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Fit to Be Holiday Gifts

Thanksgiving is over and we know from your messages and comments that some of you took those few extra steps to avoid those few extra bites! Since this is A.MER.I.CA, that means it’s now time to go shopping, right? Here are our fun, fit, food finds for you, our friends!

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Holiday Food: Mind Over Platter

The holidays (and every day) should not be about denial and guilt when it comes to food. Everything in moderation; that’s great advice for a sustainable lifestyle AND for enjoying life in general, don’t you think? Here’s what we’re baking up for Thanksgiving to share with loved ones…

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Thanksgiving dish of sweet potatoes & marshmallows

Stay-Fit Tips for Thanksgiving

Are there any tips for keeping the weight and stress down over Thanksgiving? Not the obvious ones that make us feel guilty, but realistic ones that don’t mean giving up that way-too-sweet Sweet Potato with Really Sweet Marshmallows? We think these tips make sense. They may not be fat-free, but they are designed to be stress-free!

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Fix Your Posture – Part 2

Learn our quick zip trick to look 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter in less than 10 seconds. We bring you a guest posture maven for your viewing and “stand up tall” pleasure — our mom! She made us what we are today — alive! Oh, and lifted up posturally.

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3 Things That Do NOT Help You To Get Flat Abs

Our pal, Jonathan Dunsky writes, runs, and reviews diet and exercise info. He asked to reach you, our Fun and Fit readers with his guest post on Big Bad Ab Myths, written especially for this site. While he is giving us the day off, we will be working on our Abs. Maybe…..

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Fix That Posture!

What do shoulders and the theme song from the very old television show “Rawhide” have in common? They’re both rollin’, rollin’, rollin’. Want better posture? We start with some easy exercises to fix rounded shoulders. “We” means Alexandra – Kymberly is out of town (the slouch). hahaha. Get it?! She’s a sloucher. Oh, stop myself! No, don’t!

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4 More Useless Exercises

We offer four more useless exercises that seemed oh-so-clever at the time. By “at the time” we mean “BCS – Before Common Sense” as these moves were either plain silly or actually contraindicated (bad for you). Raise your donkey leg to the hydrant if you did these moves!

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Even he likes his posture

Posture Assessment from the Side

Alexandra volunteers to be Kymberly’s guinea pig (or possibly a rabbit) for left and right side posture assessment. “Thank you and I hope we pass the audition.” Good posture is at your fingertips. Sort of.

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A Perfect 10 Halloween Costume

Just in time for Halloween Alexandra and Kymberly went on a field trip to their closets and the thrift store to help you choose just the right 1980s or 1990s fitness fashion outfit. Vote for your favorite (if you can narrow down all that goodness)!

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4 Useless Exercises

Useless, silly, injurious, or just plain “culturally interesting” — how would you describe some of the exercises we used to do that make no sense and achieve unknown goals? Scratch that — moves we STILL see people do even today. Join us on a visual romp through a few of the lamest stuff we ever taught, did, and confess to.

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