Have a LaBlast with Louis van Amstel, Dancing With the Stars Dance & Fitness Pro

Go Louis van Amstel and DWTS (Dancing With the Stars)! Go Fun and Fit for scoring an exclusive interview with him at the recent IDEA Convention so that YOU, dedicated readers can get the latest on the hottest and greatest!  (Thanks CRUNCH gym!) Get DWTS (Get Down With ThySelves) as you find out what Louis has in store for you and the workout world with his new LaBlast dance fitness program.

Though Louis will not be part of Season 13 of DWTS, he will be out and about –maybe in YOUR club, presenting this new, super cool, ultra HOT new program.  Watch our short video and have a LaBlast!

Louis van Amstel LaBlast Fitness Creator

Recognize this DWTS face?

What is LaBlast and why is international ballroom champ and DWTS star, Louis launching it for people like you and Fun and Fit? And did you know he teamed up with CRUNCH gyms to make an even bigger impact.

LaBlast is a really fun fitness class that Louis designed based on the popular dances from DWTS. And it’s for everyone, not just people who took dance lessons as kids! Louis has choreographed the classes to accommodate all skills levels. Even Kymberly could do it! Yes, she owned the jive and disco routines, though the Samba was sumpin else!

Fun and Fit got the only exclusive interview with Louis at the recent IDEA World Fitness Convention, right before he taught a class to 500 fitness instructors.  How did we manage that? Alexandra says it’s her ability to speak Dutch that charmed the native “Nederlander.” Kymberly says it’s her press connections! Could be a bit of both!


Ask the manager at your health club to add LaBlast to the group exercise programming. You’ll love it. And we’re sure you’ll love Louis in this interview – he’s a friendly, cheerful guy!

Tot ziens and Goedzo!  Now if they would just rename DWTS something like “Dancing With the Celestial Bodies” then we might qualify and GET ON THAT DARN SHOW.

Readers and Viewers: Don’t you think it’s time for the first pair of fitness twin celebs, F and F style?  Feel free to start the write-in campaign, then meet us in a LaBlast class.
Why, here’s Kymberly in the LaBlast class from the convention (after about 12 hours of convention classes):

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