathy Gruver

Your Body Hears Every Word You Say

Interview with Dr Kathy Gruver

Create the Body You Want Through Consciousness and Quantum Physics

With Patricia Diorio, MA

Life Enhancing Options to Life Depleting Prescription Drugs

Interview with David Littell

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