Guest Post Guidelines

Guest Post Guidelines

So you’d like to provide a guest post for our Fun and Fit readers? Yeah, we get this request … a lot.  What can we say — posting on our site gives you good exposure, credibility, and a direct voice to our amazo readers. We applaud your desire and excellent taste in wanting to connect with our Fun and Fit site.

First, please take a look at our criteria and guidelines:

  • We rarely accept guest posts. When we do, they are usually from people we know and have ongoing relationships with (yes, you can end a sentence with a preposition). As Mr. Rogers used to ask: “Are you my friend?”
  • If your reason for posting with us is to place a commercial, business or sales link, that’s called “advertising.” Feel free to contact us for our rates for ads, sponsored posts, or compensated reviews.  You noticed that we are baby boomers, right? That means we’ve been around the block a few times and weren’t born yesterday,  (Insert additional cliches here).
  • You would need to provide all desired links up front for approval.
  • All links in guest posts need to be “no follow.”
  • You need to have read our posts. No, not just the most recent one, but a whole bunch so you understand our style, content focus, and writing standards.
  • Read more of our posts. You’ll understand our readers better, and isn’t that the goal – to make our readers happy?
  • The guest post must be original, unique , interesting work you create specifically for our readers. No dupes, cuz we aren’t dupes and neither are you, right?
  • You need to be willing to help promote the heck out of your guest post. As we used to tell our teens (you know, that phase of life when they aren’t really listening, but secretly they really are): “If you want it, we will work hard to help you get it, but not harder than you.”

Are you still here? Do you qualify? Impressive! Then feel free to email us with your targeted, defined, specific pitch. We are especially nice to hard working bloggers who want to make the world a healthier place.

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