Get No-Flab, Fab Abs: Part 3

Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA and Alexandra Williams, MA

Dear Fun and Fit

How do I target belly flab?


Target Those Abs

Kymberly: With red paint and a template of concentric circles. Aim for the middle. When you are done with target practice, get fired up! Aerobically, that is, cuz’s it’s calories burning time. In a way, Hannah, you are asking the ever-tempting question: “Can I spot reduce?” In your case, the “spot” starts at the belly button. See our post, Spot Reducing: A Zap-O-Matic Myth. Short answer is “No.” If you want to target ab flab, you have to address overall body fat levels.

Parts 1 and 2 of our Get Fab Abs series had several AWESOME (that’s Twitter talk in case you did not recognize it) ab exercises. Feel free to try those exercises between your cardio workouts. And to give you your full pound of flesh (sounds gross, but that’s Shakespeare for you), give some of these yoga moves a try as they are specifically designed to address the center.

To target ab flab, you have to address overall body fat levels. Click To Tweet

Alexandra: I also like this 3-minute video from My Yoga Online. And, after you move to whatever desert has white sands, a perfectly white yoga mat and a personal drummer, you can ask the drummer to pick up the pace so you can do some cardio. Who knows, Indiana Jones might appear and help you get whipped into a cardio, belly flab burning frenzy!

Oh, Harrison. Whip Me Into Shape!

That is my hot movie celebrity way of saying, “Flab is a four-letter word for ‘fat’ and for that you need cardio & strength-training.” Get rid of the fat on top so you can display the musculature underneath. So….break up with your flab; start dating your abs! Flaunt the fab; fire the flab! Gee, I could make up ginchy little rhymes all day, but then I’d have no time for stalking my friendly visits to Harrison Ford!

Dear Readers: What is your favorite way to burn the flab that covers your abs? (Note: This is not a hint to stick a burning candle in your belly button)

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