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Homework, Running, Chemo: Juliana Carvatt’s Inspirational Exercise Story

What do college and cancer have in common? Nothing! They should never be together. Unfortunately, Julianna was diagnosed with melanoma while studying to become a teacher. Her response: She ran for her life – 5Ks and half-marathons – even though she’d never run before. Through chemo, finals and student teaching, Juliana stayed determined to honor and heal her body!

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Punch & Kick using your Core

Can’t Kickback with Kickbox Back Pain

Back pain, kickboxing and sleep go together like, er, um, a fish and bike? Okay, they don’t go together. If your back aches and you can’t sleep well after a kickbox class, something isn’t quite right. Is there a right and wrong way to kick? Is there a best position for sleeping? Click on the title to read more…

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Mary Ellen

Workouts More Fun than MS and Epilepsy: Mary Ellen Ciganovich’s Inspirational Exercise Story

Mary Ellen was diagnosed in childhood with epilepsy. No Sweat. She was diagnosed as an adult with Multiple Sclerosis. No Sweat. Except for one thing: Mary Ellen likes to sweat. She likes to work out. She likes to defy the odds and keep it R.E.A.L. Click on the title to find out what that is. Once you read her story, you might never make excuses for not exercising again!

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Walking in S.B.

Proper Form for Uphill Walking

There is actually a proper way to walk uphill. Which means there must also be an improper way. Now that we’ve learned to press “record” on the new Flip videocam, we thought we’d share some tips. (Pssst, if you lean forward, your abs will fall out of your shirt)

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Olympian Eating Disorder: Catherine Garceau’s Inspirational Fitness Story

Do you think Olympic medalists are super-human or somehow “different” from the rest of us? Meet Cat Garceau, whose weight went up to 200 pounds, crushing her soul and self-esteem. Read her story to discover the 5 keys she used to unlock her mental and physical strength as she worked her way back to health.

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Happy ginger twins

Exercise Doubles Your Happiness

Can exercise actually make you happier? Does laughter make you more fit? Can I just laugh my extra pounds away? Do redheads really have more fun (okay, that one is rigged). Join the Joy Laugh Fitness Club (so far, just two of us are in it) and get fit with your fun. Click on the title to read (or just click on it for a quick giggle). Either way….

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Lost a Person; Gained a Life: Shannon Hammer’s Inspirational Weight Loss Story

Have you ever lost an entire person? Shannon has. She lost over 100 pounds and has kept it off for almost ten years. Her secret is no secret: keeping a food journal, exercise, positive reinforcement and small steps (literally and figuratively).

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Graphic of brain from Heather Frey

Train Your Brain

How can you achieve the healthiest brain possible? Move, move, move if you want to be smarter! Dancing, walking, playing ping pong, watching the US Women lose the World Cup championship in PKs and thereby getting your heart rate up, all boost brain power! Click on the title to catch brain envy and become a smarter, more fit YOU!

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Back from the Brink of Death: Suzanne Andrews’ Inspirational Weight Loss Story

Humiliation to meditation to motivation–such is the path Suzanne chose when her life and health were threatened, not just once, but twice! By combining the power of mind, body, and spirit she turned her life and health around. That same focus and mental drive saved her on the operating table when her heart stopped. Get inspired by her story both here and on her PBS show, Functional Fitness. Click on the title to get your heart rate and mood up with Suzanne!

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Colorful toe socks

Footwear or Not to Wear? That is the Question

High-tops, barefoot slippers, MaryJanes, stilettos – just what is the RIGHT shoe for cardio activity? Why can some people wear the lightweight, flexible shoes and others get injured? Only the foot (and ankle, knee, and hip) know for sure! Click on the title to find out if there’s a BEST shoe.

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