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book by T Downing, Cycle of Hope

Temporarily Derailed by a Bike Accident: Tricia Downing’s Inspirational Exercise Story

“Imagine a moment so dramatic that it defines you for the rest of your days; that it changes what you do, how you do it, and calls into question every dream you’ve ever dared to chase”. Today’s Inspirational story comes from Tricia Downing, a woman who was paralyzed in a car crash while riding her bike. She now competes in Ironmans and triathlons. Click on the title to read her story and find the motivation to get out and about in a fun and fit way! As Tricia says, “it doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or not. We all have races to run and finish lines to cross. And how you do depends on your willingness to get in the game, give it all you’ve got, and follow though to the very end.”

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Why Do People Faint in Exercise Class?

Lately students have been dropping like raindrops on a blustery day. But it’s not raining. They’re fainting in alarming numbers in the group exercise classes at the university. Here are the main reasons teens and young adults faint. Click on the title to read; you won’t get lightheaded!

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Regaining Marine Corps Physique with Exercise- Erik Therwanger

Regaining Marine Corps Physique: Erik Therwanger’s Inspirational Exercise Story

Forget excuses! Face your “stay unfit” strategy head-on and be motivated to meet your fitness goals once and for all. Read what our featured guest bloggers for the Fun and Fit “Inspirational Stories” series have overcome to be active. If they can do it, so can YOU! Today’s inspiring exerciser relied on his Marine Corps training and discipline to help his young wife face cancer and deal with his resultant weight gain from taking care of her.

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Poodle Aerobics

10 Reasons to Become a Fitness Instructor

Have you ever considered becoming a group exercise instructor? Read this list of 10 reasons why you should consider it. Hog the microphone. Dance to your own music. Make up trendy styles and fashions. Sing along to your favorite songs! Click on the title to read all 10 reasons! Also, join us for a FREE teleseries on Health and Beauty. We are part 2 of a multi-part series, with our topic: “Say Good-bye to Excess Fat, Love Handles, and Cellulite.”

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Strawberry Fields Forever (or 30 Minutes)

Did you know that strawberries are one of the best foods you can eat? Do you know where your food comes from? Fun & Fit went to visit a strawberry ranch (what is the difference between a ranch and farm anyway?) to get a close-up look at the dirt to dinner process. Click on the title to see our photos and read about our adventure!

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Indoor Cycle Sweat Spin Off

Mirror, Mirror on the Fogged Up Wall, is that Sweat I See When I Spin Sanitary at All? An indoor cyclist wonders if the water vapor he sees on the windows, walls, and mirrors is sweat he is sucking up as it exits his classmates’ bodies and flies around the room before it lands on …no, not a witch’s broom .. but any available cool, smooth surface. Click on the title to find out, but not spin out of control!

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Fitness + Desk = FitDesk

The delivery truck dropped off a rather large box one day that turned out to be a FitDesk. “What is that,” you ask? It’s a type of stationary bike that has a pad where you can put your laptop. Work and workout! Click on the title to read all about our Adventures with the FitDesk!

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What Not to Wear to Workouts

What are the biggest “no nos” when it comes to activewear that exits the privacy of your own closet — but shouldn’t? You’ve seen them; we’ve seen them too–Fitness Fashion Faux Pas. Those workout outfits that were never “in.” This week’s post covers the top fashion crimes exercisers cite as the most heinous. Caution: Some of the photos are for stalwart individuals only, not the faint of fashion heart. Click on the link and see twins you know in their finest activewear.

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Weight Gain & Injuries & Strength, Oh My!

You want to get stronger. You want to lose weight. You want more energy. You want to wrestle with your kids…and win! But you have old injuries that flare up. Is there a solution (besides lowering your standards)? Click on the title for the WWF true action answer.

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Spring into Healthy Habits – 30 Day Challenge

Are you ready to create the habits that will keep you fit for a lifetime? Do you want to lead a healthier, more fit, active and vibrant life AND win gifts, prizes and coupons? The secret to a healthier, slimmer, more fit you lies in your daily choices and habits. Why do more of the same when it’s not working? Our Spring into Healthy Habits 30 Day Challenge will share exercise, motivation, nutrition/diet, and lifestyle tips to put you on the road to lasting change in just 30 days!

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