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Posture Assessment

Want Picture Perfect Posture? Part 2

Your posture is telling a story and it may not be the same one front to back or side to side. Want to make sure your posture is not a horror story? Nor farce? Maybe you’re going for a romantic comedy with great alignment of the stars and joints. Knowing what to look for in yourself or others will be easy once you view this video. Have someone do this posture check on you – it will reveal quite a bit about your alignment, balance, and whether the camera adds 10 pounds.

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Abnormal Brain from Young Frankenstein

Exercise Your Right to a Better Brain

Do you want to increase your brain power right now, this minute, starting immediately or even sooner? If so, do you know what to do? If you guessed that some kind of exercise is involved in this answer, you are quite smarticle! And for maximum increase in your neuronal activity and literal brain growth, check out the elements that help the most.

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Blue Hair, Nice Skirt, Strong Abs - He's got it all

Do You Really Have Core Strength?

Are you rotten or ripped to the core? Do you move from the inside out or the outside in? You can quickly assess whether your core (abs and back) is helping you or “hanging out.” Try this simple exercise and get to the core of the matter. Click on the title to read more.

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yay for exercise balls

Inner Thigh Exercises to Rock Your Jeans

Do you wear out the inner seams in your jeans and shorts because your thighs rub together? Susan is having an Inner Thigh crisis and wonders whether Fun and Fit have exercise ideas that incorporate her stability ball, which she currently uses as a closet accessory. Kymberly falls for the ball and Alexandra’s evil trick in this week’s video.

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Preventing Shin Splints

When you go by the name “Splintergirl” it’s probably inevitable that you’ll get shin splints eventually. Amy wants to know the best way to strengthen her shins AFTER she recovers from the pain, but before her upcoming half marathon. Run, Amy, Run…but first click on the title to read our advice!

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What’s Your Natural and True Posture?

Want to look 5 pounds thinner instantly? Well, don’t stand up straight! Yes, you heard us right. Standing “straight” is the direct line to unnatural posture and the famous “ski pole up the tushie” look, sometimes also known as the “drill sergeant in yo’ face” ramrod stance. Today’s short video gives you an easy method to discover your true, natural, real, no sweeteners or stiffeners added posture.

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Running a Half Marathon: Hydration Belt or Water Stations? Gels or Sports Drink?

Running experts know that when it comes to answering questions about half marathons and long distance running, Fun and Fit are no running experts. So we chased some down to help answer Amy’s question about hydration and proper training for race day. Since Amy is from Hershey, PA, chocolate milk had to come into the discussion. Does it also help runners?

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Fitness Secrets and Details Revealed About K & A

Does your brain go too fast for your tongue? Apparently this phenomenon is part of what defines Alexandra, who puts the “fun” and the “fit” into Fun and Fit. She is reputed to have left the “and” for Kymberly as part of a calorie cutting move. When a fellow fitness friend (fiend?) from New York, Brooklyn Fit Chick interviewed them for her blog, the twins decided to share their motivators and fave aspects of the workout world. Read, be astonished, send money or comments.

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Internal & External Obliques

Wrong & Right Way to do Oblique Ab Crunches

Do you want rock-hard abs? So do we! Sadly, most people do oblique abdominal crunches wrong, so they end up with back pain, not toned abs. We have a video for you demonstrating the wrong and right way to perform oblique crunches. Click on the title and see for yourself.

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Breakfast: Yes or No? Then Go Outside & Play

Give it to Mikey; He’ll eat anything! Can you name that ad from way back? Mike wonders whether he needs to exercise before he eats breakfast or whether his (hoped for, fingers and hot buns crossed) plan to eat and drink coffee first is a good one. What wasn’t working was his prior plan that had him resting on his laurels the past 30 years. Click on the title for all sorts of stuff to watch and read.

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