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Milk Doesn’t Always Come from Cows: Product Review

At the recent Natural Products Expo West, we took our sampling duties seriously (in this case, “seriously” means “we tried a lot of drinks”), and drank our way through milk and milk substitute products. Our goal? To let you know the options in the milky world. Some of the products we’d tried before. Many were totally new to us, including some almond and soy milk options. In our slosh-fest tests, we discovered ….

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Family Fitness: 3 Products that Help

Long, long ago, in a galaxy right inside our mailbox, we received a number of items related to family fitness. We tested them out on our kids, pets, and students, and the following three look like winners! A book, a board game, and a…

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3 Top Natural Living Trends: Be Free!

Having just spent four fun, fab, furiously paced days at the Natural Products Expo West event, we noticed certain healthy living trends. Chances are YOU are contributing to these trends. In the natural and organic world, it’s all about being FREE: gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, GMO-free, guilt-free! We noticed 3 trends in particular, which are …

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Fitness Finds at the Health Freedom Expo

We went to the Health Freedom Expo in Los Angeles last Sunday. Somewhere between winning a 30-Day supply of BoKU Superfood and testing the bouncing exercise chair, we found bliss, joy and …

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3 Advanced Plank Exercises

Are you ready to try a few advanced plank exercises? Well, ready or not, here we come with a demonstration that’s Ollie Ollie Oxen Free Free Free…of suffering. Actually, you’ll suffer. But in a good way. Our planks don’t tank because they rank, And get your butt down, because…

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Planks: Beginning to Intermediate

True planks don’t sag, sink, or pike. Fake planks are a scary remodeling material. Here you get to remodel your midsection with 4 versions of this trendy core move that progress from Beginning to Intermediate. Once you challenge your abs with planks, 30 seconds will seem like …

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Kneeling Core Move: Ab-Fab-ulous!

Want an exercise to strengthen your abs and core? Try our Kneeling Core Move that has you upright from the knees up, circling right and left, and working out right, not wrong. All right? Ready for an unusual approach that has your core vertical, just the way you use your abs when you ….

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Dizzy from Breath-Holding During Workouts?

It is not a good idea to hold your breath while exercising. However, it’s not that easy to remember to inhale and exhale. Some of the helpful tricks to help you break this habit and get into good breathing habits are…

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Wrong & Right Way: StairClimber and Treadmill

Did you know there was a wrong and right way to hit the treadmill and stairclimber? One look around the cardio equipment area of a gym and you’ll see all kinds of crazy, painful form. The three most common mistakes we’ve seen year after year are …

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3 Tips for Preventing Shin Splints

Do you want to prevent shin splints? Of course you do! Whether you are a runner, walker, or simply someone who gives too much love to your calf muscles and neglects your lonely shin muscles, it’s easy to prevent pain. And it’s actually quite easy if you follow our exercise tips. Our first tip is to…

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