Inner Thigh Exercises to Rock Your Jeans

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Dear Fun and Fit: Can you recommend exercises to tone and lose weight in my inner thighs? I’m getting tired of ruining perfectly good jeans and shorts because of the wear in the fabric. I have an exercise ball hiding somewhere in my condo if that helps.
Susan, Milford, CT

yay for exercise balls

An exercise ball in every household!

Alexandra: Hi Susan!  Because we are saddened by your fashion mishaps, we want to help you! It’s great that you own an exercise ball, because we love them. Stability balls offer great options no matter what you want to work. The exercises you’re about to see in the video are good for strengthening your inner thighs, but if you also wish to lose the extra adipose tissue (er, that’s fat) sitting on top of and inside your muscles, you will have to do cardio–as in “move more.”

Kymberly: You can do cardio with the ball. Heck, you can fly across the country and take Alexandra’s cardio ball class if you are feeling spunky. Or just do whatever type of movement  you enjoy: Dancing in the Dark, Shakin’ Your Groove Thing, Running on Empty and  such like and so on. A fitness colleague of ours has some fun warm-up moves on the ball in this article, so take a quick look. Between the cardio on the ball and the inner thigh exercise options from our video, you will achieve the status of Your Royal Inner tHighness AND you will live to donate your jeans and shorts intact to your adoring subjects! (See photo above if you don’t believe us)

Photo credit: Creative Commons:  infomatique

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